Innovation in Business Q2 2023

Q2 2023 PREPARE FOR A SUMMER OF SPORTS WITH TCL’S LATEST QLED 4K TV OFFERING ENHANCED SPORTS VIEWING PERFORMANCE Watch thrilling matches like the Nations League semi-final between two TCL sponsored national teams, Spain and Italy, portrayed in stunning detail by TCL’s outstanding display technology

Summer is very nearly upon us – and with it comes a lot to be excited about! Six months into 2023 and it has already been an extraordinary year so far in terms of innovation across the business world. In this issue, we explore some of the truly revolutionary developments that are transforming organisations for the better, taking their efficiency to the next level and enabling them to exceed their clients’ expectations. We feature companies providing solutions in cyber security and software development solutions, as well as advertising, in addition to providers of technology in staffing management, succession planning, and talent pipeline management. Each of these organisations has a true vision for what makes a business as efficient as it can possibly be – and they make it a reality. With pride, we showcase the trailblazers who are breaking down barriers when it comes to technology and the profound impact they are having on industries and organisations across the globe. We hope you find their stories insightful! Here’s to a prosperous quarter ahead, and we look forward to welcoming you back for our next issue. Rebecca Scotland, Editor Welcome to our Q2 issue of Innovation in Business Magazine. Innovation in Business is devoted to offering insight and features from across the global business landscape. This quarterly magazine is committed to bringing you updates on the digital world and all that it encompasses in this age of sophisticated technology. Editors Sofi Bajor, Senior Editor | Rebecca Scotland, Editor Alejandra Garcia, Writer | Izzy Mifsud, Writer | Emily Godbold, Writer | Michelle Strozykowski, Writer Designers Daniela Levinte, Graphic Designer | Lauren Baldwin, Graphic Designer AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

4. News - ALIVE Geolocation Application Gets Awarded Patent, Empowering Niche Communities - Sweden’s Quintus Technologies Will Supply Two Large Capacity HPP Systems to New Chinese Beverage Plant 6. SAV IT Africa Limited: Unlocking Brand Potential Across the World 7. Keystone Talent Bank: Compliant, Convenient and Cost Effective. 8. dunkelblaufastschwarz GmbH: The Power of Good Ideas 10. Prepare for a Summer of Sports with TCL’s Latest QLED 4K TV Offering Enhanced Sports Viewing Performance 11. Introducing SuccessionNavTM by EGL: Revolutionizing Talent Pipeline Management with AI-Driven Succession Planning to enable high performing organizations. 12. Experience the Future of Public Safety Software with Caliber’s CAD NG at the 2023 National NENA Conference 14. Life’s QR Unleashes the Power of QR Codes to Transform the Memorial Experience: Prepare to Be Amazed! Contents

