Gaming and Development Awards 2023

May21135 to reduce its carbon emission footprint by discontinuing its use of air freight to transport goods and improving its container use. Over the years, the team at STEALTH have played a crucial role in supporting the brand’s outstanding success. They have worked tirelessly to innovate, ensure product quality, and deliver an exceptional standard of service to customers. The company values their expertise, dedication, and passion, which have been integral to its growth. To ensure the continued excellence of its team, STEALTH aims to hire highly skilled individuals whose qualities align with its values and goals. They must have a client-centric mindset and demonstrate the ability to effectively collaborate with others. As a result of the excellent products and services it offers, STEALTH has received several positive reviews on platforms like Trustpilot. For example, one customer shares, “Received my order in a matter of days, super-fast and in time for my son’s birthday. He absolutely loved his present and advised that STEALTH products are better than others. Customer service was excellent, I had a few questions and they responded straight away.” In light of this, it is no surprise that STEALTH Gaming has been awarded Best Gaming Accessories & Peripherals Brand, UK, in the Gaming and Development Awards 2023. In the coming year, the brand plans to launch some exciting new products, including premium headsets. It also plans to move into a new category of business: VR. Best Gaming Accessories & Peripherals Brand 2023 - UK Based in Bolton, ABP Technology Ltd. is a leading gaming accessories and peripherals manufacturer that creates innovative, high-quality products. Its UK and EU brand, STEALTH Gaming, is the onestop solution for all your gaming needs, offering excellent accessories at affordable prices. Available to purchase on STEALTH’s website is a wide range of products, including headsets, charging and cable solutions, display stands, protective cases, and starter packs. Perfect for special occasions, the company also offers gifting bundles for PC, mobile, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo, including next-gen consoles. STEALTH’s client base consists of gamers of all ages who come from a variety of backgrounds. The brand presents its products to them through various channels, including online platforms, gaming communities, social media, and influencer partnerships. It participates actively in these spaces in order to reach its target audience, drive brand awareness, and create meaningful relationships with its customers. STEALTH is proud to work with a number of large UK retailers such as Argos, Smyths Toys, Very, Asda, Game, and more. It is always grateful for any feedback and comments they provide in relation to what works best for their customers and what they are looking for. As a small business that develops affordable gaming accessories, STEALTH understands the importance of innovation. It strives to push the boundaries of design and technology in order to offer an enhanced experience to all gamers, including those who don’t want to or can’t afford to purchase premium products from more expensive brands. STEALTH innovates by identifying the needs and preferences of its target audience and creating products that cater to their demands. The brand works to introduce cutting edge features, ergonomic designs, and advanced functionalities, all whilst maintaining the utmost affordability. By embracing innovation, STEALTH has built a loyal customer base, attracted new audiences, and contributed towards the evolution of the gaming industry. “We are always monitoring trends in technology, particularly within gaming,” comments Daniel Kelly, Brand Manager at ABP Technology. “Our product team spend a lot of time working on new, innovative products and work closely with our suppliers to ensure that we can continue to develop affordable, quality gaming products that gamers of all ages will love.” Today, there is an increasing number of young gamers whose parents may be looking to purchase gaming equipment from brands like STEALTH. For this reason, it aims to be a gaming brand that parents can trust, offering them helpful advice and tech support. Its website features a parent hub, which serves as a source of information about topics like gaming safely, screen time limits, and online games aimed at children. The brand believes in the importance of championing responsible gaming with the goal of promoting better mental health, combatting gaming addiction, and increasing online safety. Moreover, STEALTH is proud to be the first brand to have introduced 100% plastic-free packaging. Since 2018, it has saved over 200 tonnes of plastic from going to landfill. It has also worked Contact: Daniel Kelly Company: ABP Technology (Stealth Gaming) Web Address: