Helpall: announced the launch of its innovative new social media giving platform, Helpall Social, designed to become an “Uber for help”, aimed at connecting people needing support with people willing to give it. With the objective of mobilizing acts of human kindness, Helpall Social is unique in that members cannot ask for or give money. Instead, the platform is designed to help transform society by connecting people who are willing to help with time, resources or practical means with those in need.

Interested parties simply sign up to the free Public Edition of the Helpall Social app, input their location, how far they are prepared to travel (if at all), what help they can offer and when they are available to offer it. The cloud-based app then uses Machine Learning algorithms, matching potential givers to people who are seeking help. Once a match is made, both parties embark on an anonymous message-based chat to determine if they are a good fit. If they are, a map is sent out so they can see each other’s whereabouts if required.

When a help request is successfully fulfilled, the app automatically generates an Instagram-like story. Helpall is aiming to have 10,000 stories on display on its website by the end of 2023 and half a million within five years.

“When someone is going through a difficult situation, triggered by a personal crisis, a natural calamity, or a manmade situation, such as war, the only way people can currently offer help is by donating money,” said Hari Subramanian, Founder and CEO of Helpall. “Pure financial exchanges are leaving an untapped kindness potential in people who want to help in other non-financial ways. Other generic social media platforms miss this available latent potential in those who are willing to help with time or practical means. Helpall makes it very easy to ask for help and to give help. In this way, we are a kind of ‘Uber’ for help.”

The Helpall Social app is initially focused on harnessing help to support the emergencies in Ukraine and Sri Lanka as its first zone priority target. The app is initially available in English, Ukrainian, Sinhalese and Tamil in line with these local priority regions, expanding to 20 languages by July and increasing to 40 languages by December 2023. The app is available from both the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Subramanian, together with Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Indresh Satyanarayana, are both Silicon Valley veterans. The Helpall team includes 14 full-time engineers based in India, as well as a team of global champions. Next year the company will also be launching its Enterprise Edition in Spring 2023, designed for companies to create a branded version to roll out to employees as part of their ESG initiatives. Moving forward, Helpall will also be launching a non-profits edition, for NGOs, non-profits, and community organizations, that can use the platform for free to reach volunteers they otherwise would not reach.


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