NEWS imagine attending an automotive social gathering event where the owner isn’t present near their vehicle, and you are interested in their automobile. Thanks to ALIVE’s platform, attendees can easily access a comprehensive list and description of modifications, parts used, and other pertinent details that the vehicle owner has added to their vehicle’s digital profile. This innovative feature allows users to explore the vehicle’s information even in the absence of the owner. The platform acts as a hub for automotive enthusiasts to engage, connect, and communicate with one another. Users can express their appreciation by liking, awarding trophies, and contacting the owner for further inquiries. By leveraging geolocation technology, ALIVE makes it easy for people to discover and join local automotive events, fostering a sense of community and shared interest. ALIVE’s application of the geolocation patent adds a unique technological aspect to activities that people already engage in. By seamlessly integrating technology into daily routines, it enhances the overall experience. For example, even when you’re unable to physically attend ALIVE Geolocation Application Gets Awarded Patent, Empowering Niche Communities Trellist Marketing and Technology®, a leading professional services firm that fuels Andy Lally ALIVE®, has been successfully awarded a revolutionary geolocation patent through its initial application for an ALIVE product. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) granted Trellist the esteemed U.S. Patent No. 11,256,752, titled “Interacting with Objects Based on Geolocation.” The patent’s scope encompasses a broad array of implementations commonly encountered in social media and various digital platform environments. Leveraging a digital profile system, transitory geographic locations, and advanced algorithms, the patented technology revolutionizes the way individuals access and interact with information about physical objects in their vicinity. ALIVE harnessed this technology for vehicles, providing automotive enthusiasts with a new way to connect and share their passion within their communities. Existing Implementation One of the patent’s standout implementations enables users to interact with vehicles around them based on location. For instance, an event, you can virtually explore and admire the impressive array of cars present at the event location. This technology brings people together and allows them to enjoy the excitement of shared experiences regardless of their physical presence. “We are proud to be at the forefront of technological advancements, alongside renowned companies like Meta and Google.” said Tommy, Product Manager at ALIVE. “Our technology allows automotive enthusiasts to showcase their vehicles and brings like-minded individuals interactively together in a virtual community.” Broader Industry Applications In addition to creating a platform for vehicle enthusiasts to connect in a new way, ALIVE has the capability to license this groundbreaking technology to other companies seeking to harness its potential. This creates opportunities for diverse niche groups and communities to leverage the benefits of our innovative patent, unlocking significant applications across various industries. Inventors and Upcoming Innovations The inventors of the geolocation patent from Trellist, including David Atadan, Founding Partner and Chief Ventures Officer, and Jie Yang, Senior Partner and Chief Technology Officer, collaborated with Tommy Atadan, ALIVE’s Product Manager, to develop the patent specifically tailored for ALIVE’s application. This patent represents only the initial step in ALIVE’s remarkable journey of technological advancements. A second patent was filed and is currently awaiting approval for the Awesome Joe Auctions Buy Confident Process℠. By pursuing these innovations, ALIVE aims to propel the industry forward and establish themselves as a prominent technology company dedicated to driving innovation. ALIVE warmly welcomes interested parties to explore the boundless possibilities presented by the geolocation patent and encourages them to join in revolutionizing the way individuals connect and engage with their surroundings. For more information about ALIVE and the geolocation patent, please contact [email protected]

Newamstar Packaging Machinery’s Turnkey Solution for Yiqing Food Includes High Pressure Processing for Enhanced Food Safety, Nutrition A pair of Quintus Technologies High Pressure Processing (HPP) systems will begin operation in Yiqing Food’s new beverage facility in Danjiangkou, Hubei province, China, later this year. Manufactured at Quintus’s state-of-the-art facility in Sweden, the presses are part of a customized turnkey solution provided by liquid packaging expert Jiangsu Newamstar Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd., with both presses scheduled for handover in Fourth Quarter 2023. Focusing on integrated solutions for smart factories making liquid products, Newamstar selected the Quintus press model QIF 400L-6100, which features a very large vessel diameter of 18.5-inch (47 cm), for its high capacity, reliability, and lower per unit production cost. Each press will perform 10 cycles per hour to meet Yiqing Food’s target of 18,000 bottles of fresh juice per hour. High Pressure Processing is the ground-breaking food safety technology that uses pressure instead of chemicals and heat to inactivate dangerous foodborne pathogens without compromising the quality or taste of the end product. HPP significantly extends refrigerated shelf life, producing preservative-free foods and beverages that retain their full nutritional benefits. Yiqing Food, a state-owned food conglomerate, is one of the largest domestic soft drink producers in China. Its new modern and highly automated plant in Danjiangkou includes a premium juice production line that integrates high pressure processing of its upscale mandarin orange juice. “The Chinese market is seeing a growing demand for HPP products, as processors seek to bolster food safety and brand protection while consumers grow increasingly concerned with healthy, nutritious eating,” says James He, Newamstar’s Chief Executive Officer. “Consumers appreciate the value of fresh, high-end fruit juices and teas that undergo the HPP process, such as Yiqing’s popular mandarin orange juice, which will be made in the Danjiangkou facility.” The global leader in high pressure technology, Quintus has long been active in the Chinese market, supporting its customers with a well-established service operation across the APAC region. The company opened a China office in January 2018 to better serve its local customers. The QIF 400L press family incorporates advanced features like frequency-controlled motor drives for energy conservation; “SmartPress” cloud-based press management software; fewer moving parts for reduced downtime; and easy access to all components requiring regular maintenance or inspection. The press’s wire-wound frame and cylinder design for safety and lighter weight reflect Quintus’s legacy as the HPP pioneer. “These high-performing solutions illustrate how Quintus has maintained the lead in high pressure for almost 75 years,” Mr. He comments.“The QIF 400L presses are supported by a long legacy and meet Yiqing’s needs seamlessly. It is important for us to select the best quality equipment to meet our customers’ demanding specifications.” “The new generation of Quintus HPP systems helps processors boost production efficiencies through high system availability and controlled service costs,” Jan Söderström, CEO and President of Quintus Technologies, points out. “We are pleased to embark on this new partnership with Newamstar and look forward to working with them as Yiquing Food continues on its growth trajectory,” he concludes. Sweden’s Quintus Technologies Will Supply Two Large Capacity HPP Systems to New Chinese Beverage Plant

