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VJLAB SRLS: Most Innovative Strategic Digital Marketing Agency 2024 - Italy

Innovation in Business is excited to announce the launch of the MarTech Awards 2024! This exciting programme is returning to our platform for the third year, and we are looking forward to once again shining a light on the latest developments, trends, and innovations across the Marketing Technology landscape. In the years following the pandemic, consumer behaviour has evolved to fully embrace the digital world, and as a result today’s consumers are demanding faster, more personalised user experiences. In order to stay ahead of the curve in the modern business market – where the lines between human and digital are blurring – companies must leverage the latest technology to drive growth and provide the best, most personal services for their audiences. Streamlining and bolstering marketing efforts significantly helps businesses effectively acquire and retain an engaged customer base. By utilising MarTech solutions such as automation, IoT, data analytics, and AI, businesses can improve operational efficiency, gain a deeper understanding of consumer behaviour and preference, create hyper-personalised shopping experiences, and more thoroughly track their marketing campaigns. These benefits, along with the rapid adoption of marketing technologies across key industries like Healthcare and Manufacturing, are expected to drive substantial market growth over the next ten years. As global demand for MarTech increases, overall marketing budgets are pivoting to accommodate this. This is reflected in a recent survey by Garter, which reported that over two thirds of CMOs are set to increase their MarTech spending in the coming years. With the previous decade of 2011-2020 seeing an unprecedented growth rate of over 5,000%, the outlook for the future of the MarTech industry is exceptionally bright. Sofi Parry Senior Editor Welcome to MarTech Awards 2024 AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility. Editors Sofi Parry, Senior Editor | Rebecca Scotland, Editor Izzy Mifsud, Writer | Emily Godbold, Writer | Matthew Wright, Writer | Joshua Beardsmore, Writer Designers Lauren Baldwin, Graphic Designer

Contents 4. VJLAB SRLS: Most Innovative Strategic Digital Marketing Agency 2024 - Italy 6. Fellow Digitals GmbH: Best Digital Workplace Solutions Provider 2024 – Germany 7. Peach Loves Digital Limited: Most Innovative Digital Marketing Agency 2024 – Hampshire 8. Contentstack: Most Pioneering Digital Experience Platform 2024 9. Charlie on the Move Ltd: Best Digital Nomading Blog 2024 – UK 10. The Crouch Group, Inc: Best Full-Service Marketing & PR Firm 2024 - Texas 11. Vizrt UK Inc: Most Innovative MarTech Company 2024 & Client Service Excellence Award 12. Avansa: Best Customer Experience Analysis Solutions Company 2024 – Guatemala 13. Onclusive Precise Media: Best Media Monitoring & Analysis Tool Provider 2024 – UK 14. House Digital: Best SEO Digital Marketing Agency 2024 - North West England 15. Indiblu Creative: Most Innovative Sustainability Creative Design Firm 2024 - North America 16. DRAFT Advertising Technology: Best Marketing Software Developer 2024 – South Carolina 17. The Creative Agency: Best Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency 2024 – Colorado 18. Aama Digital Marketing: Best SME Digital Marketing Services Provider 2024 - Dubai 19. Fully Promoted of St Charles: Promotional Products & Apparel Company of the Year 2024

Most Innovative Strategic Digital Marketing Agency 2024 - Italy Established in 2019, VJ Digital is a communications and marketing agency dedicated to guiding companies, organisations, and professionals on the path to success. With its multidisciplinary approach, the agency provides comprehensive management consulting, brand creation, and advanced training to help clients become market leaders in their respective disciplines. VJ Digital strives to be a strategic partner, creating value through brand enhancement and implementing sales strategies. Additionally, the agency delivers accredited training with high-quality programmes for individuals in the areas of communication, sales, marketing, and criminology. For VJ Digital’s commitment to continuous development, the agency has been recognised in the MarTech Awards as Most Innovative Strategic Digital Marketing Agency 2024 – Italy. Based in Italy, VJ Digital is a strategic growth operator dedicated to helping companies increase revenue and maintain a strong position within the market. Its team’s deep digital expertise and industry experience allows them to advise SMEs, startups, and freelancers, helping them to regenerate their brand or build a new enterprise that achieves tangible results. It is VJ Digital’s overarching mission to maximise business growth and support clients’ continued success by leveraging emerging opportunities and developing innovative marketing strategies. VJ Digital has completed design work, created modern websites, and delivered communication services to esteemed clients such as CANALE 21, Converger S.P.A., Dottor Energia, EuroJapan, Kif Italia, and the Giuseppe Mazzotti Literary Prize Association. The innovative agency has also developed strategic partnerships with organisations such as the Mediaset group and the Meta group, the company that owns Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. To create value for clients in the digital market, the company strives to enhance brand credibility and develop effective strategies to promote clients’ products and services. For SMEs with an outdated brand identity, VJ Digital conducts a specific study to rebrand the organisation in a way that supports the marketing strategy. When working with startups, the team provides tailored advice to devise a new brand that will make a significant impact. By utilising digital technology and the science of advertising, the agency can provide an added value to clients: innovation. CEO Valentina Monda says, “For us, innovation is about a process or product that provides greater results or benefits thus bringing social progress. We have created a method, doing process innovation, that enables companies to grow with low budgets. We have concretely developed brands, making significant improvements through digital tools, but with scientific and already validated