Virtual Reality, Robotics, and More: Exploring Emerging Tech Careers

The world has changed enormously over the last decade, especially when it comes to technology and how humans interact with it. As a result of these changes, new career opportunities have bloomed as many others have become less necessary or even completely irrelevant.

Given this seismic shift in jobs, students entering higher education are likely wondering what types of jobs they should be pursuing. Understanding the many new options can help students gain a better sense of the job market and the jobs that are available for them to pursue.

Here are some emerging tech careers that students can pursue.

UX Designer

UX designers are steadily becoming an essential part of most companies in our rapidly advancing world. Short for user experience designers, UX designers are professionals with a specialized skillset that allows them to craft how users experience products, services, or spaces.

In the modern world, a significant amount of UX design revolves around digital spaces. Given the immense amount of time that people spend on digital devices, companies need talented UX designers to bring their digital spaces to life.

Students intent on stepping into a tech role that allows them to be creative can find what they’re looking for in the role of UX designer.

Virtual Reality Developer

Though it was once a facet of sci-fi novels and futuristic movies, virtual reality is now, for lack of a better term, a reality. Many companies are now crafting their own devices for people to immerse themselves in digital worlds in a variety of ways including for the purpose of games and interacting with others.

The professionals who craft these virtual spaces and bring them to life are called virtual reality developers. As virtual reality becomes more normalized, commonplace, and sought-after, there will be a significantly steep increase in demand for these professionals.

Students with a desire to be on the cutting edge of technology and learn in demand skills can find what they’re searching for as virtual reality developers.

AI Developer

Over the last several years, AI programs have revolutionized the way that humans interact with technology. In a short time, this complex and powerful technology has solidified itself as a needed tool across a variety of industries. In fact, one of the biggest innovations in higher education today is the utilization of machine learning technology to give students access to more helpful resources.

AI can be applied in many ways to help improve systems, processes, and other technologies. Today, it is even being used in robotics to create machines that can respond to different stimuli as if they were humans. As a result of this ability to help in many ways, AI technology has exploded and become an important part of today’s evolving world. This being the case, professionals with the knowledge to create AI technology, called AI developers, are in high demand across industries.

For students intent on pushing the boundaries of technological capability and having a highly specialized job role, becoming an AI developer is an amazing career path.

Data Analyst

Data has become an increasingly important aspect for businesses across the globe in exciting ways. One example of this is countless companies now using consumer data to personalize shopping experiences for customers.

Given this newfound appreciation for data and its ability to help organizations thrive, those with the skills to collect and analyze data are now extremely in-demand. These professionals are called data analysts and they have the ability to help companies achieve lofty goals with the help of data-generated insights.

Students looking for a secure tech role that is steadily increasing in importance can find exactly what they’re looking for in the role of a data analyst.

Video Game Designer

While video games have been around for decades, the public’s love of them hasn’t waned at all in recent decades. In fact, video games are an enormous industry with many people spending hours of their lives each and every day playing them.

Much like many other aspects of society are evolving at a rapid pace, video games are also advancing in keyways. The professionals who create and program video games are called video game designers. They utilize their knowledge of coding and programming to create games for a variety of consoles, with many new ones appearing each passing year.

Students with a love of videogames can pursue their passion and step into an emerging tech role by pursuing a career as a videogame developer.

Students Can Pursue Exciting Futures with Tech Roles

As new technology continues to explode onto the scene, new tech careers are emerging for young aspiring professionals to pursue. From virtual reality developer to videogame developer, the options for these types of career paths are growing with each passing day. As time goes on, it’s more than likely that there will be a surge of exciting new tech careers that students will be able to pursue.


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