May21135 SAV IT: Unlocking Brand Potential Across the World Committed to delivering excellence, SAV IT’s vision is to become a world class provider for corporations and large enterprises, delivering technology that will serve as an integral part of their business ecosystem and facilitate their growth. Aiming to supply the most effective, exceptional, and affordable IT solutions to businesses, SAV IT offers a broad range of services, including cybersecurity, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), digital marketing, website development, computer hardware and software, and antivirus software. Firstly, SAV IT offers effective digital marketing services which involve harnessing the internet and web-based digital technologies to promote products for clients. As part of this, the company offers content marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services, email marketing, and social media marketing. Secondly, in terms of software, SAV IT offers two useful comprehensive platforms. The company’s Smart Policy platform is a one-of-a-kind cloudbased insurance platform designed for stakeholders in the insurance industry, including insurance companies, brokers, agents, assessors, and regulatory and monitoring authorities. It has revolutionised the way in which the insurance industry operates, enabling them to excel beyond traditional methods. The platform allows insurance companies to connect with their brokers and agents, enabling intermediaries to sell all kinds of insurance products through a singular platform. This saves users money since it eliminates the need to invest in multiple software solutions for their multiple insurance products. For the direct payment markets, the platform can integrate with payment platforms to facilitate direct payments to insurance companies, which can be made over mobile money or bank transfer. For insurance brokers and agents, the Smart Policy platform enables them to run their entire operation on one single system, enabling them to easily handle all their renewals, claims, settlements with customers, settlements Based in Nairobi, Kenya, SAV IT Africa Limited provides businesses with comprehensive IT infrastructure and technology solutions, eliminating the need for its clients to use various vendors for different services. As a result of its highly beneficial software and cybersecurity solutions, the company has been awarded Best Emerging Cybersecurity and Software Development Company in the MarTech Awards 2023. with insurers, and regulatory returns. With Smart Policy, brokers and agents can sell insurance products anywhere, from their offices to shopping malls to mobile vehicles. This provides them with boundless opportunity for growth. The Smart Policy platform is already used by many insurance brokers in the African market. It is easy to use and easily adaptable to local business processes and operations, making it quick to implement. The platform also minimises costs for clients, with no huge IT team needed to support issues and no need for hardware or software maintenance. As well as its Smart Policy platform, SAV IT also offers a comprehensive Smart ERP platform, which is a cutting edge and easy-to-understand cloud-based framework that empowers businesses to plan financially with approval and control. This enables them to streamline the business process in a powerful and effective manner. This financially savvy ERP framework deals with everything from exchange handling to producing reports. It covers business tasks such as sales, purchases, payables, receivables, inventory, and fixed assets, which are consistently coordinated with the company’s specific general ledger framework. It assists organisations with wiping out failures in tasks and cycles by allowing them to focus on key vital choices instead of agonising over back-end frameworks. Lastly, SAV IT provides organisations with cybersecurity solutions, protecting their endpoints, servers, cell phones, electronic frameworks, network systems, and information from malignant assaults. Endpoint security is the practice of securing endpoints or entry points of end user devices such as desktops, laptops, and mobile devices, protecting them from being exploited by malicious actors and campaigns. SAV IT offers one of the finest award-winning endpoint solutions that protects network systems from ransomware and other data-related damages. The Comodo Advanced Endpoint Security Protection (AEP) consists of a single pane of glass with centralised visibility, reporting, and control. It has the capacity to replace multiple endpoint security and IT management solutions, enabling companies to save money by not buying several platforms from various vendors. Its integrated EPP, EDR, MDR, SIEM, Patch Management, RMM and Remote Access were built from the ground up to create a cloud native platform. Comodo’s solutions and services are recognised for their innovative technologies by leading industry associations. Thousands of companies across the world rely on Comodo’s technology to tackle and combat the constant malware and cyberattacks that cause devastating issues for businesses every day. As a result of its outstanding user-friendly software and its comprehensive cybersecurity solutions, SAV IT Africa Limited has been awarded Best Emerging Cybersecurity and Software Development Company in the MarTech Awards 2023. We congratulate the company on this achievement and look forward to seeing what it accomplishes in the coming years. Contact: Divyesh Panchal Company: SAV IT Africa Limited Website: Jan23420

