MarTech Awards 2024

Innovation in Business- MarTech Awards 2024 | 6 Best Digital Workplace Solutions Provider 2024 – Germany “Employee onboarding, training, and communication in one place.” Established in 1997, and continuously serving a diverse spectrum of corporations, SMEs, and non-profit organizations, Fellow Digitals is a provider of innovative digital workplace solutions which can be tailored to the many needs of its clients. With over 500,000 people in 41 countries accessing and using Fellow Digitals intranet and eLearning platforms on a daily basis, this business’ presence has spread beyond its region and overseas. By supporting its clients with a plethora of digital tools, Fellow Digitals is a pioneering force in the SaaS industry. Fellow Digitals offers solutions for onboarding, training, and communication – all rolled into its daily services – making the company a leading choice for all its clients’ requirements. The business prioritizes its core values of innovation, inclusivity, and accessibility to ensure all individuals can easily understand its platforms, and make the most of the ready-to-use technologies available today. Furthermore, as the SaaS platforms are easily accessible yet customizable, Fellow Digitals’ work includes the easy evolution of digital solutions to fit every avenue an organization could wish to explore. Innovation is truly the crux of this company’s contribution to the corporate landscape, meaning it continuously develops eLearning and intranet platforms which equip its clients with all the tools they need to achieve their goals. Fellow Digitals understands that there’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach to eLearning and intranet access. Its advancements in this area guarantees the most accurate and comprehensive delivery of eLearning tools, company news systems, knowledge management solutions, and community building applications by utilizing AI-led technology. Delivering user-friendly designs and mobile technology integration, Fellow Digitals has propelled itself forward in a competitive and integral realm. Of course, its USP is centred around its innovation in creating safe workplaces, intranet platforms, and eLearning solutions which result in a higher level of employee engagement, empowerment, and satisfaction. The team fervently prioritizes direct and elevated streams of communication, making everyone’s job much easier and more fulfilling. Creating and providing the tools needed to help any business or individual, Fellow Digitals is able to impact brand building across the wide variety of clients’ with whom it works. Communication is the thread which ties everything together for brands and businesses, as internal and external communication is of utmost importance to ensure tasks are carried out well – and end-customers receive the products and services they need in a timely, helpful manner. Without effective networks and the sharing of information, businesses would be stunted – which is exactly why Fellow Digital strives to assist in employee onboarding, training, and communication whenever it is needed. Finding a platform for online learning, which is accessible for everyone, is no easy task. However, Fellow Digitals has a myriad of digital solutions which makes the entire process a seamless journey to success. Here we dive deeper into Fellow Digitals’ mission as it wins a title in our MarTech Awards 2024. The new Fellow app alleviates any issues with communication, integrating people and resources all within a single platform. The app allows users and organizations to create engagement, stay informed and connected, as well as helping individuals to learn, further develop a community, and enrich a business’ overall function. With regards to the current state of the corporate world, turnover rates do vary, with some industries experiencing a very high turnover of staff members. Fellow Digitals’ aim is to reduce staff turnover and increase employee happiness and engagement in relation to their roles. Organizations all over the world are striving to keep members of their team by increasing their internal strategies and resources to create a connection between one another within the business, so that they can grow organically – together. Fellow Digitals’ own team thrives by further developing internal communications for themselves and their clients. Always there as a buttress for businesses to rely on, Fellow Digitals provides the right level of guidance for any organization it supports – no matter the size or goals of the company. Crowned with the title of Best Digital Workplace Solutions Provider 2024, Germany, Fellow Digitals has gained well-deserved recognition in our MarTech Awards 2024. We’re due to see the company flourish further in the years to come. Contact: Hans Koekkoek Company: Fellow Digitals GmbH Web Address: Feb24559