Innovation in Business Q1 2023

4. News - Estel Technologies receives Partner of the Year Award for Innovation Excellence from Globe, Philippines - Accent Technologies Unleashes Groundbreaking Innovation with the Integration of OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 6. Fast Track Unleashes the Power of AI-Language Technology for Automated Campaign Generation 7. Epicenter Innovation Launches First-of-its-Kind Assessment for “Resilience Innovators” 8. New benchmarking report identifies the top four business priorities for creating strong customer experiences in 2023 9. New Segment of Advancements will Educate About Innovations in Low- Carbon Energy Systems 10. Vault Vision Launches One Click Passwordless Logins With Passkey User Authentication 12. Ultra-Rugged KYOCERA DURAXV EXTREME+ Flip Phone Designed for Businesses or Consumers Looking to Simplify 14. One AI Powers 50,000 Companies and Developers with Advanced Language AI Capabilities Contents