Apr21843 Compliant, Convenient and Cost Effective. Keystone Talent Bank provides organisations with a simple way to hire and manage casual workers from a talent pool securely hosted in the cloud. As winner of Most Innovative Leadership Team 2023 (SaaS Solutions): UK, we took the chance to find out a little more about how the company functions. Keystone Talent Bank is a provider of staffing management technology solutions. It helps organisations to navigate complex work, pay, and reward requirements for workers who cannot be managed within the standard in-house HR and payroll system processes. Its Talent Bank application is an award-winning suite of online tools, streamlining the ability for organisations to find, hire, manage and pay workers from within any sector or discipline. The core values at Keystone focus on excellent customer service and relations. The technology product it offers is highly customisable, and can be configured to support the specific challenges and requirements of each client’s individual needs. Keystone also offers mindful support throughout the process, aware that its customers are requiring of a co-operative relationship that serves their ongoing journey. It knows that requirements change, as do organisations, and it doesn’t want its technology to feel rigid or expensive to adapt. That’s why, as a company, it has maintained a very flexible, adaptive, innovative, and helpful landscape, all run by and with great people. Exceptional customer relationships and continuous service improvements are always a top priority. Keystone stands out from the competition with the remarkable resilience and adaptation its technology stack is capable of delivering. It also services a much wider range of clients than even its closest competition. It has successfully dealt with some extraordinarily different use cases, functional requirements, and various other problems presented by prospective clients, solved these challenges every time, and delivered something to really address the client’s specific needs. Keystone has created a remarkably flexible and innovative tech stack that has never stood still. Every year its product roadmap sees dozens of iterative and innovative improvements that all go towards genuinely improving the working lives of its clients. For example, in the last 9 months it has built a solution that handles the complex world of occasional teaching staff and academic contractors. In universities across the globe, there is a high dependency on visiting lecturers, specialist occasional teachers, academic contractors, and the like, whose working structure is necessarily complex. It encompasses different rules and rates of pay for prep work, teaching, marking, assessing and so forth, making it very difficult for traditional systems to handle. It was an area crying out for digital transformation, and one which Talent Bank was eager to address. The end result is a feature within its system that has revolutionised the sector and has, in no short terms improved the working lives of dozens of people, freeing them from painful and costly workflows and practices. But as Keystone is the first to admit, innovation must always have a purpose. It may be unique and new, but if it doesn’t address a specific problem or improve things, you really have to question whether the time and cost is justified in building something without a direct route to market. The way Keystone overcomes this is to really listen to the actual problems faced by customers. Its small, dedicated team are skilled at drawing out from clients the issues they come across in very specific usecases and workflows. This ensures that the starting point for any innovation is already assured of users/buyers at the end of development. With its game-changing technology, the future for Keystone Talent Bank is very exciting. It has a healthy number of prospective customers lined up, in addition to a sizeable amount of organic growth from existing clients eager to expand their usage of its technology. The company is also continuing to increase its footprint across the UK, and is delighting in a growing level of interest from other territories around the globe. Working with a wider range of partners also opens it up to other regions and sectors. In addition, it has future plans which involve expanding its adaptable technology to offer customers even more options, features, and integrations. There’s no doubt, this is a company really going places. Company: Keystone Talent Bank Web Address: Contact Name: Malcolm Paice Apr23648 “All too often, technology applications are developed based on what business owners and their teams think a client will want, only to find the customers change from one to the next, and the tech cannot adapt. From day one we built Talent Bank based solely on customer requirements, needs, challenges and problems.”

