Innovation in Business Q2 2023

May21135 SuccessionNav uses machine learning to identify top talent within the organization, saving time and effort in the search for future leaders. • Data-Backed Recommendations: Leveraging EGL’s extensive experience in leadership development, SuccessionNav provides data-backed recommendations for promoting individuals to key positions. • Seamless Roadmap Creation: SuccessionNav helps organizations create a well-planned roadmap for talent pipeline management, ensuring a steady flow of capable leaders at every level. • Unbiased Decision-Making: With the use of machine learning, SuccessionNav keeps biases at bay, ensuring fair and objective decision-making processes. To learn more about SuccessionNav and how it can transform talent pipeline management, please visit successionnav/ Introducing SuccessionNavTM by EGL: Revolutionizing Talent Pipeline Management with AI-Driven Succession Planning to enable high performing organizations. Envision Global Leadership introduces SuccessionNav, an AI enabled succession planning tool that allows organizations to quickly and effectively identify and promote top talent to key roles. EGL, a leading provider of leadership development solutions, is thrilled to unveil SuccessionNavTM, a game-changing AIdriven succession planning tool. With machine learning capabilities and EGL’s decades of experience in leadership development, SuccessionNav empowers organizations to create a well-planned roadmap for talent pipeline management. What sets SuccessionNav apart is that it measures individuals to identify leaders that create high performing organizations, not just individual high performers. In today’s fast-paced and often virtual business environment, identifying and promoting top talent to key positions is essential for organizational success. SuccessionNav serves as a trusted companion for organizations, simplifying the complex process of talent pipeline management. Leveraging advanced machine learning algorithms, it enables companies to make data-driven decisions, fostering growth and continuity within their leadership teams. “SuccessionNav is a powerful tool that empowers organizations to proactively develop their talent pipelines,” said Dr. Jeff Evans, CEO of EGL. “We combine our deep expertise in leadership development with cutting-edge AI technology to create a seamless and efficient succession planning experience. While AI possesses immense potential and capabilities, it requires guidance, training, and responsible usage to fully harness its power. That is where our decades of experience in leadership development comes in”. SuccessionNav maps leaders based on: • How frequently and consistently do they show behaviors that increase organization performance. • The size of their blindspot - which is the disconnect between what leaders think they are doing and how the world sees their actions. • Presence of significance derailers - behaviors that a leader can exhibit that can harm the organization’s performance. With SuccessionNav, organizations gain access to a comprehensive suite of features designed to streamline the entire succession planning process. From identifying highpotential individuals to assessing leadership capabilities, SuccessionNav provides valuable insights and recommendations. This enables companies to make informed decisions when it comes to promoting individuals to key positions, ensuring a strong and dynamic leadership team. Key features of SuccessionNav include: • AI-Driven Talent Identification: