Innovation in Business Q2 2023

Apr21077 The Power of Good Ideas The creative agency dunkelblaufastschwarz believe in the power of good ideas being used to create change. It has a penchant for delving deeper into topics and understanding. This encompasses brands, messages, strategies, and design. Its name, dunkelblau (dark blue), is suggestive of the depths the establishment likes to go to, which it describes as being ‘there below’ where dark blue almost turns into black. This is where it feels solutions and ideas are born. Ideas which emerge back out in the open full of the enthusiasm of something new, something that inspires… Something that cannot be found on the surface level, but requires depth. With customers as diverse as it is, dunkelblaufastschwarz offers services in brand development, brand management, communications (including concept, strategy, and design) and exhibitions. Some of the companies it works with are Axess AG, Bankhaus Spängler, Designa AG, OMV, MTH Group – LIBRO, PAGRO, Sunbeam Yachts, BMS/Bristol Meyer Squibb, ISPO Munich, Heineken, IAEA Intern. Atomic Agency, Audi AG, Salzburger Land Tourismus, Woerle, SIMAS Gruppe, NetzerGroup, Safari-Insider, troii Software, Studio Precht, Hotel Lakeside, GoPro, WKS, W&H, Zoo Salzburg, and Heineken. With customers from such a wide range of industries, the approach dunkelblaufastschwarz takes can be very different. It knows that change can take many forms, sometimes happening online, sometimes offline. Or it might be change that comes through a new branding, a new website, or from entirely fresh campaigns. Whatever form it might take, all the changes have one thing in common, and that is a passion for the cause and the courage to do something really special. The company dunkelblaufastschwarz strongly believes it is the perfect partner for establishments that share this singular attitude. The agency extols the virtues of working together with others. It is delighted to have a wide network of wonderful people and businesses who share its values, and contribute their own skills, experience, and character to the mix. Each and every task the company takes on benefits from the attention of the right team. The agency realises that no one person is an expert at everything, even if they are experts in their own right. For this reason, it is important to dunkelblaufastschwarz that when recruiting new people to the business that they not only fit professionally, but personally too. It is a closeknit team who work in an informal, relaxed atmosphere, so this is crucial. During the recent COVID-19 pandemic, dunkelblaufastschwarz found itself in an enviable position. Not only did it manage to avoid being negatively affected, but it found that quite on the contrary many new companies were turning to it to invest in marketing activities. This made absolute sense to dunkelblaufastschwarz, who know that as long as the world keeps turning there will always be new developments on the horizon. For the agency, it is important to stay flexible and ready to adapt to any situations and changes that come its way. The creative marketing agency dunkelblaufastschwarz believe that ideal solutions can only be achieved by partnering together with its wide network of people. It excels in branding, campaigns, editorials, and exhibitions, and has now been awarded Most Unique Advertising Agency 2023 – Austria. We have had the chance to look further into the company’s modus operandi. Company: dunkelblaufastschwarz GmbH Web: Contact Name: Silvia Schweinöste Feb23564