Apr21077 The Power of Good Ideas The creative agency dunkelblaufastschwarz believe in the power of good ideas being used to create change. It has a penchant for delving deeper into topics and understanding. This encompasses brands, messages, strategies, and design. Its name, dunkelblau (dark blue), is suggestive of the depths the establishment likes to go to, which it describes as being ‘there below’ where dark blue almost turns into black. This is where it feels solutions and ideas are born. Ideas which emerge back out in the open full of the enthusiasm of something new, something that inspires… Something that cannot be found on the surface level, but requires depth. With customers as diverse as it is, dunkelblaufastschwarz offers services in brand development, brand management, communications (including concept, strategy, and design) and exhibitions. Some of the companies it works with are Axess AG, Bankhaus Spängler, Designa AG, OMV, MTH Group – LIBRO, PAGRO, Sunbeam Yachts, BMS/Bristol Meyer Squibb, ISPO Munich, Heineken, IAEA Intern. Atomic Agency, Audi AG, Salzburger Land Tourismus, Woerle, SIMAS Gruppe, NetzerGroup, Safari-Insider, troii Software, Studio Precht, Hotel Lakeside, GoPro, WKS, W&H, Zoo Salzburg, and Heineken. With customers from such a wide range of industries, the approach dunkelblaufastschwarz takes can be very different. It knows that change can take many forms, sometimes happening online, sometimes offline. Or it might be change that comes through a new branding, a new website, or from entirely fresh campaigns. Whatever form it might take, all the changes have one thing in common, and that is a passion for the cause and the courage to do something really special. The company dunkelblaufastschwarz strongly believes it is the perfect partner for establishments that share this singular attitude. The agency extols the virtues of working together with others. It is delighted to have a wide network of wonderful people and businesses who share its values, and contribute their own skills, experience, and character to the mix. Each and every task the company takes on benefits from the attention of the right team. The agency realises that no one person is an expert at everything, even if they are experts in their own right. For this reason, it is important to dunkelblaufastschwarz that when recruiting new people to the business that they not only fit professionally, but personally too. It is a closeknit team who work in an informal, relaxed atmosphere, so this is crucial. During the recent COVID-19 pandemic, dunkelblaufastschwarz found itself in an enviable position. Not only did it manage to avoid being negatively affected, but it found that quite on the contrary many new companies were turning to it to invest in marketing activities. This made absolute sense to dunkelblaufastschwarz, who know that as long as the world keeps turning there will always be new developments on the horizon. For the agency, it is important to stay flexible and ready to adapt to any situations and changes that come its way. The creative marketing agency dunkelblaufastschwarz believe that ideal solutions can only be achieved by partnering together with its wide network of people. It excels in branding, campaigns, editorials, and exhibitions, and has now been awarded Most Unique Advertising Agency 2023 – Austria. We have had the chance to look further into the company’s modus operandi. Company: dunkelblaufastschwarz GmbH Web: Contact Name: Silvia Schweinöste Feb23564

