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There’s no denying how 2023 has been quite the year for technology, with artificial intelligence (AI) and automation being two of the biggest trends that are continuing to transform businesses and their industries. Playing a key role in streamlining processes, these technologies are having a tremendous impact on business efficiency and therefore customer satisfaction. We are delighted to be showcasing our award-winning firms who are delivering such pioneering solutions and services in order to bolster their respective industries, whether insurance policy and claims system development, medical marketing services, AI-powered customer experience automation, or consumer electronics products to enhance modern living. We also explore some exciting technology trends that will boost your business, coming in the form of edge computing, symmetrical internet, cloud services, 5G, and robotic process automation (RPA). Read on to discover solutions that your business could be implementing to take operations to the next level in 2024. I hope you find this issue to be insightful, and the team at Innovation in Business magazine wishes you a wonderful end to the year and a very prosperous quarter ahead. In the meantime, we look forward to welcoming you back again soon for our Q1 2024 issue. Rebecca Scotland, Editor Welcome to the Q4 issue of Innovation in Business magazine. Innovation in Business is devoted to offering insight and features from across the global business landscape. This quarterly magazine is committed to bringing you updates on the digital world and all that it encompasses in this age of sophisticated technology. Editors Sofi Parry, Senior Editor | Rebecca Scotland, Editor | Izzy Mifsud, Writer | Michelle Strozykowski, Writer | Emily Godbold, Writer | Matthew Wright, Writer | Joshua Beardsmore, Writer Designers Ali Mohammed, Graphic Designer | Lauren Baldwin, Graphic Designer AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

4. News - Diagram Announces a New $60 Million Fund Targeting Innovation in the ClimateTech Industry - Yili Group Invited to Share Its New Innovation Practices at the 20th Global Water Drinks Congress 6. Leading Innovators in Insurance Policy & Claims 2023 8. Best Medical Marketing Specialists of the Year 2023 – South America 9. Most Innovative AI-Powered Automation Platform 2023 10. Consumer Electronics Innovation Company of the Year 2023 12. Government brings together creative industries to discuss AI future 13. The Most Popular Tech Trends That Will Benefit Your Business 14. 75% of Software Engineers Faced Retaliation Last Time They Reported Wrongdoing Contents

NEWS The fund seeks to build and invest in companies developing capitalefficient digital solutions that accelerate the global transition to a more sustainable future. It will leverage Diagram’s unique venture creation model to identify market opportunities, assemble high-caliber founding teams, and mitigate early-stage risks through strategic partnerships. The fund will also invest in promising early stage companies sourced through Diagram and Sagard’s extensive network, with a particular focus on Quebec-based businesses. “Diagram’s ClimateTech Fund will boost innovation to meet the challenges associated with tackling climate change. Supporting Diagram Announces a New $60 Million Fund Targeting Innovation in the ClimateTech Industry Diagram, a leading venture builder and investor backed by Sagard, a global multi-strategy alternative asset manager, has announced the initial closing of its new ClimateTech Fund, securing nearly C$50M in commitments towards its C$60M target. The Quebec government, through Investissement Québec, and Sagard have partnered to co-anchor the fund. Other major investors in the fund include Mavrik, the family office of Mark Pathy, Fondaction & Fonds québécois d’amorçage Teralys financed by CDPQ. Several additional individual investors, eager to contribute to the energy transition, have also participated in the fund. innovative businesses is essential in order to position Quebec at the forefront of these strategic sectors,” stated Pierre Fitzgibbon, Minister of Economy, Innovation and Energy, Minister Responsible for Regional Economic Development and Minister Responsible for the Metropolis and the Montréal Region. François Lafortune, Co-Founder & CEO of Diagram, expressed his enthusiasm for the new strategy, stating: “The creation of the Diagram ClimateTech Fund to launch and invest in innovative ClimateTech companies represents a significant milestone in our commitment to a sustainable future.” For Marc-André Binette, Deputy Chief Investment Officer at Fondaction, “investing in the Diagram ClimateTech Fund means contributing to the creation and development of young companies with the potential to become champions of the energy transition, an important dimension in the fight against climate change. This is an innovative model where the synergy between solution ideation, financing and management experience is very high, which should benefit the entire sector by reinforcing best practices and trends.” “Teralys, as Canada’s largest investor specializing in innovation, is proud to contribute to the creation of the Diagram ClimateTech Fund deploying a unique investment thesis in the Quebec ecosystem aimed at building new innovative companies dedicated to the energy transition” declared Beatrice Couture, Principal at Teralys Capital. The fund will be jointly led by Amélie Foz-Couture and Paul Manias, who both share a strong commitment to sustainable innovation. Amélie, a long-standing Partner at Diagram, has been leading the firm’s venture creation activities for the past five years. Paul, a seasoned ClimateTech expert and Diagram’s newest Partner, previously co-founded a venture capital fund focused on later-stage decarbonization investments and served for eleven years as Managing Director at OMERS in the infrastructure and private equity groups. Paul is also currently a special advisor to The Co-Operators Group in the area of climate-resilient infrastructure. “Climate change is the biggest challenge of our generation,” stated Amélie. “Having spent the last five years at Diagram perfecting our approach to launching companies, we’ve consistently held the belief that mission-driven entrepreneurs are instrumental in solving our most significant challenges. I am very excited to apply our unique venture creation model to the ClimateTech industry in partnership with Paul Manias and to collaborate with extraordinary founders to address this generational imperative.”