techniques.” From pre-analysis to market launch, the agency’s comprehensive services help clients to identify critical issues and opportunities for development. Its advanced strategies are Feb24035 designed to help create a strong brand identity to set them apart from competitors. With their expertise in visual identity and graphic design, the team can effectively communicate a brand message across multiple channels, both online and offline. VJ Digital develops targeted communication strategies and marketing campaigns to maximise growth and achieve clients’ company goals. In the digital sphere, VJ Digital creates cutting-edge websites, landing pages, and e-commerce, using the latest tools to promote businesses online. In addition, the agency offers teleselling, customer support, and sales consulting services to boost revenue and deliver exceptional customer experiences. As well as its promotional capabilities, VJ Digital strives to be a sales channel for companies by embracing the age of digital transformation. The pandemic highlighted the limitations of businesses’ current communication methods and the need for digitalisation to remain relevant and stay ahead of the curve. The emergence of digital transformation will inevitably revolutionise companies’ techniques, tools, and business approaches. VJ Digital can support clients in the process of complete digitalisation and offer corporate training to help them gain the necessary digital skills. Its team is currently working to integrate intelligences and robotic automation to increase investment returns and protect clients from online crime. In 2017, VJ Digital established a study centre, a forensic observatory specialising in the phenomenology of digital crime. This was the beginning of its Advanced Training Course in Criminology and Forensic Sciences, created to train experts in crime solving. The course gained widespread success and has captured the attention of numerous public institutions and crime professionals. For its multidisciplinary offerings, VJ Digital has been recognised by Forbes and La Repubblica, Il Messaggero, and Il Mattino, popular newspapers, have published many articles on its achievements. The agency has established a prestigious reputation for its high conversion rate, greater than the national average, and continues to attract clients with its modern vision and dedication to innovation. VJ Digital is a team of professionals from the fields of communication, marketing, event organisation, audiovisual arts, professional training, and strategic and business consulting. Their union has enabled them to develop the skills required to foster entrepreneurial growth and a healthy corporate culture. VJ Digital’s internal culture is founded on values of communication, respect, and dignity. By incorporating employee input into decisionmaking and organisational processes, the company ensures that every individual is heard and has the opportunity to share their ideas for the business development. Looking to 2024, VJ Digital will focus on ongoing growth, aiming to position itself as a growth leader for medium to large enterprises. Through its strategic partnerships with financial institutions, the company will also extend its offerings to include financial facilitation services for its esteemed clients. Lastly, VJ Digital is set to begin work on a digital work environment for forensic science that offers immersive learning by reconstructing crime scenes. Founded in 2019 by Valentina Monda, VJ Digital was established to create value for companies, build brand credibility, develop sales and marketing strategies, and increase client revenue. With its multidisciplinary approach, the company has embraced evolution and continues to add fundamental services to its portfolio. By leveraging emerging opportunities and embracing digital transformation, the agency will continue to help clients build success and achieve tangible results. VJ Digital has become a strategic partner for innovation and business success and we cannot wait to see how the company will continue to create value through its scientific marketing strategies and pioneering techniques. For its transformative services, we have bestowed VJ Digital with this year’s award for Most Innovative Strategic Digital Marketing Agency – Italy. Contact Details Contact: Valentina Monda Company: VJLAB SRLS Web Address:

Innovation in Business- MarTech Awards 2024 | 5 Most Innovative Strategic Digital Marketing Agency 2024 - Italy

Innovation in Business- MarTech Awards 2024 | 6 Best Digital Workplace Solutions Provider 2024 – Germany “Employee onboarding, training, and communication in one place.” Established in 1997, and continuously serving a diverse spectrum of corporations, SMEs, and non-profit organizations, Fellow Digitals is a provider of innovative digital workplace solutions which can be tailored to the many needs of its clients. With over 500,000 people in 41 countries accessing and using Fellow Digitals intranet and eLearning platforms on a daily basis, this business’ presence has spread beyond its region and overseas. By supporting its clients with a plethora of digital tools, Fellow Digitals is a pioneering force in the SaaS industry. Fellow Digitals offers solutions for onboarding, training, and communication – all rolled into its daily services – making the company a leading choice for all its clients’ requirements. The business prioritizes its core values of innovation, inclusivity, and accessibility to ensure all individuals can easily understand its platforms, and make the most of the ready-to-use technologies available today. Furthermore, as the SaaS platforms are easily accessible yet customizable, Fellow Digitals’ work includes the easy evolution of digital solutions to fit every avenue an organization could wish to explore. Innovation is truly the crux of this company’s contribution to the corporate landscape, meaning it continuously develops eLearning and intranet platforms which equip its clients with all the tools they need to achieve their goals. Fellow Digitals understands that there’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach to eLearning and intranet access. Its advancements in this area guarantees the most accurate and comprehensive delivery of eLearning tools, company news systems, knowledge management solutions, and community building applications by utilizing AI-led technology. Delivering user-friendly designs and mobile technology integration, Fellow Digitals has propelled itself forward in a competitive and integral realm. Of course, its USP is centred around its innovation in creating safe workplaces, intranet platforms, and eLearning solutions which result in a higher level of employee engagement, empowerment, and satisfaction. The team fervently prioritizes direct and elevated streams of communication, making everyone’s job much easier and more fulfilling. Creating and providing the tools needed to help any business or individual, Fellow Digitals is able to impact brand building across the wide variety of clients’ with whom it works. Communication is the thread which ties everything together for brands and businesses, as internal and external communication is of utmost importance to ensure tasks are carried out well – and end-customers receive the products and services they need in a timely, helpful manner. Without effective networks and the sharing of information, businesses would be stunted – which is exactly why Fellow Digital strives to assist in employee onboarding, training, and communication whenever it is needed. Finding a platform for online learning, which is accessible for everyone, is no easy task. However, Fellow Digitals has a myriad of digital solutions which makes the entire process a seamless journey to success. Here we dive deeper into Fellow Digitals’ mission as it wins a title in our MarTech Awards 2024. The new Fellow app alleviates any issues with communication, integrating people and resources all within a single platform. The app allows users and organizations to create engagement, stay informed and connected, as well as helping individuals to learn, further develop a community, and enrich a business’ overall function. With regards to the current state of the corporate world, turnover rates do vary, with some industries experiencing a very high turnover of staff members. Fellow Digitals’ aim is to reduce staff turnover and increase employee happiness and engagement in relation to their roles. Organizations all over the world are striving to keep members of their team by increasing their internal strategies and resources to create a connection between one another within the business, so that they can grow organically – together. Fellow Digitals’ own team thrives by further developing internal communications for themselves and their clients. Always there as a buttress for businesses to rely on, Fellow Digitals provides the right level of guidance for any organization it supports – no matter the size or goals of the company. Crowned with the title of Best Digital Workplace Solutions Provider 2024, Germany, Fellow Digitals has gained well-deserved recognition in our MarTech Awards 2024. We’re due to see the company flourish further in the years to come. Contact: Hans Koekkoek Company: Fellow Digitals GmbH Web Address: Feb24559

Innovation in Business- MarTech Awards 2024 | 7 Most Innovative Digital Marketing Agency 2024 – Hampshire Nurturing a seamless connection between creativity, marketing, and technologies, Peach Loves Digital is at the forefront of innovation in its realm. Tied to many areas of expertise, the company triumphs in digital, design, marketing, technologies, AI, and security. This is exactly why Peach Loves Digital has won its title in our MarTech Awards 2024. We learn more from Owner Nathan James as we explore Peach Loves Digitals’ offerings. As we continue to evolve in the age of digitalisation, we increasingly rely on businesses like Peach Loves Digital to support us on our journeys to success. For digital solutions – such as web design, integrated services, advertising and social media management – and brand building – such as campaign creation, photograph, video, illustration, apps, and UX/UI – Peach Loves Digital is a cutting-edge option for a greater online presence. The company thrives when it comes to marketing communications, from branding to advertising and connecting with its clients, resulting in incredible growth within its partnerships. However, its expertise doesn’t stop there. Also working with hosting and servers, emails, Microsoft, Google, interactive whiteboards, bespoke AI services and systems, and advanced security solutions like CCTV and intercoms, Peach Loves Digital has a wide range of experience positively impacting our experience with the digital world. Serving an assortment of clients – from startups to blue-chip organisations – Peach Loves Digital has tremendous experience with different industries and client needs. This ever-evolving line of work can change at any moment, but Peach Loves Digital thrives in such complex environment. Its Owner Nathan James tells us, “Being in a fast-paced industry is exciting, it means we are forever imagining a better tomorrow and honing our desire for constant renewal. We are innovators so these values live through the company.” Upholding the company’s goal of introducing innovative solutions across everything it does, Nathan continues, “Innovation means challenging the status quo, not for the sake of rebellion, but to improve, enhance, and make life richer and more efficient. It’s about solving problems in ways that no one thought of before, or perhaps, dared to try. It’s the small tweaks in a product that make it user-friendly, the groundbreaking technology that reshapes industries, and the simple idea that makes everyday tasks easier and more enjoyable.” “In the realm of marketing, innovation is our bread and butter. It’s not just about selling a product or service, it’s about storytelling, creating experiences, and building relationships in ways that resonate deeply with people. It’s about using data, technology, and insights in creative ways to meet people where they are, sometimes even before they know where they want to be.” Feb24317 This company’s internal culture was forged on the foundation of trust, respect, and open communication – all qualities which are crucial for any organisation to accomplish great things. The entire team works tirelessly to create and maintain an environment where everyone is supported, inspired, empowered, and valued, ultimately resulting in Peach Loves Digital standing out as a positive, impactful, and rewarding place to work. The team juggle the responsibilities