The Power of Good Ideas

May21135 billion colors, thanks to TCL C645’s high brightness output leading to more extreme contrast and enhanced picture quality. No matter what time of the day the match is playing, the TCL C645 ensures no details are missed – with crystal-clear display guaranteed in bright or low light conditions. With Dolby Vision and HDR 10+, every frame is treated to its own set of colors, brightness, and contrast parameters, making the images on screen seem as true-to-life as possible, as if users are watching the game live from the stadium instead of from their living rooms. In the realm of audio, Dolby Atmos and DTS ensure a truly immersive experience with impressive cinematic surround sound awaiting every time consumers turn on their TV set. Better still, this amazing value set also comes packed with FreeSync and a 120 Hz Game Accelerator, meaning no stuttering or tearing between fast action play and promising seamless, artifact-free gaming at high frame rate. Available in a wide variety of sizes, including 43’’, 50’’, 55’’, 65’’, 75’’, 85” screens, the TCL C645 is a true contender in the mid – high end TV market and the TV of choice for those seeking high-quality, interactive home entertainment for outstanding value. *Product functionalities and specifications vary between countries/regions. Prepare for a Summer of Sports with TCL’s Latest QLED 4K TV Offering Enhanced Sports Viewing Performance Watch thrilling matches like the Nations League semi-final between two TCL sponsored national teams, Spain and Italy, portrayed in stunning detail by TCL’s outstanding display technology TCL, a world’s top two TV brand and top one 98-inch TV brand, is lowering the barrier to entry for first-rate sports viewing ahead of a summer of sports with its accessible QLED TV offerings. The bestin-its-class option for watching TV sports fixtures, the TCL QLED display innovation and superior sound make viewers feel like they are watching matches in real time from the sidelines. Everyone Can Experience the Joy of a Summer of Sports Through TCL’s Inclusive Technology TCL recognizes the profound influence that sports have on its customers worldwide. Through its innovative technology and premium global sports IP, TCL enhances the sports viewing experience for millions, making it more enjoyable and entertaining than ever before. As a brand committed to inspiring greatness, TCL understands the impact sport can have to inspire its customers across the globe. The month of June is filled with high profile sporting events, including the recent exhilarating Nations League semi-final between Spain and Italy - two national football teams proudly sponsored by TCL - which saw Spain come out victorious with a 2 – 1 result. Fans worldwide can now watch exciting matches in their full glory, never missing a moment of the action thanks to TCL’s cutting-edge display technology. As a leader in inclusive innovation, TCL believes that these magical moments should be available to everyone, and therefore strive to create best-inclass Mini LED and QLED TV sets at an unparalleled value. The TCL 4K QLED TV Line– Premium Sports Viewing at a Competitive Price Point There is no better example of advanced technology being made accessible than the TCL 4K QLED TV C645 Series (model series vary between markets). Equipped with TCL QLED technology for outstanding color expression, the TCL C645 easily outperforms competitors of the same price range when it comes to top-notch sports-watching, movie viewing, and gaming. TCL understands the importance of enhancing TV brightness to deliver the best QLED performance. Users can enjoy an array of a The best-in-its-class option for watching TV sports fixtures, the TCL QLED display innovation and superior sound make viewers feel like they are watching matches in real time from the sidelines.

