Gaming and Development Awards 2023

May21135 Best Independent Games Publisher 2023 - South East Asia Founded in 2019, The Iterative Collective is an indie games incubator and publisher. It is also a provider of excellent developer support through every step of the game creation process. It takes a holistic view and implements a structured approach to the fostering and production of amazing independent games. Singapore based The Iterative Collective (TIC) was created by knowledgeable developers, supported by an experienced team of industry veterans and mentors. Its cooperatively developed incubation framework ensures the studios it supports are capable of delivering games that meet world-class standards. The team at TIC is a small but cohesive group, capable of open collaboration across disciplines to offer meaningful and measurable contributions to each game it supports. The company recognises the importance of being at the cutting edge when it comes to discovering new developments in the gaming industry. In order to make sure it stays at the forefront it uses several notable strategies. It champions continuous learning and research, undertaken by actively engaging in ongoing education and industry study to keep up to date with all the latest trends, technologies, and best practices. It does this in multiple ways, including attending conferences, participating in workshops, and keeping a close eye on emerging technologies and market trends. TIC supports industry collaborations, the exchange of knowledge, and shared insights into new developments. This allows it to incorporate the very latest innovations into its business. It also embraces an agile and adaptive approach to its operations, allowing it to act quickly and decisively to any changes in the industry, and evolve to meet the needs of clients. It feels that regular communication with clients is essential to properly understand their needs and expectations. Garnering regular feedback, suggestions, and insights from clients also helps TIC to expertly tailor its services appropriately. The clients served by TIC primarily consist of independent game developers and studios. Its approach is to actively seek out promising game developers through various channels, for example industry events, game showcases, online platforms, and referrals. Once a potential client has been identified, it will establish initial contact to learn more about their projects, goals, and needs. Next up comes detailed discussions to ensure an understanding of how TIC can best support the client’s development journey, whether through incubation, publishing, or another tailored service. The goal is to always to provide comprehensive support and resources, guiding each client to succeed in the highly competitive gaming market. Innovation is very important to TIC, encompassing areas such as creative and unique game concepts, iterative development, industry disruption and evolution, and userfocused design concepts. Overall, the company sees innovation as an important step in the culture of creativity. One which embraces technological advancements, encourages iteration, challenges the status quo, and delivers exceptional gaming experiences. By staying innovative, the company strives to set new standards in the industry, and contributes towards continuous growth and evolution capabilities. The gaming industry comes with its own individual challenges, such as market saturation in a highly competitive industry. Standing out and gaining traction can be problematic, but TIC works hard to ensure its clients’ games receive the attention they deserve as much as possible. Other challenges include staying up to date with increasingly advanced technology. Whilst emerging platforms and tools can present exciting opportunities, this is always tinged with the demands to constantly adapt and learn. Monetization strategies also require a finely negotiated balance, with sustainable revenue generation an ongoing challenge. Finally, marketing strategies are crucial when it comes to getting independent developers with limited resources noticed and discoverable. Homeseek, the much-anticipated postapocalypse survival game from TIC, has finally been released. Set in a future dystopian Earth where water has become as precious as gold, the game thrusts players into a world where every decision carries life-and-death consequences. Combining strategic thinking, resource management, and exploration, Homeseek offers an immersive gaming experience that tests players’ abilities to adapt and survive. Further incredible new games are planned for 2024 and 2025, which can’t be disclosed yet, but TIC promises they will deliver unique and immersive experiences across genres. It’s no wonder The Iterative Collective has been selected as the winner of Best Independent Games Publisher 2023 - South East Asia in the Gaming and Development Awards. We absolutely can’t wait to see what’s coming next for this thrilling young company. Jun23268 Company: The Iterative Collective Web Address: Contact Name: Haskel Chua