New, More Sensitive Eye Tracking Feature Provides Better Testing and Cleaner Data for Eye Disease Detection and Treatment

Niles, IL: M&S Technologies, makers of a line of visual testing equipment and software, announced the release of an improved software feature for their Smart System Virtual Reality (VR) headset that better helps maintain patient fixation during visual field testing.

The new SMARTracker™ 2 technology uses a new generation of sophisticated eye tracking capabilities to register when patients have lost fixation on a central point or cross. The system will then pause testing and gently remind the patient to fixate again, at which time the test will resume.

“One of the biggest challenges for visual field tests is ensuring that patients maintain fixation during the test,” says Mike Umali, National Sales Manager for M&S Technologies. “Patients need to stay focused on that central cross, or else the test data will be inaccurate. Knowing exactly when that happens, and getting the patient back to the fixation point, means a huge leap forward for visual field testing.”

SMARTracker™ 2 is M&S Technologies’ next generation of eye tracking technology. Improving on an already advanced software, it can detect finer eye movements to increase test validity even further, making it the most advanced eye tracking software in the market.

“We were one of the first companies to offer eye tracking technology to begin with,” says Umali. “But our goal is to reach 100% accurate test results—that is what is going to give doctors the best data possible. Our long history and experience with vision testing software has allowed us to develop an advancement that gets us closer to that goal.”

“M&S Technologies providing accurate, reliable data,” emphasizes Umali, “is what ultimately allows eye care professionals to provide the best possible treatment plans and patient care.”

Unlike most available headsets on the market, the eye tracking software in the Smart System VR Headset surpasses the competition by detecting even the most subtle eye movements. This heightened sensitivity ensures exceptional accuracy, providing a direct and precise measure of the patient’s gaze in real-time.

Visual field tests are a common form of testing for eye disease such as glaucoma, which is one of the leading causes of irreversible blindness worldwide. Many of the worst cases of glaucoma can be avoided with early detection and timely intervention.

The Smart System VR Headset from M&S Technologies is a proven way to obtain various kinds of visual field testing data. It offers practices increased flexibility, allowing them to test in any environment, including a well lit room with no internet connection needed. It is especially helpful for patients with mobility issues or who have difficulty maintaining position for an extended period in a traditional visual field testing device.


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