MarTech Awards 2024

Innovation in Business- MarTech Awards 2024 | 14 Best SEO Digital Marketing Agency 2024 - North West England Living by the core values of ‘Totally Transparent’, ‘Better Every Day’, ‘Family Unit’, and ‘Prioritise Fun’, the team at House Digital know first-hand that the best results come from collaboration, transparency, being open to improvement, and, perhaps most importantly, enjoying what they do. This dream team of consultants thrive on any project that involves the design and development of multichannel marketing campaigns, with SEO, paid advertising, communications, content, and design all sitting at the heart of everything they do. This, combined with remaining ahead of the curve when it comes to changes that affect the digital marketing industry, means that House Digital continually applies their learnings to other client projects. They even go so far as to share these insights with their online audience, with one person commenting, “In the past, House Digital have offered great marketing insights. I always keep an eye out for their helpful tips both on LinkedIn and their blogs. Their blog on Google’s E-E-A-T framework was SUPER helpful. Definitely recommend a read!” Within their service offering, the House Digital team offers a number of value-added bespoke digital packages. Whether a client is looking to rebuild their brand or to implement some minor fixes, House Digital can provide a cost-effective, upfront solution to suit their needs – minus the lengthy contracts and escalating fees. Explore the different packages here. “We love starting with an overriding objective and then being given the freedom to utilise the right digital channels to execute a strategy.” It was in 2021 that the agency relaunched to enhance its offering to help brands strategise and employ performance-led digital marketing. Bringing clients a mix of digital and face to face training, they support and develop their clients own inhouse teams, whilst also being available to help them with the areas they need support with; maximising impact. This model has delivered rapid, astounding results for clients, leading to 40% growth year on year for the past three years. One delighted client shares, “House Digital are excellent at providing the best practice when it comes to paid and SEO. They also have great training opportunities and insights on their blog and socials!” Evidently committed to providing the most optimum experience, House Digital understands the mutual benefits of building long-term successful Based in the town of Burscough, Lancashire, House Digital is an award-winning, full-service digital marketing and training agency delivering strategic, innovative, results-driven solutions for its clients. Specialising in integrated, multi-channel campaigns, it tailors its services to various industries, supporting brands with some, or all, of their digital marketing needs so they can achieve greater control, increased agility, and better value from their digital investment. With a glowing five-star rating on Google, we take a closer look at the best SEO agency in the North West. and sustainable relationships with clients, sharing with them its processes, team, and resources, and successfully utilising data to inform strategy, predict results, and measure impact. Then, at the foundation of such outstanding work is its superb internal culture, which it has worked hard to foster over the past few years. The agency organises regular socials, has introduced a flexitime policy, encourages the team to go to the gym together during work hours, and also carries out regular “ideation sessions” for the creation of new ideas and strategies to support clients. “To gauge happiness, our most recent anonymous survey (eNPS score) asking staff how likely they were to recommend House Digital to a friend scored 9.2/10!” In order to continue meeting the needs of their clients into the future, the House Digital team know that they must keep their fingers on the pulse of the industry. Thus, they are aware that over the next five years, more than 50% of marketers will be bringing their digital spend inhouse. In response to this, the team have created Training Roadmaps to allow companies and individuals to become competent in digital marketing. These Training Roadmaps are delivered via an online portal full of resources, providing access to face-to-face sessions with agency specialists, as well as assessments. This model doesn’t remove agency support completely, as that level of investment and skillset can take years to perfect. Instead, the goal is to deliver long-term success for brands by helping them to excel with their work inhouse, saving marketing spend so it can be outsourced on what is really needed. Using House Digital’s bespoke roadmaps, businesses have reported an average saving of 38% on recruitment costs. Additionally, their agency fees have decreased by 43% on average due to staff undertaking work previously outsourced. Ultimately, it is crystal clear how House Digital has become renowned for its digital marketing services, including its second-to-none SEO offering. As the agency continues to create, innovate, foster its wonderful working environment, and exceed the expectations of clients, it can only keep flourishing for a very long time to come. Company: House Digital Contact: Simon Jones Email: [email protected] Website: Feb24532