of guaranteed client satisfaction with the support of its own internal network – looking after individuals’ health and wellbeing, staying agile and adaptable, and being an inclusive support system across clients and employees. Encouraging one another, Peach Loves Digital’s very backbone is comprised of respect and collaboration, ensuring the business can deliver what it promises. Created within a large tech company in the UK, Peach Loves Digital split off and formed its own identity in 2021. Today, the business provides specialist assistance in all the digital world – making its high-level tech and managed services the number one choice for innovative digital marketing of the future. If you’re looking for bespoke digital marketing solutions, no matter the size or goals of your company, Peach Loves Digital is the place to go. The business provides innovative website services, marketing solutions, expert PPC campaign management, and cutting-edge digital branding technologies to the UK, so that you can rest assured your digital presence will evolve in the right direction. Highlighting Peach Loves Digital as our Most Innovative Digital Marketing Agency 2024, Hampshire, in this year’s MarTech Awards, has meant we get to recognise the business for its excellence while showcasing an award-winning option to improve a business’ digital presence. Other organisations can take note, and, of course, watch this space for more to come from Peach Loves Digital. Contact: Dave Baxendale – Director of Business ([email protected]) Telephone: 0800 988 2005 Company: Peach Loves Digital Limited Web Address:

May21135 Innovation in Business- MarTech Awards 2024 | 8 Firstly, please tell us more about what you offer your clients. Contentstack works to empower marketers and developers to deliver digital experiences at the speed of their imagination. Digital experiences are now the competitive frontline. The growth and margins winners will be the brands that gain an experience edge. Contentstack helps brands stand out from the crowd by equipping them with their unique edge. The main thing that we offer is looking at the fundamental challenge that the brand is facing and providing a tailored solution, whether that be jumpstarting new business initiatives, modernising content operations, or accelerating commerce and growth. Famous for its Care without Compromise™, Contentstack has achieved the industry’s highest customer satisfaction rating. The company is also a founding member of the MACH Alliance, setting the industry agenda for open and composable technology that is Microservices-based, APIfirst, Cloud-native SaaS, and Headless, to offer businesses flexibility and efficiency like never before, with a completely customisable tech stack built for the enterprise at any scale. This means less time spent between ideation and launch, allowing you to take full advantage of all necessary digital touchpoints to engage your customers in a meaningful and differentiated way. How does your work impact your clients, and what do you aim to achieve with your services? We have a strong viewpoint about what it takes to achieve brand superiority in today’s digital world. As the market continues to grow, too many brands are struggling as a result of the current brand relevancy crisis. We help these brands to maintain or create their brand relevancy by helping executives think in a new way about digital experiences. We understand that every brand has to be unique, needs its own messaging and therefore faces its own challenges. A large portion of our budget goes towards R&D. The 100+ engineering and R&D team is instrumental in spearheading the company’s innovation initiatives. It’s this team who is anticipating the future needs of our customers. We also invest in initiatives that take significant steps towards bridging the gender gap in the technology section, including our landmark EmpowerHER in Tech program, a six-month program aimed at empowering over 100 talented young women with upskilling and mentorship for careers as software engineers. By understanding the unique challenges these young women face, the program has been tailored to not only educate but also empower them to seek and excel in a career in the tech industry. Is there anything which you would like to highlight with regards to your success in 2023? The company’s revenue grew by 506% in 2023, thanks to its focus on unparalleled customer care and commitment to innovation. In 2023, Contentstack ranked #268 on the Deloitte Technology Fast 500™, a ranking recognising the fastest-growing technology companies in North America. Contentstack ranked No. 1200 on the 2023 Inc. 5000 List for America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies. Contentstack was also named a Strong Performer in the Forrester Research, Inc. August and November 2023 reports for content management systems and digital experience platforms. Following on from this, do you have any plans for 2024 which you would like to share? In 2024, we’re thrilled to be diving deeper into forging exciting partnerships that will revolutionise digital marketing for brands. Our goal is to explore innovative collaborations that leverage the power of Contentstack to enhance brands’ online presence and drive meaningful engagement with their audiences. We remain dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in digital marketing and providing unparalleled support to our partners and clients. We look forward to sharing more exciting developments and successes as the year unfolds. We’re extremely excited to watch Contentstack’s journey continue to unfold. If you’d like to experience its pioneering digital services, please visit its website today. Contact: Neha Sampat (Founder and CEO) Company: Contentstack Web Address: LinkedIn: Most Pioneering Digital Experience Platform 2024 Contentstack is a leading composable Digital Experience Platform (DXP) provider which has recently been bestowed with a title in our MarTech Awards 2024. Here we interview CEO and Founder Neha Sampat to find out more. Feb24172

