Innovation in Business Q2 2023

Apr21843 Compliant, Convenient and Cost Effective. Keystone Talent Bank provides organisations with a simple way to hire and manage casual workers from a talent pool securely hosted in the cloud. As winner of Most Innovative Leadership Team 2023 (SaaS Solutions): UK, we took the chance to find out a little more about how the company functions. Keystone Talent Bank is a provider of staffing management technology solutions. It helps organisations to navigate complex work, pay, and reward requirements for workers who cannot be managed within the standard in-house HR and payroll system processes. Its Talent Bank application is an award-winning suite of online tools, streamlining the ability for organisations to find, hire, manage and pay workers from within any sector or discipline. The core values at Keystone focus on excellent customer service and relations. The technology product it offers is highly customisable, and can be configured to support the specific challenges and requirements of each client’s individual needs. Keystone also offers mindful support throughout the process, aware that its customers are requiring of a co-operative relationship that serves their ongoing journey. It knows that requirements change, as do organisations, and it doesn’t want its technology to feel rigid or expensive to adapt. That’s why, as a company, it has maintained a very flexible, adaptive, innovative, and helpful landscape, all run by and with great people. Exceptional customer relationships and continuous service improvements are always a top priority. Keystone stands out from the competition with the remarkable resilience and adaptation its technology stack is capable of delivering. It also services a much wider range of clients than even its closest competition. It has successfully dealt with some extraordinarily different use cases, functional requirements, and various other problems presented by prospective clients, solved these challenges every time, and delivered something to really address the client’s specific needs. Keystone has created a remarkably flexible and innovative tech stack that has never stood still. Every year its product roadmap sees dozens of iterative and innovative improvements that all go towards genuinely improving the working lives of its clients. For example, in the last 9 months it has built a solution that handles the complex world of occasional teaching staff and academic contractors. In universities across the globe, there is a high dependency on visiting lecturers, specialist occasional teachers, academic contractors, and the like, whose working structure is necessarily complex. It encompasses different rules and rates of pay for prep work, teaching, marking, assessing and so forth, making it very difficult for traditional systems to handle. It was an area crying out for digital transformation, and one which Talent Bank was eager to address. The end result is a feature within its system that has revolutionised the sector and has, in no short terms improved the working lives of dozens of people, freeing them from painful and costly workflows and practices. But as Keystone is the first to admit, innovation must always have a purpose. It may be unique and new, but if it doesn’t address a specific problem or improve things, you really have to question whether the time and cost is justified in building something without a direct route to market. The way Keystone overcomes this is to really listen to the actual problems faced by customers. Its small, dedicated team are skilled at drawing out from clients the issues they come across in very specific usecases and workflows. This ensures that the starting point for any innovation is already assured of users/buyers at the end of development. With its game-changing technology, the future for Keystone Talent Bank is very exciting. It has a healthy number of prospective customers lined up, in addition to a sizeable amount of organic growth from existing clients eager to expand their usage of its technology. The company is also continuing to increase its footprint across the UK, and is delighting in a growing level of interest from other territories around the globe. Working with a wider range of partners also opens it up to other regions and sectors. In addition, it has future plans which involve expanding its adaptable technology to offer customers even more options, features, and integrations. There’s no doubt, this is a company really going places. Company: Keystone Talent Bank Web Address: Contact Name: Malcolm Paice Apr23648 “All too often, technology applications are developed based on what business owners and their teams think a client will want, only to find the customers change from one to the next, and the tech cannot adapt. From day one we built Talent Bank based solely on customer requirements, needs, challenges and problems.”