Talent acquisition is never easy. The recruitment process is both time-consuming and costly. It’s imperative that it delivers results. But finding the right person for your business, the one who has the skills, the experience, and – importantly – the attitude to meet your business’ needs without upsetting the team dynamic can feel impossible at times. So, how can you strike that balance? How can you find ‘the one’ your business needs without a process of costly trial and error? Tech could provide the answer.


How tech can help businesses to attract and retain the right people               


Creating a culture that works for everyone

In 2019, a Glassdoor survey found that 77% of applicants consider a company’s culture before applying for a job there. And to more than half (56%) company culture was more important than salary. Underscoring the importance of investing in your business’ culture. And technology can play a significant role in this. Technology not only enables communication and collaboration. If used well, it can create transparency and build trust, especially in the hybrid workplace. While community-focused technology can be used to create customized programs for the efficient representation of each business’ unique values. Which can help with branding, PR, and solutions for building culture into all aspects of a company’s infrastructure.


Opening your business to the global talent pool

Once the immediate threat of the pandemic had passed, a whole swathe of businesses ceased the practice of remote working. Regular in-office hours resumed. Commuting to work again became the norm for the disgruntled multitude. But the smart business wasn’t quite so quick to change. Not only did they realize that the work from home (WFH) movement was productive, helping to reduce overheads while ensuring a happy workforce. It also held the potential to access talent from anywhere in the world. The infrastructure was already in place – secure WiFi, Zoom, Teams, and a plethora of other applications. If the right person was out there, they could find a way to accommodate them. And they could do so without vast relocation fees.


Promoting work-life balance

WFH didn’t just bring business benefits. As the so-called ‘great resignation’ was revealed, it brought a lot of employee benefits too. Not the least is the ability for employees to work to their own schedule, and the extra time freed up by the removal of the twice-daily commute. But it’s also important to remember that not all workers enjoyed being away from the office, with many reporting loneliness. A hybrid working model has the potential to offer the best experience for everyone. Providing flexibility, it is a great way to attract and retain talent. And the technology is already there to support it.


Fast-tracking the recruitment process

Artificial intelligence (AI) is still often viewed with suspicion in many quarters. But it has many applications in recruitment. It can streamline the recruitment process, handling multiple applicants simultaneously. It can improve the quality of the hire through advanced data processing and skill matching. And – importantly in a society where diversity, ethnicity, and integration are under the spotlight – it can remove employer bias. Getting the right person for the job, regardless of the personal antipathy or warmth of the interviewer.


Providing the right tools for the job

Your tech can also show prospective employees that you have what it takes to support them as they build their careers. Millennial and Gen Z workers are typically digitally fluent. They have used technology their entire lives, academically, professionally, and socially. They need to know that your business has the tech they need to do their job well.

Recruitment has never been an easy process. And technology doesn’t hold all the answers. The over-use of tech runs the risk of depersonalizing your business and making it an unwelcoming place to work. But if carefully selected and used well, it can be a useful recruitment tool.


Jenna Bayuk, Founder of Kinship Kollective Jenna Bayuk founded Kinship Kollective to assist entrepreneurs around the world run their businesses effectively with the tools they need to be successful. Calling upon her 15+ years of experience in business development, marketing, events, talent acquisition, and operations, Jenna capitalizes on her knowledge, a keen eye for details, and ability to create trusted relationships to make things happen. Jenna’s passion, experience, reputation for connecting with clients, and hard work ethic has led her to partner with entrepreneurs in various industries across the globe to achieve results.


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