May21135 Innovation in Business- MarTech Awards 2024 | 9 early 2024 and in Cornwall over the summer, Charlie on the Move is set to grow for this year and beyond. As our Best Digital Nomading Blog 2024, UK, Charlie on the Move inspires even more creativity on a digital scale. We wish JuliaCarolin all the best as her and Charlie explore the world together. No matter where you want to go, make sure you “fill your suitcase with memories, adventures, and stories.” Contact: Julia-Carolin Zeng Company: Charlie on the Move Ltd Web Address: Best Digital Nomading Blog 2024 – UK Charlie on the Move is a travel blog dedicated to showcasing the beauty of the world around us. Founder and ardent digital nomad Julia-Carolin Zeng travels with her stuffed animal, Charlie. Together they explore wonderous locations, make beautiful memories, and Julia records their adventures in her digital space. “Travel with Charlie. Experience the world. Be adventurous. Make memories.” For those looking to embark on a new adventure, or for those thinking of starting up their own digital nomading blog, we’ve found a fine example of travel writing in the digital realm. “Charlie on the Move’s main purpose is to inform about travel destinations and to encourage more people to explore the world, dive into adventures and experience different cultures. The main focus is on destinations suitable for digital nomads and for surf-aficionados.” Charlie on the Move has visited a variety of locations such as Lisbon, Paris, Nuremberg, the Canary Islands, France, Costa Rica, Madeira, and more. Each page is graced with stunning photography and detailed descriptions of the time spent at the destination. Only covering places that she has personally visited, Julia’s experiences are recorded honestly and boldly to fully immerse her readers in her adventures. Julia tells us, “The core value of Charlie on the Move is to talk about travelling as an authentic experience.” Information shared by Charlie on the Move is never based on third-party insights as everything is written from experience. This value is greatly appreciated by all of the blog’s viewers, and this is what makes Charlie on the Move stand out against so many competitors. All recommendations are steeped in personal experience which is extended to the blog’s readers. We each have much to learn of Charlie on the Move’s adventures, and we can all find something inspirational in every section of its website. Whether we’re looking to find a new place to visit or simply learn of someone else’s take on the location, Charlie on the Move showcases beautiful photographs, stories, and activities to inspire and excite. This particular blog steers clear of cluttered advertising throughout its pages, so as to provide only the most useful information with no annoyance of ads. However, the biggest challenge of late is the monetization of blog content in general. Although being useful to readers is the main focal point, the challenge of actually making a living can seem tricky. Therefore, instead of using pesky ads, Julia works hard to innovate when generating income. Branching out to surf photography services, Charlie on the Move is looking to explore a new avenue which will connect with a niche selection of individuals who love to surf. Taking photographs of people as they do what they love in the ocean in Costa Rica in Feb24038

Innovation in Business- MarTech Awards 2024 | 10 Best Full-Service Marketing & PR Firm 2024 - Texas As a full-service marketing agency, The Crouch Group offers a variety of digital services which help its clients to expand on a rapid scale. It offers web design, SEO and SEM, social media marketing, blog writing, graphic design, and video production to ensure brands have a bigger, yet deeper and more professional, presence. The Crouch Group’s Owner Tim Crouch tells us, “We work with collaborative attorneys and divorce professionals, swimming pool companies, insurance agencies, and Wagyu beef ranchers. Our core values have always been to emphasize that our employees live whole lives. This means prioritizing family, community service and allowing space for passion outside of work.” Staying true to its core values since its founding in 1996, the agency continues to uphold its commitment to excellence. Its determination to provide opportunities for its clients, opportunities which may otherwise be missed, propels its team forward in an industry that is so influenced by change. The Crouch Group stays ahead of the curve by working effectively internally and externally, but the cornerstone of its operation is clear communication and pristine teamwork. Tim says, “Our culture is key to our success. Living a whole life is an expectation. We think happy employees will make for happy clients.” It is this very notion which drives The Crouch Group’s decisions and actions within its team. Working together to create a supportive environment which allows team members to feel fulfilled opens doors to further success for their clients. This osmosis of happiness extends between The Crouch Group’s staff and their many customers – making for an well-rounded experience from all sides. Fostering an environment of support and trust, as well as adaptability and creativity, The Crouch Group’s expansion continues. The Crouch Group has recently expanded on a global scale, reaching Canada, Australia, and the UK, which has opened many more avenues for the company – as well as giving it the power to help people from all around the world to build better brands. As a one-stop-shop for all of their marketing and PR needs, the agency expertly navigates time zones to deliver everything its clients could need both locally and overseas. 2021 saw The Crouch Group win our recognition as the Most Trusted Digital Marketing Agency, Texas. Then, the company won Best Digital Marketing Agency in 2023, Texas, and it is our Best Full-Service Marketing & PR Firm in our MarTech Awards this year. Its award-winning track record for success is inspirational, influential, and impactful for its many clients. Sharing some final words on the business’ past and future, Tim finishes, “Our goals and plans for the next few years are focused on expanding our reach in the collaborative divorce movement. Over the past year, we have grown globally with clients in Canada and Australia, We think we have a story to tell collaborative professionals about how to build the brand of collaborative divorce and how to leverage the work others are doing Our MarTech Awards 2024 is here to showcase those going the extra mile to further enrich their industry, no matter how much help their clients may require. Here we take a closer look at The Crouch Group’s impact on the USA, Canada, Australia, and London as it cinches its impressive title. in collaborative into their practice.” This development is guaranteed to unfold in the coming years, and we’re positive that The Crouch Group will effectively enrich many more brands along the way. Contact: Tim Crouch Company: The Crouch Group, Inc. Web Address: Jan24664

