Innovation in Business Q1 2023

Q1 2023 NEW BENCHMARKING REPORT IDENTIFIES THE TOP FOUR BUSINESS PRIORITIES FOR CREATING STRONG CUSTOMER EXPERIENCES IN 2023 Productsup’s latest study reveals where businesses are misaligned with consumer expectations and provides actionable tips to turning complexity into advantage Vault Vision Launches One Click Passwordless Logins With Passkey User Authentication Featuring:

As I write this, it is snowing outside, but I live in hope that spring won’t take too much longer to arrive. As we make our way through Q1, 2023 is already proving to be a year of embracing innovation and exciting new technologies to make the extraordinary happen, whether by utilising artificial intelligence, facial recognition, or the cloud, to name a few. In this issue, we explore some of the companies that are taking cutting-edge to the next level, with the development of a first-of-its-kind personality assessment, the reinvention of energy systems, the elimination of passwords, and the development of a modern yet simplified flip phone. It is truly an enlivening time for technology and we can’t wait to see what comes next. We hope you find this issue thought-provoking and look forward to welcoming you back for our Q2 issue. Rebecca Scotland, Editor -Welcome to our Q1 issue of Innovation in Business Magazine. Innovation in Business is devoted to offering insight and features from across the global business landscape. This quarterly magazine is committed to bringing you updates on the digital world and all that it encompasses in this age of sophisticated technology. Editors Sofi Bajor, Senior Editor | Rebecca Scotland, Editor Designers Daniela Levinte, Graphic Designer | Lauren Baldwin, Graphic Designer AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

4. News - Estel Technologies receives Partner of the Year Award for Innovation Excellence from Globe, Philippines - Accent Technologies Unleashes Groundbreaking Innovation with the Integration of OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 6. Fast Track Unleashes the Power of AI-Language Technology for Automated Campaign Generation 7. Epicenter Innovation Launches First-of-its-Kind Assessment for “Resilience Innovators” 8. New benchmarking report identifies the top four business priorities for creating strong customer experiences in 2023 9. New Segment of Advancements will Educate About Innovations in Low- Carbon Energy Systems 10. Vault Vision Launches One Click Passwordless Logins With Passkey User Authentication 12. Ultra-Rugged KYOCERA DURAXV EXTREME+ Flip Phone Designed for Businesses or Consumers Looking to Simplify 14. One AI Powers 50,000 Companies and Developers with Advanced Language AI Capabilities Contents

NEWS Estel Technologies was selected for their ability to assist Globe Telecom in reimagining, and revolutionizing the way Globe had so far used the e-topup systems. Owing to Estel and Globe’s shared DNA for innovation, Globe recently went live with the world’s first e-topup system on microservices architecture in a public cloud, delivered and deployed by Estel. Recognizing the efforts and achievements of Estel Technologies, Globe awarded Estel with the “Innovative Excellence Award” on the 12th of December, 2022. “We are honoured to receive this prestigious award from Globe Philippines,” said Deepak Luthra, CEO of Estel Technologies. “This recognition is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team in delivering innovative solutions that meet the everchanging needs of our customers” Estel Technologies receives Partner of the Year Award for Innovation Excellence from Globe, Philippines Estel Technologies received the “Innovative Excellence Award” from Globe Telecom for their successful delivery and deployment of the world’s first e-topup system on microservices architecture in a public cloud. The project was aimed at revolutionizing the way Globe used the e-topup systems. Estel’s ability to assist Globe in reimagining the system and their shared DNA for innovation were crucial in the project’s success. Globe’s Information Systems Group Platform Director expressed his pride in the project’s success and acknowledged Estel’s contribution towards fulfilling their vision of a reliable and resilient platform for their customers. Estel Technologies is excited to announce that it has been awarded Innovation Excellence Award by Globe Telecom, Philippines. Congratulating the Entire team of Estel, MD Mr Raj Hajela said, “I am pleased that Estel has once again lived up to its tagline Let’s Innovate”, and has successfully delivered a complex and first-of-its-kind project to a prestigious & demanding customer like Globe. Kudos to the Estel team, this award is welldeserved. We look forward to more innovations with Globe”. Speaking on the occasion, Globe Information Systems Group Platform Director JP Tejada said, “The journey to get to the success of AMAX was not without challenges, but what I am personally proud of was the fact that we had Estel along to tread this difficult yet fulfilling journey. As the Philippines remains to be a prepaid dominant country, the reloading platform has been at the core of allowing our customers to experience the life-moving experiences and services of Globe. For many years we have envisioned a truly reliable and resilient platform that would treat our customers right without the nuances of frequent unavailability and poor performance, I am happy that through this project, and the toil of all the people who have worked tirelessly through many nights, we are a step closer to fulfilling that vision”. “In Globe, our vision has always been seeing the Philippines where families’ dreams come true, businesses flourish and the nation is admired. I can boldly say that in a big way, our partnership with Estel has contributed to reaching this vision through the success of the project we delivered together. I am looking forward to more groundbreaking work we can continue in the coming years as we continue to strive to create a Globe of Good.”