On November 27, the 20th Global Water Drinks Congress convened at Scotland’s Gleneagles. The three-day annual event, which is regarded as the highest level and most influential forum for the global water drinks industry, gathered world-leading innovators to celebrate the industry’s top achievements and explore the latest trends. Yili Group was invited to present its insights on the region’s drinking water market as well as Yili’s efforts in the healthy food industry. Dr. Gerrit Smit, Managing Director of the Yili Innovation Center Europe, delivered a keynote speech titled “Meeting the New Demands of Chinese Consumers” and introduced the INIKIN Volcanic Mineral Water Series. At the ceremony of the Global Water Drinks Awards, an intense contest attracting 155 entries worldwide, Yili’s INIKIN was a finalist in three categories, including its Brewed Tea for “Best Technology Innovation” and “Best Brand Extension” as well as its ink-free bottle for “Best Packaging/Label Design.” Find the best water sources As consumers have become more aware of the importance of healthy drinking water, Yili launched China’s first bottled volcanic mineral water brand, INIKIN, in 2019. Chosen carefully via site investigation of hundreds of water sources around the world, the INIKIN products are sourced from Arxan, a mountain region known as “Natural Oxygen Bar” which has a forest coverage rate of 95%, and the Changbai Mountains, one of the world’s top three natural mineral water sources. After being filtered through layers of volcanic rocks, the water is rich in volcanic mineral elements. The unique geology also enables the water to have a natural, slight alkaline feature, a smooth mouthfeel and a hint of sweet taste. Innovation of product portfolio During his speech, Dr. Smit demonstrated to the audience how a bottle of natural mineral water was turned into a bottle of freshly made tea in three seconds. The INIKIN Brewed Tea features a patented technique where the bottle cap separates freeze-dried tea powder from water, which is the first-of-its-kind in China. When unscrewing the cap, the tea powder housed in the cap will fall off and dissolve in water in just three seconds, making a fresh sugar-free tea drink. “As the product name indicates, the water tastes as fresh and delicious as if it has just been brewed by hand,” Dr. Smit said. After tasting Brewed Tea, Richard Hall, Chairman of Zenith Global and organizer of the Congress, said, “I’ve never tried this. It’s really a lovely idea. Congratulations on becoming a finalist in both Best Technology Innovation and Best Brand Extension.” Pursuit of sustainable development The design of the INIKIN inkfree bottle aligns with Yili’s commitment to supporting the UN SDGs by protecting water sources and biodiversity. The natural ecology of the local water source is home to more than 3,000 rare animals and plants, which have inspired the bottle design. Laser technology is used for engraving the labels on the bottle to reduce the use of ink and fossil fuel and facilitate the recycling of packages. Clovis Thaumoux, Packaging Market Manager of Carbios, commended Yili’s sustainable development solution, saying, “The laser printing allows the product to avoid using labels and using less energy. Yili acts for the planet in reducing your carbon footprint. This is a technology that is transportable for all the market. The future is ahead.” Yili Group Invited to Share Its New Innovation Practices at the 20th Global Water Drinks Congress