Innovation in Business- MarTech Awards 2024 | 11 Meet Vizrt: Our Most Innovative MarTech Company of 2024 & Client Service Excellence Award Winner Vizrt stands for ‘visualisation in real-time’, and it is the trailblazing organisation behind the real-time graphics and live productions you see every day from media titans such as BBC, CNN, CBS, ESPN, FOX, Sky Group, Nickelodeon, Al Jazeera, MTV, and more than 80% of the US Fortune 100, to name a few. For 25 years, it has remained at the forefront of real-time AR and 3D graphics, virtual studios, and video production, continually pushing the boundaries of creativity and media technology. Headquartered in Norway with a team stretching across 26 offices around the world, Vizrt’s experts are on-call 24/7 to make sure audiences are consistently dazzled in a way that is simple, effective, and beautiful – because live storytelling is too important to leave to chance. “Whether it’s sports content or news, chances are, we’re involved. You know the hyper-realistic virtual studios for Sky Sports, BBC Sport, and FOX Sports? That’s us. The advanced augmented reality graphics used during some of the world’s biggest sporting events and elections? All us.” – Chris Black, Global Head of Brand Communications Vizrt History Born from the need to present data in a new and engaging way for the live Norwegian election back in 1997, Vizrt revolutionised broadcast and live production forever when it invented the first template-based graphics system, the first virtual set, and the first-real-time 3D graphic. It transformed the creative possibilities in content creation – and the ‘firsts’ have just kept coming ever since. But before that, in 1990, NewTek (now part of Vizrt) had launched the Video Toaster, a breakthrough solution and the first affordable all-in-one video production system, which won a Technical Emmy. In 2005 came the iconic TriCaster with features merging live video switching, broadcasting graphics, virtual sets, special effects, audio mixing, recording, social media publishing, and web streaming into one powerful production unit. To this day it empowers content creators to produce virtually in any location. Vizrt truly offers the most comprehensive end-to-end workflow in media tech. By 2015, Vizrt introduced NDI (Network Device Interface), the game-changing IP technology which enables seamless sharing of highquality video, audio, and data over standard ethernet networks, advancing IP-based video production workflows. Since then, Vizrt has expanded its offerings, including developing a cloud-based production platform in 2020 and proprietary AI tools in 2022. Vizrt has also gone on to acquire cloud-native, browser-based, live, and interactive graphic provider, Flowics, a powerful extension of its graphics portfolio. An Award-winning Product Portfolio “Everyone loves a good story, and we’re no different. Creative, compelling, and uncomplicated storytelling is what drives us. And, in a world where attention spans are short, grabbing and holding onto audiences for entertainment, education, or information requires craft, design, vision and the right technology partner to help.” – Chris Black, Global Head of Brand Communications As of 2024, Vizrt’s list of products is extensive, and several of them are award-winning. This year alone it has won 14 awards, from being recognised as one of the most influential companies in the streaming media space, to product and projectbased awards. In particular, its real-time graphics renderer, Viz Engine; sports analysis products such as Viz Libero and Viz Arena; and TriCaster, used across enterprise and education live production, and for video marketing purposes, are highly acclaimed and awarded. Vizrt’s innovative products are created by its robust R&D department. Its second largest department is its Customer Success branch, focused on customer experience and satisfaction. “If we focus on delivering a positive experience for customers — not just while they buy and use technology, but also to support long-term business goals — we will see higher satisfaction rates and retention. What drives our ambition is that our customer’s success is our success.” – Vanessa Walmsley, Global Head of Customer Success Inside Vizrt As a global business, Vizrt’s 700 employees span more than 40 countries, meaning a mixture of both in-office and remote; thus, the company cultivates a culture that is both physical and virtual. This year, it will be moving a few of its key offices to smaller, smarter locations that are more central for customers and have better public transportation links for employees. These offices will be set up for modern, hybrid working to allow a flexible working arrangement and to help facilitate its internal collaboration days. Overall, it’s clear to see what makes Vizrt the top player in the media technology sphere. Its focus on innovation, robust Customer Success department focused on an unparalleled customer experience, and strategic M&A over the past 25 years has allowed it to expand across the globe, obtain the best talent in the industry, and develop the most comprehensive product portfolio in the market, but its success is also down to its innovative nature. The media technology industry simply wouldn’t be where it is today without the influence and early technology of Vizrt. Even much of the competition came out of Vizrt itself. There is certainly competition out there – but they don’t have the history, the heart, the innovation, the scale of growth, the influence, the product range, or the expert global team that Vizrt does. To learn more about Vizrt, visit Jan24660