First Revenue Enablement provider to deploy OpenAI integration. Accent Technologies, the marketleading provider of revenue enablement solutions, has just made a game-changing move by integrating OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 technology into its offering. This new integration will give sales and marketing teams the ability to generate insights, engage with buyers, and close deals like never before.With the use of AI, the data captured during seller-buyer interactions (such as emails, calls, and meetings, etc.) will be refined, mapped to a user’s CRM, and scored to bring unprecedented visibility and insight into sales performance. “The integration of OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 technology with Accent’s revenue enablement solution is a major leap forward for sales and marketing teams,” said Pete McChrystal, CEO of Accent Technologies. “We are confident that this integration will allow our customers to take their sales performance to the next level and achieve better results than ever before.” Accent Technologies is known for its innovative solutions that help sales and marketing teams work more effectively and efficiently. This integration is no exception and is set to revolutionize the way teams work. Sales and marketing teams will be able to analyze and visualize seller performance, opportunity and pipeline health, pipeline velocity, and forecast accuracy, providing insights into all aspects of sales execution. The combination of Accent’s revenue enablement solution and OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 technology will enable sales and marketing teams to get answers to critical questions and make data-driven decisions that drive performance. “The integration of OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 with Accent’s revenue enablement solution combines the power of artificial intelligence and the expertise of human understanding to revolutionize the way organizations analyze and improve their enablement teams,” said Michael Moore, Head of Product at Accent Technologies. “With Accent’s AI collecting, scoring, and visualizing all buyer and seller data, this combination offers unparalleled insights and intelligence to help our customers make data-driven decisions and achieve their revenue goals.” Accent Technologies Unleashes Groundbreaking Innovation with the Integration of OpenAI’s GPT-3.5

May21135 Fast Track Unleashes the Power of AI-Language Technology for Automated Campaign Generation Fast Track, a leading provider of SaaS technology to the iGaming industry, has announced the industry’s first integration of an autoregressive language AI model, enabling operators to create human-like campaigns and content based on user instructions, revolutionising the way CRM is done in the iGaming industry. “We’ve been waiting for this technology; our platform was designed and built to be self-learning, but the AI technology simply wasn’t there; now, with the latest autoregressive language AI, we can confidently offer our partners a system that will help them reduce costs and make it easier to deliver 1:1 experiences to their customers,” said Simon Lidzen, CEO and Co-founder of Fast Track. “We expect to see unprecedented levels of productivity and efficiency for our partners, allowing them to focus on innovation and growth.” The integration of the autoregressive language model into the Fast Track CRM platform is a major step forward in the company’s mission to digitise Fast Track, a SaaS provider to the iGaming industry, has integrated an autoregressive language AI model in its CRM platform, enabling operators to create human-like campaigns and content based on user instructions. The integration is a major step towards digitizing the iGaming industry and is expected to increase productivity and efficiency for partners. The technology will be demonstrated at ICE London in Feb 2022, with the first version expected to be rolled out shortly after the event. the iGaming industry, enabling operators to generate multi-channel campaigns, subject lines, A/B testing and language localisation with live in-context preview in seconds. The company will demonstrate this new technology at ICE London, the leading iGaming event, from 7-9 February 2022, with the first version expected to be rolled out to existing partners shortly after the event. “This technology enables our partners to work smarter, not harder; accelerating their journey to delivering 1:1 experiences is truly a game changer for the industry, and we’re excited to be at the forefront of this innovation,” said Patrik Potocki, CTO of Fast Track. “We look forward to seeing our partners leverage this technology to drive growth and innovation in their businesses.” Visit the company’s website at for more information and to schedule a demonstration. Fast Track

