StructureFlow uses data and vizualisation to tackle increasing complexity in corporate deals –  enhancing collaboration, reducing pressure on teams and enabling deeper understanding


StructureFlow, the leading visual platform for modeling corporate transactions, announced it had closed a USD 3.5 million Pre-Series A funding round – bringing its total seed funding to circa USD 8 million. The investment will enable StructureFlow to meet growing customer demand for its new category of visual transaction modeling platform, which it first introduced to market in 2019. It will accelerate product development, especially data and collaboration functionality, and boost its go-to-market capabilities, continuing to focus on expansion in North America. 


UK-based venture capital firm Venrex led the round. High-profile angel investors also participated including Chris Adelsbach and Tariq Khan. 


The software is already used by some of the world’s largest and most prestigious law firms, including three of the five UK ‘Magic Circle’ firms and a number of Am Law 100 US firms. It enables real-time collaboration around complex corporate transactions – brainstorming deal structures, designing steps plans, mapping transactions and disputes. By visually modeling transactions, bringing the distinct but interconnected elements together, StructureFlow enables deeper understanding of the complexities of deals across a variety of stakeholders.


This is critical because corporate transactions have become increasingly complex with typical deals now having more moving parts than ever before. This makes it harder to plan and process projects and increases the risk of mistakes. It places significant pressure on people. 


StructureFlow makes the complex, simpler. It leverages the power of visualization to speed up understanding and communication – creating flexible and intelligent deal visualizations, connecting underlying data sources and documents, and facilitating seamless collaboration with enterprise-grade security. 


This all relieves the pain of information overload, excessive workloads and separated teams. It keeps people fulfilled and motivated. By fostering creativity and removing the drudgery of manual processing, the software reduces the risk of staff attrition. By making it easier to work on deals, it enables customers to retain more talent, increase competitive edge and ultimately win more business. Investing in technology is investing in people.


With time, StructureFlow believes the benefits of its platform may extend far beyond individual users and organizations. Over the last 20 years, various corporate crises and scandals have occurred, tracing back to complex combinations of numerous distinct but interconnected events. The most recent example is the unfolding FTX saga and its colossal impact on the cryptocurrency industry. However, before FTX there was Greensill Capital, Wirecard, the 2008 Financial Crisis and Enron. These events all have their origins in people not fully understanding what they are dealing with – destroying companies, ruining careers and wiping out livelihoods.


StructureFlow believes that as use of its innovative platform becomes widespread in the transaction ecosystem, the collective benefits will be felt at a global economic and social level. By facilitating deeper understanding at global scale, StructureFlow can help reduce the impact of these crises, even potentially preventing them from happening in the first place.  


This investment propels the company further towards realizing its vision of becoming the gold-standard platform for structuring and executing the world’s transactions.


Tim Follett, CEO & Founder of StructureFlow, said “We are thrilled to have secured significant funding in an extremely challenging environment. Strong traction and our strength of vision have attracted forward-thinking investors. We will not rest until we have transformed the way people work on complex deals – moving the industry away from dense text to more visual ways of working.”


Tilly Fleming of Venrex said “Tim has experienced the issue StructureFlow is out to solve first hand, this is not dissimilar to the domain expertise we saw in the founders at Revolut, Rippling and Charlotte Tilbury. We think he can build a business of a similar scale.”


Glenn LaForce, Global Director of Knowledge & Research at Shearman & Sterling, the elite US-HQ’d global law firm, said “Using StructureFlow has been a game-changer for us. It makes people’s lives easier, saving time and creating high-quality visual outputs to augment our delivery of legal services. It has been a pleasure working with the team and we look forward to seeing this investment used to make the product even better.” 


Shruti Ajitsaria, Partner and Head of Fuse at Allen & Overy, the leading global law firm said “So pleased about StructureFlow’s successful fundraise. We very much enjoyed having the team in Fuse, our tech incubation space, in 2020 and have been delighted to support and use StructureFlow since then. I am looking forward to seeing where their journey takes them next.” 


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