May21135 Innovation in Business- MarTech Awards 2024 | 12 Avansa is a market research firm deeply engage in improving customer satisfaction. Avansa move to the rhythm of innovation and experience, centering every step around the customer and advancing together with the power of teamwork. More than a company they are community passionate about transforming challenges into opportunities, ensuring every solution is as unique as the clients they serve. Driven by innovation, experience, and, above all, an unwavering commitment to those they call partners. This visions run through their veins and guide its every action as it helps its many clients to reach their customer satisfaction goals and objectives seamlessly. Fostering an environment of trust and teamwork, Avansa’s internal network has built an unshakeable foundation which influences every move the company makes. With a customizable approach to every task, Avansa is able to adjust itself to anything a client needs to receive the help they require to overcome challenges. Within the world of market research, companies like Avansa are entirely aware that clients have a spectrum of requirements and expectations. However, Avansa’s USP is in its bespoke approach to consultative and collaborative work. The company begins with an in-depth assessment of its clients’ needs, aims, challenges, and target markets, in order to work closely with them in developing research strategies that do not fall under the one-size-fits-all category. Avansa’s transparency, honesty, constant efficient communication, and commitment to service excellence strengthens its bond with each of its clients – and results in the company not only meeting expectations, but exceeding them. “Innovation is not just about inventing something new, but also about applying something existing in a different market. At Avansa, we are committed across our entire structure to innovate through new services or simply by suggesting them to clients who have not yet conducted certain techniques of market research.” Avansa has made success for its clients its mission, and the entire team is enthusiastic about empowering one another as well as their clients. With a loving approach to customer service, the team maintains open channels of communication and encourages decision-making while never making the same mistake twice. This permeates into its approach towards those it serves, ensuring they have a sense of trust and care throughout their experience with the team. No matter what kind of challenges Avansa faces, such as expansion to different countries, the team is quick to put in the work to understand every market and how to operate well within them. Today, Avansa operates in Central America as well as some parts of South America, but is in the early stages of operations in the United States as a pivotal point in its growth. Utilizing its ability to make informed decisions, Avansa manages to reduce and minimise risks to ensure it can enter a market with grace and vigor. For 2024, our Best Customer Experience Analysis Solutions Company 2024 in Guatemala is set to step into the highly competitive market of the US. Providing elevated market research for clients aplenty, Avansa’s offerings, service quality, and expertise is not to be missed. If you’d like to find out how to boost your customer satisfaction rates, look no further than Avansa. Contact: Rodrigo Muñoz Franco Company: Avansa Web Address: Best Customer Experience Analysis Solutions Company 2024 – Guatemala Helping businesses to set themselves apart from their competitors in vast markets, Avansa empowers its clients to grow within competitive spaces. With 18 years of experience in the field of market research, Avansa is at the forefront of its ever-evolving industry. Let’s take a look at its contribution to the world as it wins its award in our MarTech Awards 2024. Jan24528

May21135 Innovation in Business- MarTech Awards 2024 | 13 Kantar Reputation Intelligence for its media monitoring coverage in Europe as well as boosting media relations with PRgloo’s unparalleled solutions. Recently, Onclusive has added Critical Mention and Digimind to the mix – resulting in a strong foundation for its work across US media and broadcast monitoring with social listening capabilities. Onclusive’s variety of experience and services guarantee peace of mind for its clients when they look to boost their media presence. Of course, business acquisitions come with their own challenges such as merging ideas and experience, in addition to internal cultures and processes. Turning potential challenges into windows for opportunity, Onclusive started by carrying out a companywide survey to further develop its shared values and vision – to unify and strengthen its internal relationships and, ultimately, positively impact its external brand. With further expansion of the business – within its legal, HR and EDnI council – Onclusive took the relevant steps to fully support its people, making their jobs much more fulfilling and tailored to their own ongoing goals. All of this plays a part in its overall brand image, internal function, and services which the business provides to clients. Onclusive is passionate about forging strong relationships with all of its clients and takes on as much as possible to ensure it can bring the transformational solutions they need to succeed. For the future, Onclusive’s goal is to create a comprehensive 360 degree solution to all PR challenges currently present – and potentially emerging in the years to come. In such a fastpaced and ever-evolving industry, innovation and intelligence are at the forefront of all developments. Onclusive leads the way as our Best Media Monitoring & Analysis Tool Provider 2024, UK, and we’re looking forward to seeing how the business evolves. Contact: Jack Richards Company: Onclusive Web Address: Best Media Monitoring & Analysis Tool Provider 2024 – UK Onclusive works tirelessly to provide world leading marketing services across a multitude of areas. From media monitoring and measurement to PR and communications tools, and so much more, Onclusive delivers personalised solutions to a range of clients. Let’s explore Onclusive’s core values, mission, and strategy as it wins its title in this year’s MarTech Awards. “We’ve always believed that PR and Communications is the most powerful form of marketing and brand management. After all, we know brands aren’t built on what they say about themselves, they’ve built on what others say about them.” Helping businesses to monitor and understand their brand coverage, including people, competitors, sectors, and the industry as a whole, Onclusive offers real-time solutions which give a breakdown of how each brand appears