MarTech Awards 2024

Innovation in Business- MarTech Awards 2024 | 19 Promotional Products & Apparel Company of the Year 2024 Fully Promoted of St Charles is a one-stop-shop for all branded apparel and promotional products for any size business, agency, or organization. Helping brands to leave a lasting impression on their new customers and employees, while retaining existing business, and helping them to engage with their target audience, Fully Promoted has caught our eye. From apparel to bags, drinkware to embroidery services, screen-printing to marketing tools, and all kinds of promotional products, Fully Promoted creates and supplies solutions for marketing purposes. As a full-service promotional products company, the business is continually raising the bar – one brand at a time. Fully Promoted is a family-operated and womanowned branded apparel and promotional products provider with a zest for creativity. Owner Michelle Bottino tells us more, “Our focus is on providing solutions for our clients including bulk orders, welcome and new hire kits, and online shopping portals. We want all of our clients to be successful and we work hard to make sure we can provide quality products and affordable prices.” Fully Promoted works tirelessly to uphold its elevated level of quality by regularly meeting with top rated vendors and staying up to date with training within their individual and collective craft. Not only does the team prioritize their professional, creative development, but Fully Promoted invests in its equipment so that it can provide the highest quality products which are designed by its team. The new equipment guarantees the company’s creative thoughts are transformed from complex ideas into a tangible item that is able to promote any business or brand perfectly. Talking of the main challenge of the highly competitive industry, Michelle shares, “The biggest challenge we face is the “I can get it cheaper online” mindset. Of course, you can find many of the products we provide from the faceless internet super giants. But those companies are not hiring from the community. They are not investing in other local businesses, using your services, promoting your business, or supporting the same not-for-profit organizations that matter to you. We work hard to make sure our clients understand the value of supporting small businesses.” Of course Fully Promoted understands that there will still be individuals or businesses turning to large vendors which can provide cheaper options but it doesn’t let this get in the way of its own success. Fully Promoted’s mission is to provide the best quality products whilst offering them at prices people can afford, as well as supporting its community and team so that people can truly flourish. Despite the challenges faced, Fully Promoted’s team quadrupled in 2023 as the result of its dedication to value and quality in promotional products. This goes to show the cheaper options aren’t the superior options. Further expanding its team meant that the company could also grow its internship program to match. Fully Promoted completely supports and values individuals of all abilities and has focused on developing its Differently Abled Adults Internship Program, which is something that everyone at the business believes in. Proud of her team and what they have built together, Michelle feels that the team has accomplished great things as a collaborative and supportive network. With regards to achievements, Michelle was named Humanitarian of the Year for two years by United Franchise Group, and the business was bestowed with the Daily Herald Reader’s Choice Award for three years. It’s clear to see that Fully Promoted’s accomplishments and accolades are a reflection of its outlook on community, care, and equality. Now, we’re celebrating Fully Promoted’s success in our MarTech Awards 2024 as it wins its title of Promotional Products & Apparel Company of the Year 2024. We’re sure Fully Promoted will continue to elevate its customers’ brand presence for the foreseeable future. Contact: Michelle Bottino Company: Fully Promoted of St Charles Web Address: Mar24023 St. Charles IL