Innovation in Business Q1 2023

Apr21843 Epicenter Innovation Launches First-of-its-Kind Assessment for “Resilience Innovators” Seeing the need for more effective communication in times of crisis, Epicenter Innovation launches an assessment tool focused on resilience and innovation for professionals across industries. Epicenter Innovation Launches First-of-its-Kind Assessment for “Resilience Innovators” Epicenter Innovation® recently launched the first personality assessment designed to gauge an individual’s strengths related to resilience, innovation, leadership, and communication. This assessment, called the Resilience Innovator® Type Assessment (RITA), is the first of its kind and promises to provide valuable feedback to professionals across industries so that they can be knowledgeable about their own strengths and limitations in the face of adversity. This assessment was designed to better understand the transferability of resilience in work settings. In a post-COVID world, enterprise and government organizations alike are recognizing that resilience is a key trait for their people to have in the workplace. But does one person’s resilience have a positive impact on a team or make a noticeable difference in the overall strength of the organization as a whole? RITA provides an easy-to-understand suite of tools to empower “Resilience Innovators” to share their unique strengths, create innovative teams, and support the sustainability of their organization. Developed with a leading business psychology firm and with input from resilience-building experts from around the world, RITA is a psychometric assessment designed to determine the user’s unique strengths in the areas of resilience and innovation. The assessment is based on decades-old research and provides ten unique type outputs for each user, giving insights into the individual’s own behavior in professional and stressful situations. Users who take the 20-minute assessment receive a customized, +15-page report that provides guidance on turning the insights learned from the assessment into action, which includes an offer to join the Resilience Innovator Coaching & Consulting Program to take their professional development to the next level. The ten “archetypes” established by the Resilience Innovator Type Assessment are: Traditionalist, Explorer, Reflector, Influencer, Architect, Maverick, Stoic, Guardian, Harmonizer, and Warrior. Anyone interested in discovering their unique type can visit for more information. “It’s incredible to see the impact that this assessment has already had on those who’ve taken it,” Epicenter Innovation CEO & Founder Christopher Tarantino commented. “By creating this assessment, we’re empowering Resilience Innovators across industries to learn more about themselves and the situations they find themselves in while performing the difficult work that they do. RITA gives people a framework and a language to better approach situations that call for resilience, innovation, and leadership.” The assessment is available for purchase by individuals and enterprise organizations alike. Early bird and student pricing starts at just $68 for the individual, whereas teams & enterprise organizations can purchase assessment access in bulk using a tiered pricing structure that includes additional discounts for large volume purchases. RITA is applicable to any professional looking to enhance their level of self-awareness and is particularly helpful for those in the healthcare, government, education, corporate, and other similar industries.