May21135 SuccessionNav uses machine learning to identify top talent within the organization, saving time and effort in the search for future leaders. • Data-Backed Recommendations: Leveraging EGL’s extensive experience in leadership development, SuccessionNav provides data-backed recommendations for promoting individuals to key positions. • Seamless Roadmap Creation: SuccessionNav helps organizations create a well-planned roadmap for talent pipeline management, ensuring a steady flow of capable leaders at every level. • Unbiased Decision-Making: With the use of machine learning, SuccessionNav keeps biases at bay, ensuring fair and objective decision-making processes. To learn more about SuccessionNav and how it can transform talent pipeline management, please visit successionnav/ Introducing SuccessionNavTM by EGL: Revolutionizing Talent Pipeline Management with AI-Driven Succession Planning to enable high performing organizations. Envision Global Leadership introduces SuccessionNav, an AI enabled succession planning tool that allows organizations to quickly and effectively identify and promote top talent to key roles. EGL, a leading provider of leadership development solutions, is thrilled to unveil SuccessionNavTM, a game-changing AIdriven succession planning tool. With machine learning capabilities and EGL’s decades of experience in leadership development, SuccessionNav empowers organizations to create a well-planned roadmap for talent pipeline management. What sets SuccessionNav apart is that it measures individuals to identify leaders that create high performing organizations, not just individual high performers. In today’s fast-paced and often virtual business environment, identifying and promoting top talent to key positions is essential for organizational success. SuccessionNav serves as a trusted companion for organizations, simplifying the complex process of talent pipeline management. Leveraging advanced machine learning algorithms, it enables companies to make data-driven decisions, fostering growth and continuity within their leadership teams. “SuccessionNav is a powerful tool that empowers organizations to proactively develop their talent pipelines,” said Dr. Jeff Evans, CEO of EGL. “We combine our deep expertise in leadership development with cutting-edge AI technology to create a seamless and efficient succession planning experience. While AI possesses immense potential and capabilities, it requires guidance, training, and responsible usage to fully harness its power. That is where our decades of experience in leadership development comes in”. SuccessionNav maps leaders based on: • How frequently and consistently do they show behaviors that increase organization performance. • The size of their blindspot - which is the disconnect between what leaders think they are doing and how the world sees their actions. • Presence of significance derailers - behaviors that a leader can exhibit that can harm the organization’s performance. With SuccessionNav, organizations gain access to a comprehensive suite of features designed to streamline the entire succession planning process. From identifying highpotential individuals to assessing leadership capabilities, SuccessionNav provides valuable insights and recommendations. This enables companies to make informed decisions when it comes to promoting individuals to key positions, ensuring a strong and dynamic leadership team. Key features of SuccessionNav include: • AI-Driven Talent Identification:

May21135 Experience the Future of Public Safety Software with Caliber’s CAD NG at the 2023 National NENA Conference Caliber Public Safety will be exhibiting its innovative CAD NG software, featuring cutting-edge inter-agency data sharing, at the National NENA Conference in Grapevine, Texas from June 17-22, 2023. Caliber Public Safety, a pioneer in public safety software solutions, is excited to announce its participation in the upcoming 2023 National NENA Conference, taking place from June 17-22, 2023, at the Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center in Grapevine, Texas. The centerpiece of Caliber’s exhibition will be the advanced features of its flagship product, CAD NG. Designed to assist Emergency Telecommunicators process calls for service and manage field resources, CAD NG which includes groundbreaking features that ensure seamless and continuous operations – on premise or securely hosted using Caliber Cloud, powered by NLETS. A standout feature is the ability to transfer CAD incidents electronically to other agencies using Caliber CAD. This function allows for complete transmission of all captured information during the call handling process, eliminating the chance of missed details. Moreover, the Share feature enables multiple agencies to manage an incident collaboratively. As the incident narrative develops and more details are added, information is automatically updated across all agencies involved, fostering improved situational awareness, and a shared operating picture. Dr. Tammie Wojcieszak, Executive Vice President of Caliber Public Safety, understands the transformative power of CAD-to-CAD incident data sharing. “The implementation of CAD-to-CAD incident data sharing marks a pivotal moment in the realm of public safety. By seamlessly integrating computer-aided dispatch systems across agencies, we are empowering emergency services personnel with realtime information and enabling effective collaboration. This heightened situational awareness and improved data sharing will undoubtedly lead to faster response times, enhanced decision-making, and ultimately, more lives saved.” The CAD-to-CAD incident data sharing technology developed by Caliber Public Safety has already garnered recognition in the public safety sector within the state of Indiana where select agencies have experienced firsthand the game-changing benefits, witnessing a remarkable increase in operational efficiency, and a decrease in response times to critical incidents. This breakthrough is set to establish a new standard in public safety cooperation and is poised to make a lasting impact on communities across the globe. As Caliber continues to drive innovation and set new benchmarks in public safety, the company remains committed to its mission of providing cutting-edge solutions that empower emergency services and protect the lives of citizens. Experience the future of public safety software by visiting Caliber Public Safety at Booth #1023, where attendees will have the opportunity to see CAD-to-CAD in action. In addition, Caliber representatives will be on hand to discuss the various benefits and applications of the CAD NG product line.

