Innovation in Business’ Top Technology Innovators of 2023 – Kris King, Founder and CEO of SnapHouss

When it comes to illustrious trailblazers in the tech landscape, few shine as brilliantly as Kris King. The man behind the meteoric rise of SnapHouss, and now spearheading the path-breaking initiative, DefenseIQ, King has been rightfully crowned as one of the Top Technology Innovators of 2023 by Innovation in Business.

The SnapHouss Phenomenon

The real estate tech domain has seen a myriad of players, but none have quite captured the zeitgeist like SnapHouss. As the world’s premier property technology enterprise, SnapHouss didn’t just create a ripple in the market, it caused a tidal wave. With a sprawling presence across North America, covering over 100 cities from more than 35 strategic locations, SnapHouss isn’t just another tech-driven property platform. It’s a testament to King’s vision, innovation, and unparalleled acumen in both the technological and resource management sectors.

Before this venture, King was already a heavyweight in the tech arena. His decade-long foray saw him collaborating with and leading divisions of corporate powerhouses, honing skills from cybersecurity to IT infrastructure management. His Midas touch transformed tech challenges into opportunities, safeguarding billion-dollar revenues and facilitating the acquisition of substantial corporate assets. But with SnapHouss, King seamlessly bridged the gap between cutting-edge AI solutions and real estate, redefining the prop-tech narrative. His emphasis on AI-driven image processing, efficient mobile apps, and advanced algorithms hasn’t just set industry standards—it’s elevated them.

King’s Vision: DefenseIQ and Beyond

Yet, for a visionary like King, resting on past laurels is never an option. In a world fraught with daily challenges that go beyond business, his sights are now set on broader horizons with DefenseIQ.

Driven by an unwavering commitment to public safety, DefenseIQ emerged from King’s keen observations of the recurring safety threats facing Americans. Real-life narratives about fears surrounding school safety, given the escalating incidents of mass shootings, galvanized King to venture into solutions that promise more than just commercial success.

At its core, DefenseIQ is a paradigm shift in public safety. Harnessing the power of Enhanced Public Safety Drone Systems, the initiative addresses some of the nation’s most urgent safety concerns:

Countering Forest Fires: With America grappling with close to 70,000 wildfires annually, DefenseIQ’s drones offer unparalleled assistance, ranging from deploying fire retardants in critical zones to guiding trapped individuals through voice transmissions.

Enhancing School Safety: The disconcerting rise in school shootings demanded an innovative solution. DefenseIQ’s advanced drones, equipped with tactical solutions, promise swift interventions, neutralizing threats without jeopardizing the safety of students, staff, or law enforcement.

And this is just the beginning. With King’s strategic vision, DefenseIQ is also poised to revolutionize event security and bolster the mammoth task of border surveillance.

A Legacy in the Making

In an era teeming with technological advancements, Kris King stands out not just as a successful entrepreneur but as a beacon of hope. His ventures, be it SnapHouss or DefenseIQ, resonate with a deeper purpose—enhancing lives, ensuring safety, and crafting a brighter, more secure future. As the formidable force behind SnapHouss’s success and the visionary leading DefenseIQ’s revolutionary promise, it’s no surprise that King has been hailed as one of the Top Technology Innovators of 2023 by Innovation in Business.


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