Innovation in Business Q1 2023

NEWS Estel Technologies was selected for their ability to assist Globe Telecom in reimagining, and revolutionizing the way Globe had so far used the e-topup systems. Owing to Estel and Globe’s shared DNA for innovation, Globe recently went live with the world’s first e-topup system on microservices architecture in a public cloud, delivered and deployed by Estel. Recognizing the efforts and achievements of Estel Technologies, Globe awarded Estel with the “Innovative Excellence Award” on the 12th of December, 2022. “We are honoured to receive this prestigious award from Globe Philippines,” said Deepak Luthra, CEO of Estel Technologies. “This recognition is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team in delivering innovative solutions that meet the everchanging needs of our customers” Estel Technologies receives Partner of the Year Award for Innovation Excellence from Globe, Philippines Estel Technologies received the “Innovative Excellence Award” from Globe Telecom for their successful delivery and deployment of the world’s first e-topup system on microservices architecture in a public cloud. The project was aimed at revolutionizing the way Globe used the e-topup systems. Estel’s ability to assist Globe in reimagining the system and their shared DNA for innovation were crucial in the project’s success. Globe’s Information Systems Group Platform Director expressed his pride in the project’s success and acknowledged Estel’s contribution towards fulfilling their vision of a reliable and resilient platform for their customers. Estel Technologies is excited to announce that it has been awarded Innovation Excellence Award by Globe Telecom, Philippines. Congratulating the Entire team of Estel, MD Mr Raj Hajela said, “I am pleased that Estel has once again lived up to its tagline Let’s Innovate”, and has successfully delivered a complex and first-of-its-kind project to a prestigious & demanding customer like Globe. Kudos to the Estel team, this award is welldeserved. We look forward to more innovations with Globe”. Speaking on the occasion, Globe Information Systems Group Platform Director JP Tejada said, “The journey to get to the success of AMAX was not without challenges, but what I am personally proud of was the fact that we had Estel along to tread this difficult yet fulfilling journey. As the Philippines remains to be a prepaid dominant country, the reloading platform has been at the core of allowing our customers to experience the life-moving experiences and services of Globe. For many years we have envisioned a truly reliable and resilient platform that would treat our customers right without the nuances of frequent unavailability and poor performance, I am happy that through this project, and the toil of all the people who have worked tirelessly through many nights, we are a step closer to fulfilling that vision”. “In Globe, our vision has always been seeing the Philippines where families’ dreams come true, businesses flourish and the nation is admired. I can boldly say that in a big way, our partnership with Estel has contributed to reaching this vision through the success of the project we delivered together. I am looking forward to more groundbreaking work we can continue in the coming years as we continue to strive to create a Globe of Good.”