Apr21843 Epicenter Innovation Launches First-of-its-Kind Assessment for “Resilience Innovators” Seeing the need for more effective communication in times of crisis, Epicenter Innovation launches an assessment tool focused on resilience and innovation for professionals across industries. Epicenter Innovation Launches First-of-its-Kind Assessment for “Resilience Innovators” Epicenter Innovation® recently launched the first personality assessment designed to gauge an individual’s strengths related to resilience, innovation, leadership, and communication. This assessment, called the Resilience Innovator® Type Assessment (RITA), is the first of its kind and promises to provide valuable feedback to professionals across industries so that they can be knowledgeable about their own strengths and limitations in the face of adversity. This assessment was designed to better understand the transferability of resilience in work settings. In a post-COVID world, enterprise and government organizations alike are recognizing that resilience is a key trait for their people to have in the workplace. But does one person’s resilience have a positive impact on a team or make a noticeable difference in the overall strength of the organization as a whole? RITA provides an easy-to-understand suite of tools to empower “Resilience Innovators” to share their unique strengths, create innovative teams, and support the sustainability of their organization. Developed with a leading business psychology firm and with input from resilience-building experts from around the world, RITA is a psychometric assessment designed to determine the user’s unique strengths in the areas of resilience and innovation. The assessment is based on decades-old research and provides ten unique type outputs for each user, giving insights into the individual’s own behavior in professional and stressful situations. Users who take the 20-minute assessment receive a customized, +15-page report that provides guidance on turning the insights learned from the assessment into action, which includes an offer to join the Resilience Innovator Coaching & Consulting Program to take their professional development to the next level. The ten “archetypes” established by the Resilience Innovator Type Assessment are: Traditionalist, Explorer, Reflector, Influencer, Architect, Maverick, Stoic, Guardian, Harmonizer, and Warrior. Anyone interested in discovering their unique type can visit for more information. “It’s incredible to see the impact that this assessment has already had on those who’ve taken it,” Epicenter Innovation CEO & Founder Christopher Tarantino commented. “By creating this assessment, we’re empowering Resilience Innovators across industries to learn more about themselves and the situations they find themselves in while performing the difficult work that they do. RITA gives people a framework and a language to better approach situations that call for resilience, innovation, and leadership.” The assessment is available for purchase by individuals and enterprise organizations alike. Early bird and student pricing starts at just $68 for the individual, whereas teams & enterprise organizations can purchase assessment access in bulk using a tiered pricing structure that includes additional discounts for large volume purchases. RITA is applicable to any professional looking to enhance their level of self-awareness and is particularly helpful for those in the healthcare, government, education, corporate, and other similar industries.