Experience the Future of Public Safety Software with Caliber’s CAD NG at the 2023 National NENA Conference

May21135 Gone are the days of passing by a memorial and pondering, “Who was this person, and what was their story?” With Life’s QR, you’ll no longer be left in the dark. Thanks to our cutting-edge technology, you can now whip out your trusty smartphone, scan the QR sign, and open the gateway to a captivating biography, brimming with juicy details and fascinating anecdotes. It’s like Netflix for the afterlife! But wait, there’s more! Our immersive memorial experience isn’t limited to a mere history lesson. Oh no, dear friends, prepare to have your senses overwhelmed with a visual feast! Life’s QR lets you unlock up to 200 photos, watch heartwarming videos, explore intricate family trees, and even leave a virtual guest book signature or post a memory. It’s like a digital scrapbook on steroids! Life’s QR has designed a user-friendly wizard that makes setting up your QR memorial as easy as pie. No tech guru skills required! Just follow the simple steps, and in no time, you’ll have a tribute that would make your ancestors proud. And here’s the kicker: our powder coated stainless steel QR signs are weatherproof, ensuring that rain, snow, or shine, your tribute remains pristine and accessible. So, go ahead and affix our signs to any memorial surface, confident that the story of your loved one will withstand the test of time and weather. It’s a detail that matters because memories should be preserved, rain or shine! We know what you’re thinking, “Is this just a way to honor recent losses?” Absolutely not! With Life’s QR, you can take a trip down memory lane and create memorials for those ancestors who checked out centuries ago. Talk about time travel! Preserve your family’s rich history, uncover forgotten tales, and be the hero who connects the past with the present. Your great-great-great-great-great-grandpa would be proud! “With Life’s QR, we aim to celebrate lives and honor legacies, creating a lasting connection between past, present, and future,” says Founder/ Jennifer Blakeley, the genius behind this astonishing technology. “We believe that even in remembrance, laughter and celebration of life should reign supreme!” Join us in this revolution of remembrance, where creativity and innovation come together to create a dazzling tribute experience. Life’s QR invites you to step into a world where legacies are honored, lives are celebrated, and QR codes become the gateway to a celebration of epic proportions. Visit our website to tell their story and share their legacy. Life’s QR Unleashes the Power of QR Codes to Transform the Memorial Experience: Prepare to Be Amazed! Life’s QR, an innovative disruptor in the world of memorials, is about to blow your mind with its latest creation! Brace yourselves for a tribute experience like no other as we introduce our stainless steel QR Memorial signs. Get ready to affix them to headstones, mausoleum walls, memorial trees, and benches, and prepare to embark on an interactive journey through the lives of the dearly departed.

Company: Life’s QR

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