Innovation in Business Q2 2023

May21135 billion colors, thanks to TCL C645’s high brightness output leading to more extreme contrast and enhanced picture quality. No matter what time of the day the match is playing, the TCL C645 ensures no details are missed – with crystal-clear display guaranteed in bright or low light conditions. With Dolby Vision and HDR 10+, every frame is treated to its own set of colors, brightness, and contrast parameters, making the images on screen seem as true-to-life as possible, as if users are watching the game live from the stadium instead of from their living rooms. In the realm of audio, Dolby Atmos and DTS ensure a truly immersive experience with impressive cinematic surround sound awaiting every time consumers turn on their TV set. Better still, this amazing value set also comes packed with FreeSync and a 120 Hz Game Accelerator, meaning no stuttering or tearing between fast action play and promising seamless, artifact-free gaming at high frame rate. Available in a wide variety of sizes, including 43’’, 50’’, 55’’, 65’’, 75’’, 85” screens, the TCL C645 is a true contender in the mid – high end TV market and the TV of choice for those seeking high-quality, interactive home entertainment for outstanding value. *Product functionalities and specifications vary between countries/regions. Prepare for a Summer of Sports with TCL’s Latest QLED 4K TV Offering Enhanced Sports Viewing Performance Watch thrilling matches like the Nations League semi-final between two TCL sponsored national teams, Spain and Italy, portrayed in stunning detail by TCL’s outstanding display technology TCL, a world’s top two TV brand and top one 98-inch TV brand, is lowering the barrier to entry for first-rate sports viewing ahead of a summer of sports with its accessible QLED TV offerings. The bestin-its-class option for watching TV sports fixtures, the TCL QLED display innovation and superior sound make viewers feel like they are watching matches in real time from the sidelines. Everyone Can Experience the Joy of a Summer of Sports Through TCL’s Inclusive Technology TCL recognizes the profound influence that sports have on its customers worldwide. Through its innovative technology and premium global sports IP, TCL enhances the sports viewing experience for millions, making it more enjoyable and entertaining than ever before. As a brand committed to inspiring greatness, TCL understands the impact sport can have to inspire its customers across the globe. The month of June is filled with high profile sporting events, including the recent exhilarating Nations League semi-final between Spain and Italy - two national football teams proudly sponsored by TCL - which saw Spain come out victorious with a 2 – 1 result. Fans worldwide can now watch exciting matches in their full glory, never missing a moment of the action thanks to TCL’s cutting-edge display technology. As a leader in inclusive innovation, TCL believes that these magical moments should be available to everyone, and therefore strive to create best-inclass Mini LED and QLED TV sets at an unparalleled value. The TCL 4K QLED TV Line– Premium Sports Viewing at a Competitive Price Point There is no better example of advanced technology being made accessible than the TCL 4K QLED TV C645 Series (model series vary between markets). Equipped with TCL QLED technology for outstanding color expression, the TCL C645 easily outperforms competitors of the same price range when it comes to top-notch sports-watching, movie viewing, and gaming. TCL understands the importance of enhancing TV brightness to deliver the best QLED performance. Users can enjoy an array of a The best-in-its-class option for watching TV sports fixtures, the TCL QLED display innovation and superior sound make viewers feel like they are watching matches in real time from the sidelines.