MarTech Awards 2024

Most Innovative Strategic Digital Marketing Agency 2024 - Italy Established in 2019, VJ Digital is a communications and marketing agency dedicated to guiding companies, organisations, and professionals on the path to success. With its multidisciplinary approach, the agency provides comprehensive management consulting, brand creation, and advanced training to help clients become market leaders in their respective disciplines. VJ Digital strives to be a strategic partner, creating value through brand enhancement and implementing sales strategies. Additionally, the agency delivers accredited training with high-quality programmes for individuals in the areas of communication, sales, marketing, and criminology. For VJ Digital’s commitment to continuous development, the agency has been recognised in the MarTech Awards as Most Innovative Strategic Digital Marketing Agency 2024 – Italy. Based in Italy, VJ Digital is a strategic growth operator dedicated to helping companies increase revenue and maintain a strong position within the market. Its team’s deep digital expertise and industry experience allows them to advise SMEs, startups, and freelancers, helping them to regenerate their brand or build a new enterprise that achieves tangible results. It is VJ Digital’s overarching mission to maximise business growth and support clients’ continued success by leveraging emerging opportunities and developing innovative marketing strategies. VJ Digital has completed design work, created modern websites, and delivered communication services to esteemed clients such as CANALE 21, Converger S.P.A., Dottor Energia, EuroJapan, Kif Italia, and the Giuseppe Mazzotti Literary Prize Association. The innovative agency has also developed strategic partnerships with organisations such as the Mediaset group and the Meta group, the company that owns Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. To create value for clients in the digital market, the company strives to enhance brand credibility and develop effective strategies to promote clients’ products and services. For SMEs with an outdated brand identity, VJ Digital conducts a specific study to rebrand the organisation in a way that supports the marketing strategy. When working with startups, the team provides tailored advice to devise a new brand that will make a significant impact. By utilising digital technology and the science of advertising, the agency can provide an added value to clients: innovation. CEO Valentina Monda says, “For us, innovation is about a process or product that provides greater results or benefits thus bringing social progress. We have created a method, doing process innovation, that enables companies to grow with low budgets. We have concretely developed brands, making significant improvements through digital tools, but with scientific and already validated techniques.” From pre-analysis to market launch, the agency’s comprehensive services help clients to identify critical issues and opportunities for development. Its advanced strategies are Feb24035 designed to help create a strong brand identity to set them apart from competitors. With their expertise in visual identity and graphic design, the team can effectively communicate a brand message across multiple channels, both online and offline. VJ Digital develops targeted communication strategies and marketing campaigns to maximise growth and achieve clients’ company goals. In the digital sphere, VJ Digital creates cutting-edge websites, landing pages, and e-commerce, using the latest tools to promote businesses online. In addition, the agency offers teleselling, customer support, and sales consulting services to boost revenue and deliver exceptional customer experiences. As well as its promotional capabilities, VJ Digital strives to be a sales channel for companies by embracing the age of digital transformation. The pandemic highlighted the limitations of businesses’ current communication methods and the need for digitalisation to remain relevant and stay ahead of the curve. The emergence of digital transformation will inevitably revolutionise companies’ techniques, tools, and business approaches. VJ Digital can support clients in the process of complete digitalisation and offer corporate training to help them gain the necessary digital skills. Its team is currently working to integrate intelligences and robotic automation to increase investment returns and protect clients from online crime. In 2017, VJ Digital established a study centre, a forensic observatory specialising in the phenomenology of digital crime. This was the beginning of its Advanced Training Course in Criminology and Forensic Sciences, created to train experts in crime solving. The course gained widespread success and has captured the attention of numerous public institutions and crime professionals. For its multidisciplinary offerings, VJ Digital has been recognised by Forbes and La Repubblica, Il Messaggero, and Il Mattino, popular newspapers, have published many articles on its achievements. The agency has established a prestigious reputation for its high conversion rate, greater than the national average, and continues to attract clients with its modern vision and dedication to innovation. VJ Digital is a team of professionals from the fields of communication, marketing, event organisation, audiovisual arts, professional training, and strategic and business consulting. Their union has enabled them to develop the skills required to foster entrepreneurial growth and a healthy corporate culture. VJ Digital’s internal culture is founded on values of communication, respect, and dignity. By incorporating employee input into decisionmaking and organisational processes, the company ensures that every individual is heard and has the opportunity to share their ideas for the business development. Looking to 2024, VJ Digital will focus on ongoing growth, aiming to position itself as a growth leader for medium to large enterprises. Through its strategic partnerships with financial institutions, the company will also extend its offerings to include financial facilitation services for its esteemed clients. Lastly, VJ Digital is set to begin work on a digital work environment for forensic science that offers immersive learning by reconstructing crime scenes. Founded in 2019 by Valentina Monda, VJ Digital was established to create value for companies, build brand credibility, develop sales and marketing strategies, and increase client revenue. With its multidisciplinary approach, the company has embraced evolution and continues to add fundamental services to its portfolio. By leveraging emerging opportunities and embracing digital transformation, the agency will continue to help clients build success and achieve tangible results. VJ Digital has become a strategic partner for innovation and business success and we cannot wait to see how the company will continue to create value through its scientific marketing strategies and pioneering techniques. For its transformative services, we have bestowed VJ Digital with this year’s award for Most Innovative Strategic Digital Marketing Agency – Italy. Contact Details Contact: Valentina Monda Company: VJLAB SRLS Web Address: