MarTech Awards 2024

Innovation in Business- MarTech Awards 2024 | 11 Meet Vizrt: Our Most Innovative MarTech Company of 2024 & Client Service Excellence Award Winner Vizrt stands for ‘visualisation in real-time’, and it is the trailblazing organisation behind the real-time graphics and live productions you see every day from media titans such as BBC, CNN, CBS, ESPN, FOX, Sky Group, Nickelodeon, Al Jazeera, MTV, and more than 80% of the US Fortune 100, to name a few. For 25 years, it has remained at the forefront of real-time AR and 3D graphics, virtual studios, and video production, continually pushing the boundaries of creativity and media technology. Headquartered in Norway with a team stretching across 26 offices around the world, Vizrt’s experts are on-call 24/7 to make sure audiences are consistently dazzled in a way that is simple, effective, and beautiful – because live storytelling is too important to leave to chance. “Whether it’s sports content or news, chances are, we’re involved. You know the hyper-realistic virtual studios for Sky Sports, BBC Sport, and FOX Sports? That’s us. The advanced augmented reality graphics used during some of the world’s biggest sporting events and elections? All us.” – Chris Black, Global Head of Brand Communications Vizrt History Born from the need to present data in a new and engaging way for the live Norwegian election back in 1997, Vizrt revolutionised broadcast and live production forever when it invented the first template-based graphics system, the first virtual set, and the first-real-time 3D graphic. It transformed the creative possibilities in content creation – and the ‘firsts’ have just kept coming ever since. But before that, in 1990, NewTek (now part of Vizrt) had launched the Video Toaster, a breakthrough solution and the first affordable all-in-one video production system, which won a Technical Emmy. In 2005 came the iconic TriCaster with features merging live video switching, broadcasting graphics, virtual sets, special effects, audio mixing, recording, social media publishing, and web streaming into one powerful production unit. To this day it empowers content creators to produce virtually in any location. Vizrt truly offers the most comprehensive end-to-end workflow in media tech. By 2015, Vizrt introduced NDI (Network Device Interface), the game-changing IP technology which enables seamless sharing of highquality video, audio, and data over standard ethernet networks, advancing IP-based video production workflows. Since then, Vizrt has expanded its offerings, including developing a cloud-based production platform in 2020 and proprietary AI tools in 2022. Vizrt has also gone on to acquire cloud-native, browser-based, live, and interactive graphic provider, Flowics, a powerful extension of its graphics portfolio. An Award-winning Product Portfolio “Everyone loves a good story, and we’re no different. Creative, compelling, and uncomplicated storytelling is what drives us. And, in a world where attention spans are short, grabbing and holding onto audiences for entertainment, education, or information requires craft, design, vision and the right technology partner to help.” – Chris Black, Global Head of Brand Communications As of 2024, Vizrt’s list of products is extensive, and several of them are award-winning. This year alone it has won 14 awards, from being recognised as one of the most influential companies in the streaming media space, to product and projectbased awards. In particular, its real-time graphics renderer, Viz Engine; sports analysis products such as Viz Libero and Viz Arena; and TriCaster, used across enterprise and education live production, and for video marketing purposes, are highly acclaimed and awarded. Vizrt’s innovative products are created by its robust R&D department. Its second largest department is its Customer Success branch, focused on customer experience and satisfaction. “If we focus on delivering a positive experience for customers — not just while they buy and use technology, but also to support long-term business goals — we will see higher satisfaction rates and retention. What drives our ambition is that our customer’s success is our success.” – Vanessa Walmsley, Global Head of Customer Success Inside Vizrt As a global business, Vizrt’s 700 employees span more than 40 countries, meaning a mixture of both in-office and remote; thus, the company cultivates a culture that is both physical and virtual. This year, it will be moving a few of its key offices to smaller, smarter locations that are more central for customers and have better public transportation links for employees. These offices will be set up for modern, hybrid working to allow a flexible working arrangement and to help facilitate its internal collaboration days. Overall, it’s clear to see what makes Vizrt the top player in the media technology sphere. Its focus on innovation, robust Customer Success department focused on an unparalleled customer experience, and strategic M&A over the past 25 years has allowed it to expand across the globe, obtain the best talent in the industry, and develop the most comprehensive product portfolio in the market, but its success is also down to its innovative nature. The media technology industry simply wouldn’t be where it is today without the influence and early technology of Vizrt. Even much of the competition came out of Vizrt itself. There is certainly competition out there – but they don’t have the history, the heart, the innovation, the scale of growth, the influence, the product range, or the expert global team that Vizrt does. To learn more about Vizrt, visit Jan24660