Apr21077 Leading Innovators in Insurance Policy & Claims 2023 Quick Silver Systems is not just an innovator; it is a forward-thinking force in the P&C insurance domain. Their flagship product, the Mercury System, is a testament to their dedication to continuous improvement and client-centric solutions. This system is built from the ground up in node.js, showcasing a modern and scalable architecture. It’s not just software but a comprehensive ecosystem that includes fully modular 100% web-based state-of-the-art features like a customer portal, end-toend policy and claims processing, and first notice of loss reporting. Serving a diverse clientele, Quick Silver Systems caters to carriers, managing general agents, and third-party administrators offering customizable solutions irrespective of their scale or industry standing. Their policy administration system and claims processing solution is designed for seamless integration and maximum efficiency serving the small to medium sized carrier and multibillion dollar organizations alike without requiring a full system replacement. The core of Quick Silver Systems’ success lies in its unwavering commitment to innovation. The company not only follows industry trends but pioneers new solutions, addressing long-standing challenges with creativity and technical acumen. The Mercury System leverages cuttingedge technology, including advanced APIs for quick customization, deployment, and efficient operations. Flexibility is another cornerstone of Quick Silver Systems’ approach. Understanding the unique requirements of each client, the company customizes the Mercury System to fit specific needs. This approach results in a highly efficient, client-focused solution. The company’s innovative streak is particularly evident in its approach to providing a solution that incorporates everything an insurance organization would need to operate efficiently. With robust features like a built-in document imaging system and sophisticated SMS, email, and workflow, the Mercury System ensures data accuracy and enhances user interaction. Continuous Integration Development, Visual Screen Designer and a Visual Report Designer further underscore its commitment to innovation and streamlined functionality. With a relentless commitment to innovation in the Policy and Claims Technology sector, Quick Silver Systems excels in the Property and Casualty insurance market. Their focus on simplifying insurance operations through the Mercury System consistently raises the bar in the insurance industry. This article delves into the specifics of their groundbreaking approach. Contact: Sean Pitcher Company: Quick Silver Systems Inc Web Address: Looking ahead, Quick Silver Systems is not resting on its laurels. The integration of advanced analytics and AI capabilities into the Mercury System is now possible through 3rd parties or with its own API. This evolution provides customers with more robust tools for data-driven decision-making, optimizing operations, and fostering growth. In its commitment to sustainability, Quick Silver Systems is leading the way in eco-friendly practices. From minimizing paper usage to optimizing corporate operations, their focus on environmental responsibility is integral to their corporate ethos. In summary, Quick Silver Systems, through its Mercury System, embodies the essence of innovation in the insurance sector. Its solutions redefine industry norms, setting higher standards for efficiency, security, and customization. As we step into 2024, their continued evolution is set to further cement their status as a leader in insurance technology innovation.

Leading Innovators in Insurance Policy & Claims 2023

May21135 Best Medical Marketing Specialists of the Year 2023 – South America Medical marketing consultant agency Health Marketing is committed to providing a simple, yet effective approach with its services, allowing the companies it advises to achieve their objectives swiftly. This is chiefly carried out by the agency’s application of its own methodology, the Comprehensive Health Marketing System. Through this, the company is able to analyse all of the variables in such fields as productivity, macro environment, competition, patient behaviour, market segments, and communication forms, enabling the garnering of incredibly effective, personalised results. Bolstering this approach is Health Marketing’s unwavering commitment to the values and ethics that govern the wider health science industry. To this end, the company specialises in marketing and advertising that is impactful, clean, and transparent. Further lending to this is the agency’s 22 years of continuous experience across a variety of Peruvian and international organisations, allowing it to fully understand these operations. Thanks to the mastering of these processes coupled with an innate understanding of the wider market and patient needs, robust and optimal marketing strategies are implemented every time. For Daniel, this starts with the agency’s unique ability to, “apply a specialised and differentiated approach to medical marketing, adapted to the needs and objectives of each health organization.” The company thus aims to be at For more than 20 years, specialist marketing, management, and advertising agency Health Marketing has been offering its comprehensive range of bespoke services to those in the private health sector, with these award-winning solutions being afforded to companies on both a national and international scale. Bolstered by an innovative vision contributing to improving the quality of life of populations across the planet, a responsible and ethical transformation process has been implemented that also succeeds in generating profit for health organisations as a result of the quality of service provided by the company. We speak with Health Services Marketing Strategist Daniel Figueroa Linares, who provides further insight into the business’ services and methods that have been instrumental in its success. the forefront of trends in the sector, using cutting-edge tools to continuously improve its offerings and be recognised globally for its effectiveness and quality. At the source of this success is its team, which is comprised of marketers, administrators, statisticians, doctors, dentists, designers, photographers, and copywriters. It is these staff members that provide the foundation for the company’s drive to innovate and achieve its key goals. Its expert teams are thus the company’s most valued asset, and in return for their hard work and dedication to the cause, Health Marketing has fostered a vibrant internal culture based on the pillars of ethics, excellence, respect, trust, and collaboration. As Daniel explains, “these values allow us to create a harmonious, motivating, and productive work environment, where everyone contributes their talent and experience to achieve the best results.” When the time comes for the team to expand, it favours candidates who possess an unbridled passion for medical marketing and health, have up-to-date knowledge of the field, are creative, committed, and boast excellent teamwork and communication skills. As well as its array of service offerings for medical institutions, Health Marketing has also been developing a book written by Daniel, Effective Marketing for Health Services. This book has been developed with the underpinning of a solid theoretical framework, based on the excellent strategies that Daniel has developed and executed throughout his career. Resulting from this effort is a highly useful breakdown of the relevant procedures that will provide maximise efficiency for any sort of health organisation. Looking ahead to the future, Health Marketing remains steadfast in its development of actions that will consolidate its position as industry leaders, reinforcing its individualised strategies that are aimed at large companies, and cover ground such as marketing planning, research, and digital health advertising campaigns. Plans are also in place to strengthen its offerings for SMEs, combining all of the necessary components in the field to achieve beneficial short-term results. All of this is in addition to continuing to expand the line through technology and innovation, as well as teaching postgraduate courses and generating interest through online articles and videos. Regardless of what the future holds for Health Marketing, its dedication to its craft, hard-working team of passionate experts, and commitment to constantly providing the best and freshest medical marketing solutions stand it in excellent stead for the future and make it more than worthy of this award celebrating its distinction in the field. Contact: Daniel Figueroa Linares Company: Health Marketing Web Address: Oct23702