May21135 in-store AR experiences, such as augmented fitting rooms. That number drops to 13% for online VR and AR experiences, like the metaverse and digital collectibles. Yet when compared to consumer data, 42% of consumers said they’re more likely to purchase a product after experiencing VR or AR in stores, and 40% expressed interest in purchasing ‘pure virtual’ goods in the metaverse. Companies that show caution toward these innovative technologies now miss an opportunity to make their mark in the space before clear leaders emerge and win over younger shoppers. Ad spend With tighter budgets, only 24% of businesses expect to increase overall ad spend this year. They’re pulling back on newer channels – 79% of businesses don’t intend to increase Snapchat, or TikTok ad spend – and instead focusing on the platforms they’re more familiar with, like Facebook and Youtube. This dip in activity from advertisers opens up more ad space for others to grab – and at discounted costs. Businesses should take the opportunity to secure top advertising spots on some of the most-used channels by Millennials and Gen Z. “If most businesses are struggling to drive sales, move out inventory, and reach new customers, then it’s time to stop following the majority,” said Marcel Hollerbach, Chief Innovation Officer at Productsup. “History has shown that harsh economic climates reward the brave outliers who embrace change and go all in on innovation. To be successful in 2023, companies have to be willing to experiment and invest in areas that are outside the norm.” The report is based on a survey of 755 senior decision-makers from 16 countries – either personally responsible for or reporting to those responsible for – managing product information at their organization. Download the full Business growth report for free to learn more about the top business concerns and priorities for the year ahead. To access an actionable checklist based on the report’s insights, visit New benchmarking report identifies the top four business priorities for creating strong customer experiences in 2023 Productsup’s latest study reveals where businesses are misaligned with consumer expectations and provides actionable tips to turning complexity into advantage Productsup, the leading Product-to-Consumer (P2C) software company, launched the Business growth report, a study comparing business priorities for the year ahead with today’s consumer expectations. The report reveals a sharp contrast between what consumers want and how businesses intend to meet demand amidst the downturn and provides decision-makers with actionable takeaways on how to create a competitive advantage by straying from the norm. The report identifies four key areas where businesses should focus their attention in 2023: Product information Businesses’ concern over the quality, consistency, and accuracy of product information across global campaigns is on the rise. Sixtytwo percent (62%) of businesses fear poor product information is creating negative online experiences, up 72% year-over-year. Additionally, 55% feel it could leave them vulnerable to competitors, up 49%. Considering consumers reported that knowing more detailed information about products was one of the top factors that would entice them to choose one brand or retailer over another, companies need to have full control over their product data ecosystem. Sustainable shopping Nearly half (49%) of businesses recorded increased demand for sustainable products in 2022, but 34% of consumers say brands and retailers make sustainability information too difficult to find. Providing shoppers with more transparency in the supply chain by adding ESG data to product labels, listings, and ads can have a significant impact on sales and brand loyalty. In the year ahead, 55% of businesses plan to increase their level of sustainable product information to meet evolving consumer expectations and differentiate themselves from competitors. The metaverse and digital collectibles In light of skepticism across the industry, many businesses are avoiding virtual and augmented reality experiences. Only 14% of businesses believe consumers are much more likely to purchase a product based on

May21135 New Segment of Advancements will Educate About Innovations in LowCarbon Energy Systems Explore how technology and innovation are reinventing energy systems. An upcoming segment of Advancements with Ted Danson will focus on recent developments in the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of district energy systems. This segment will explore improvements in energy systems technology for the 21st century. Viewers will learn how Creative Energy is turning ideas into reality by delivering low-carbon district energy systems that provide tangible value for businesses and communities. The show will discover how Creative Energy utilizes an array of technologies to develop district systems that extend the benefits of district energy with rate certainty, quality of service, and carbon reduction. “Creative Energy’s unwavering mission is to develop low-carbon district energy systems that can instigate massive reductions in GHG emissions from the cities in which we operate in,” said Diego Mandelbaum, vice president, development. “There is a growing urgency to decarbonize our built environment, and we believe that district energy serves as a platform to do so in a responsible manner.” Audiences will learn how through collaboration and partnerships, Creative Energy is able to create and maintain sustainable neighborhood scale energy systems that support responsible development, business value, and community growth, helping to shape great cities. “We look forward to sharing how Creative Energy builds and operates the next generation of infrastructure to help cities meet their energy, climate, and resiliency objectives,” said Ed Sullivan, senior producer for the Advancements series.

May21135 Vault Vision Launches One Click Passwordless Logins With Passkey User Authentication Eliminate passwords in user authentication workflow with Vault Vision’s passkey features like facial recognition, fingerprint and pin verification on all modern devices. Vault Vision, a leading user authentication platform for developers announced the launch of passkey authentication technology enabling secure and convenient logins on modern devices. Legacy passwords are central to website and app security, but 81% of hackingrelated breaches leveraged either stolen and/ or weak passwords. A Google study found that 75% of Americans are frustrated with passwords and 43% have shared their password with someone. Passkey auth aims to solve an inherent weakness in passwords with support from Apple, Google and Microsoft on all modern browsers and devices. For application users, passkey is an easier replacement for passwords. With passkey, users can sign in to applications with biometric authentication such as a fingerprint or facial verification, PIN, or pattern, unlocking them from having to remember and manage passwords. A user can sign into applications on all modern devices using a passkey, which can be created on a mobile phone and used to sign in to a website on a separate laptop. Passkey authentication makes it phishing-resistant and brute force attacks, and one the most secure authentication methods available today. Vault Vision’s one click passwordless login drastically improves the user registration and login workflow with the addition of passkey. For developers, Vault Vision’s user authentication platform enables easy integration of passwordless logins into any website or application built on React, Node, Python, Go and low code platforms like Webflow. Developers can leverage Vault Vision’s open sourced examples available as GitHub repos in React, Node, Python and Go, which can be deployed with auto-generated and pre-set copy-andpaste environment configuration stanzas. These repos offer an implementation insight into the integration flows with auth use cases. “Vault Vision is the only passwordless-first auth platform that does not require a password during setup.” said Neil Proctor, CEO and Founder, Vault Vision. “Our technology enables developers to register without passwords and start creating local development environments with our user auth in less than a minute. For end users, the convenience of passwordless login drives user registration and login growth with facial recognition, fingerprint & pin based verification on all modern devices”. The addition of passkey auth and passwordless logins makes Vault Vision’s one of the most secure authentication platform with its privacy-first architecture. Vault Vision is the only authentication platform that protects end user privacy from password breaches by eliminating use of third-party scripts and low quality sdk’s. With the average authentication tool employing an average of eight tracking elements, Vault Vision maintains zero third-party dependence eliminating vendor breach risk for developers and the ability to operate in air-gapped and secure operating environments. Vault Vision offers free developer sandboxes and expert help with your free trial, learn more here. A Google study found that 75% of Americans are frustrated with passwords and 43% have shared their password with someone. Passkey auth aims to solve an inherent weakness in passwords with support from Apple, Google and Microsoft on all modern browsers and devices.

Vault Vision Launches One Click Passwordless Logins With Passkey User Authentication

Apr21077 Ultra-Rugged KYOCERA DURAXV EXTREME+ Flip Phone Designed for Businesses or Consumers Looking to Simplify Kyocera International Inc., the North American leader in rugged mobile solutions, added the DuraXV Extreme+ flip phone – without camera – to its lineup of military-grade rugged devices with Verizon. This device joins the standard DuraXV Extreme+, which was launched at the end of last year. Kyocera created DuraXV Extreme+ to help businesses cut costs and improve employee focus; the non-camera option is ideal for sensitive work environments and operations that can’t allow cameras, as well as privacyminded consumers and seniors who need a simple, loud device that can take some drops and spills. “Retro” flip phones continue to have a resurgence in popularity in part thanks to consumers looking to be more “present” in their social activities or taking part in digital detox. In fact, #bringbackflipphones has seen more than 25 million social media views on TikTok. With an ergonomic, compact design, the new and improved DuraXV Extreme+ delivers enhanced features with the durable reliability Kyocera has perfected over 10+ years. The first flip feature phone to feature a 2GHz smartphone processor (MediaTek 6761 Helio A22, 3-Core), Extreme+ has a quicker response time when running apps. Additional new features include barometric pressure sensor supporting FCC Z-Axis / E911; Wi-Fi 802.11ac support for faster data transfer speed and Wi-Fi calling with HD Voice; Bluetooth 5.1 LE/EDR support for extended connection range and improved power efficiency; and a remote support preload application for secure, enhanced live technical support. Built for dependable communication in rough working conditions with an all-day replaceable battery, Kyocera’s powerhouse flip phone provides MILSTD 810H and IP68 waterproof+ protection making it ideal for construction, government, hospitality and healthcare. The one-button push-to-talk design keeps workers connected even in the busiest – and noisiest – environments. The non-camera version is ideal for sensitive work environments where cameras are restricted like government buildings, courthouse, military bases, pharmaceutical businesses, and entertainment venues. Its compact Reliable Kyocera DuraXV Extreme+ for Verizon is PTT+ optimized with all-day battery and crystalclear audio for first responders, hospitality, construction with non-camera option for industries requiring privacy. Company: Kyocera International Inc. design and ease of use also makes it a great choice for seniors and individuals with disabilities. The compact, easy-to-use feature phone is drop proof up to five feet onto concrete, dust proof, and certified Non-incendive Class I Div 2 for protection in hazardous environments. It can withstand shock, vibration, temperature extremes, blowing rain, low pressure, solar radiation, salt fog, humidity, freeze-thaw and ice/freezing rain. And, it can be washed using a mild dish cleaner and disinfected using alcohol (70% solution) or cleaning wipes. The simple design features a silver bezel around the outer display and a bright orange customizable side button as well as a large tactile keypad. All of Kyocera’s devices are backed by a standard two-year manufacturer’s warranty. “DuraXV Extreme+ has our popular compact flip phone design, proven rugged reliability with next generation specs at an affordable price,” said Vipul Dalal, divisional VP of Kyocera’s Communications Equipment Group. “The non-camera option is often requested by businesses and privacyminded consumers looking for a second phone option. Camera or no camera, with rugged durability built in, Extreme+ delivers in harsh business environments, in an emergency or on the ski slopes.” Kyocera has created a “Total Solution” ecosystem of accessories and solutions for enterprise. When combined with Kyocera’s two-year warranty and the option for either a camera or non-camera device, Extreme+ is the ideal feature phone for budget-conscious businesses, privacy-minded government entities as well as seniors and consumers looking to simplify. For more information and detailed device specifications, please visit +IP68 dust proof and waterproof for water immersion up to 6.5 feet for up to 30 minutes. *Subscription required for mobile hotspot, MDM, SOS and PTT+.

