MarTech Awards 2024

May21135 Innovation in Business- MarTech Awards 2024 | 16 DRAFT Media Partners harnesses the power of several offshoots which each strive to make dreams come true through efficient, professional, and expert advertising. Skip begins by telling us the story behind DRAFT’s name, he says, “One of our core sayings is that we are always in “DRAFT mode”. A draft is something that is improving and being built. To us, there is no finished product. Our campaigns, our technology, our processes – everything we do and build should always be getting better and better. We should be learning, and growing and evolving. This is what innovation means to us.” Prioritizing this growth and pushing stellar service to the forefront of all its activities, DRAFT Media Partners ensures its many arms bring something unique to the marketing industry. DRAFT Media Partners covers billboard advertising with DRAFT Outdoor, creative performance with DRAFT Creative, SEO and web design with DRAFT Digital, promotional materials with DRAFT Promotions, traditional media campaigns with DRAFT Broadcast, direct mail with DRAFT Direct, and, of course, research and development with DRAFT Advertising Technology. Managing multiple areas of marketing, DRAFT Media Partners effortlessly juggles many skills, teams, and ideas to ensure all avenues of the industry are covered. However, zooming in on our award-winner, DRAFT Ad Technology is our Best Marketing Software Developer 2024 – South Carolina. Skip explains, “DRAFT Ad Technology is our research and development arm where we’re building the future of advertising.” DRAFT Ad Technology combines AI technology with a team of specialists who each bring over a decade of experience to the table. The internal culture of the team is central to the success of the business as a whole. While unlimited PTO, encouragement for personal endeavours, and flexible working is part of the team’s development, the entire workforce are committed to being supportive towards one another. Skip says, “When we say that we make dreams come true through advertising, we aim to make that not only true for our clients, but also for our employees as well.” It’s this dedication to nurturing the business from the inside out which has propelled DRAFT Ad Technology forward so steadily. Beginning its journey as a technology company, DRAFT Ad Technology quickly realised how much the market needed more than ad planning and buying technology. Skip elaborates, “The market wanted a turnkey solution for multiple channels of advertising, and we were in a unique position to be able to put that together.” By developing its solutions, DRAFT Ad Technology was able to help others to achieve their goals and move forward. From campaign simulators to determine ROAS and plan accordingly to online auditing tools to identify marketing needs, DRAFT Ad Technology has everything you need to discover how to grow your brand without suffering with high costs and growing pains. Recently, DRAFT Ad Technology created Reveal, its online attribution which uses location technology to track sales conversions from podcasts, OTT, and out-of-home tactics. This attribution elevates our experience of sales conversion metrics and helps us to gain a deeper understanding of what works well – and what doesn’t – when it comes to different kinds of marketing. Another promising avenue for the company was its merge with The Franchise Marketing Group in 2023. Skip elaborates, “This means we have a much expanded team with much better capabilities as we move into 2024. We’ve also built out quite a new list of proprietary ad platforms and tools. We expect to double our revenue from last year, and with our investments and expansions – that’s very doable.” Looking to the future, DRAFT Ad Technology is capable of even more great things and we’re sure to see it assist in ways that are impactful, powerful, and backed by years of experience. Contact Details Contact: Skip Wilson Company: DRAFT Advertising Technology Web Address: Best Marketing Software Developer 2024 – South Carolina Consistently influencing the way we see the industries around us, DRAFT Media Partners works tirelessly on its contributions. With seven divisions beneath its umbrella, DRAFT Media Partners is home to a very special marketing software developer indeed. Let’s take a closer look at DRAFT Advertising Technology with its CEO, Skip Wilson, as we reward it for its excellence. Jan24794