within the realm of media. Whether you’re looking to make a mark locally, internationally, or globally, Onclusive’s system makes your growth possible by consistently monitoring data across social, online, TV, radio, podcasts, mainstream press, and more, then equipping you with the tools you need to understand how everything works together. Improving the impact of media, Onclusive’s combination of its analytics platform and its campaign its brand evaluation explains the direct correlation between media output and brand growth in the media ecosystem. The company’s machine learning and NLP reads media sentiment to analyse it, and its tools for improving brand health present alternative avenues to explore moving forward. Harnessing the power of AI and data science behind its media analytics, Onclusive coupled Kantar Reputation Intelligence with the highest quality media relation tools of PRgloo to create the Onclusive of today. By joining these forces, Onclusive utilises Jan24497

Innovation in Business- MarTech Awards 2024 | 14 Best SEO Digital Marketing Agency 2024 - North West England Living by the core values of ‘Totally Transparent’, ‘Better Every Day’, ‘Family Unit’, and ‘Prioritise Fun’, the team at House Digital know first-hand that the best results come from collaboration, transparency, being open to improvement, and, perhaps most importantly, enjoying what they do. This dream team of consultants thrive on any project that involves the design and development of multichannel marketing campaigns, with SEO, paid advertising, communications, content, and design all sitting at the heart of everything they do. This, combined with remaining ahead of the curve when it comes to changes that affect the digital marketing industry, means that House Digital continually applies their learnings to other client projects. They even go so far as to share these insights with their online audience, with one person commenting, “In the past, House Digital have offered great marketing insights. I always keep an eye out for their helpful tips both on LinkedIn and their blogs. Their blog on Google’s E-E-A-T framework was SUPER helpful. Definitely recommend a read!” Within their service offering, the House Digital team offers a number of value-added bespoke digital packages. Whether a client is looking to rebuild their brand or to implement some minor fixes, House Digital can provide a cost-effective, upfront solution to suit their needs – minus the lengthy contracts and escalating fees. Explore the different packages here. “We love starting with an overriding objective and then being given the freedom to utilise the right digital channels to execute a strategy.” It was in 2021 that the agency relaunched to enhance its offering to help brands strategise and employ performance-led digital marketing. Bringing clients a mix of digital and face to face training, they support and develop their clients own inhouse teams, whilst also being available to help them with the areas they need support with; maximising impact. This model has delivered rapid, astounding results for clients, leading to 40% growth year on year for the past three years. One delighted client shares, “House Digital are excellent at providing the best practice when it comes to paid and SEO. They also have great training opportunities and insights on their blog and socials!” Evidently committed to providing the most optimum experience, House Digital understands the mutual benefits of building long-term successful Based in the town of Burscough, Lancashire, House Digital is an award-winning, full-service digital marketing and training agency delivering strategic, innovative, results-driven solutions for its clients. Specialising in integrated, multi-channel campaigns, it tailors its services to various industries, supporting brands with some, or all, of their digital marketing needs so they can achieve greater control, increased agility, and better value from their digital investment. With a glowing five-star rating on Google, we take a closer look at the best SEO agency in the North West. and sustainable relationships with clients, sharing with them its processes, team, and resources, and successfully utilising data to inform strategy, predict results, and measure impact. Then, at the foundation of such outstanding work is its superb internal culture, which it has worked hard to foster over the past few years. The agency organises regular socials, has introduced a flexitime policy, encourages the team to go to the gym together during work hours, and also carries out regular “ideation sessions” for the creation of new ideas and strategies to support clients. “To gauge happiness, our most recent anonymous survey (eNPS score) asking staff how likely they were to recommend House Digital to a friend scored 9.2/10!” In order to continue meeting the needs of their clients into the future, the House Digital team know that they must keep their fingers on the pulse of the industry. Thus, they are aware that over the next five years, more than 50% of marketers will be bringing their digital spend inhouse. In response to this, the team have created Training Roadmaps to allow companies and individuals to become competent in digital marketing. These Training Roadmaps are delivered via an online portal full of resources, providing access to face-to-face sessions with agency specialists, as well as assessments. This model doesn’t remove agency support completely, as that level of investment and skillset can take years to perfect. Instead, the goal is to deliver long-term success for brands by helping them to excel with their work inhouse, saving marketing spend so it can be outsourced on what is really needed. Using House Digital’s bespoke roadmaps, businesses have reported an average saving of 38% on recruitment costs. Additionally, their agency fees have decreased by 43% on average due to staff undertaking work previously outsourced. Ultimately, it is crystal clear how House Digital has become renowned for its digital marketing services, including its second-to-none SEO offering. As the agency continues to create, innovate, foster its wonderful working environment, and exceed the expectations of clients, it can only keep flourishing for a very long time to come. Company: House Digital Contact: Simon Jones Email: [email protected] Website: Feb24532