Ultra-Rugged KYOCERA DURAXV EXTREME+ Flip Phone Designed for Businesses or Consumers Looking to Simplify

May21135 One AI, a platform that enables developers to add language AI to products and services, announced that its technology is powering over 50,000 companies and developers. The language AI startup presents a strong growth story as more businesses begin to discover the uses for the powerful and customizable technology solution – from summarizing articles, to analyzing customer service calls for emotion and sentiment, to extracting interest rates and terms from financial documents and websites. “For years humans have learned to adapt themselves to work and communicate with machines. Now, we are teaching computers to speak like humans using Natural Language Processing (NLP),” said Amit Ben, co-founder and CEO, One AI. “Last year, the technology finally reached mainstream recognition and utilization, partially thanks to the success of language generation models and tools such as ChatGPT.” One AI curates and trains state-of-the-art NLP building blocks that can be enhanced with customer data to meet their unique business needs. The platform makes it easy to stack and access these building blocks via API, so users can quickly and easily create custom language processing solutions, with support for text, audio and video inputs. “Expecting product companies to create their own NLP is like expecting them to build their own databases, billing systems, networking, cloud frameworks, and VOIP. That is completely unrealistic,” added Ben. With the rapidly growing volume of content generated every day, Natural Language Understanding (NLU) becomes increasingly crucial. NLU allows businesses to better understand and respond to the needs and preferences of their customers, improve customer experience and increase satisfaction and loyalty. It can also improve efficiency and accuracy by automating tasks that require language comprehension, such as customer service inquiries or data entry. One AI makes experimenting with and integrating language AI fast and easy. With just a single line of code, users can add the platform’s language capabilities into their apps and workflows. If needed, users can also fine-tune these capabilities using their own data, and have a customized solution up and running in just a few days. “Through our collaboration with One AI we are able to not only summarize customer calls and extract emotions and insights, but also analyze multiple calls as a group for a more meaningful understanding, and a more personalized experience.” said Vlad Papancea, founder and CTO, NLX, a customer-experience-automation platform. NLX is using One AI as the engine behind some of their AI capabilities, including conversation summary and emotion analysis. One AI was founded by serial entrepreneurs and executives -- Amit Ben and Aviv Dror, who previously co-founded NanoRep, and later sold to LogMeIn (LOGM); Yochai Levi, who has filled executive positions at companies such as WeWork, LivePerson, and Conduit and; Asi Sheffer, who bridges the gap between industry and academia with his past experience in companies like IBM and LogMeIn. One AI Powers 50,000 Companies and Developers with Advanced Language AI Capabilities Start-up allows users to experiment and seamlessly add advanced language capabilities to their existing apps

Company: One AI

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