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STX Next Launches AI-Powered Virtual Development Solution DEEP Next

19 March 2024

DEEP Next grants businesses access to a team of virtual developers that can perform tests, write code from scratch and complete API integrations

STX Next, a global leader in IT consulting, has announced the launch of DEEP Next, an AI-powered virtual development solution designed to assist businesses with the maintenance and growth of their applications.

DEEP Next digitises the programming process, supported by an AI agent that can write entire applications with the human developer transitioning to the role of AI supervisor. The solution acts as an autonomous AI developer, project manager or QA engineer, handling tasks with high levels of complexity all the way to deployment.

Commenting on the launch of DEEP Next, Bartek Roszak, Head of AI at STX Next, said: “STX Next has embraced its heritage as a Python powerhouse to architect a groundbreaking AI solution. DEEP Next represents a groundbreaking shift in AI, moving the paradigm from AI as a support mechanism for human tasks to a collaborative framework where humans take on a supervisory role.

“DEEP Next covers all aspects of software development, providing intelligent and intuitive back-end solutions that deliver strong functionality. One of its main assets is its reliability, as the virtual developers code with precision and testers ensure seamless functionality.

“The system turns the developer into an AI operator and supervisor, enabling DEEP Next to function independently. As a result, the human element in the process is focused on overseeing and monitoring the virtual developer’s performance, as opposed to directly getting involved in the technical process. We plan to equip our own development teams with virtual developers or AI agents, building another layer of reliability and accuracy into all the work that we do.

“DEEP Next can be applied to any industry and project type. If correctly deployed, DEEP Next can improve a company’s development speed by up to ten times.”

Roszak concluded: “We’re proud to celebrate our ethos and legacy as a technological leader and innovator with the launch of DEEP Next. STX Next truly believes that this system is the future of software development and the key to unlocking efficient development for businesses across practically every sector.”

For more information go to: https://www.deepnext.ai/