Apr21843 Most Innovative AI-Powered Automation Platform 2023 Jaid is a software development company that offers an AI-powered platform for intelligent customer experience automation, designed to interpret and organise communications and send them to the right place for resolution. Here, we speak to CEO Dan Kramer to find out more about the company and its platform in the wake of its success in the Technology Innovator Awards 2023. Currently, customer service centres in all industries are experiencing record high volumes of incoming queries, including emails, messages, and phone calls. This can be attributed to the increasing availability of digital technology as well as the lingering effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. On top of this, people want to speak to their service providers in a natural, convenient, and efficient way and are more willing than ever to take their business elsewhere if they feel that they are not receiving the optimal customer experience. Primarily working with clients in the financial services industry, Jaid aims to help businesses respond to and deal with queries from their customers more effectively, accurately, and quickly. The company’s mission is to transform communication management, empowering its clients to become market leaders and employers of choice. To this end, Jaid offers an innovative AI as a Service (AIaaS) platform that seamlessly integrates into clients’ existing workflows to automate and enhance customer communications. It transforms customer engagement across multiple channels, including email, chat, voice, or via custom APIs. Dan explains, “The platform intelligently cross-references each customer interaction with internal systems such as CRM or case management tools and provides an airtight audit trail of all customer interaction. This allows Jaid to accurately predict and automate the most effective response for each individual query.” When clients leverage Jaid’s revolutionary technology, a significant number of their customer interactions will be resolved autonomously in a quick and efficient manner. However, the company understands that, in certain situations, a human touch is necessary to ensure the best standard of customer service. In such cases, the platform will route the interaction to the most suitable agent based on the specifics of the customer’s enquiry. Blending AI-driven automation and human expertise, Jaid greatly enhances the customer experience, reducing response times and increasing customer satisfaction. Additionally, by automating clients’ customer service workflows, Jaid’s innovative platform improves their operational efficiency, increases the engagement of their employees, and provides them with real-time business insights. Recently, Jaid has made several exciting product developments that have significantly improved its AI model training. “We have released Jaid Gym which is an application that allows us to take in data (much less than previously) and use it to train models much faster with extremely high accuracy,” Dan shares. “The benchmark in the industry is around 3 weeks of training to achieve 85% accuracy and we can now train models in a matter of hours with over 95% accuracy. This allows Jaid’s clients to see value in implementing AI much faster.” Internally, Jaid’s employees operate within a highly customer-centric environment, created by a rare combination of proven business leadership and technology innovation skills. Its team are fearless, inquisitive, intrigued by new ideas, and unfazed by challenges. Their innovations ensure that Jaid’s world-class, AIpowered communications automation platform is always ahead of the game and constantly pushing the boundaries of possibility. Furthermore, Jaid believes that people are its greatest asset. The company is committed to creating a diverse, inclusive, collaborative, and secure workplace that inspires employees to be the very best version of themselves. This creates happy, fully engaged employees, which in turn fosters the satisfaction of its clients. Through this, Jaid has developed meaningful, long-term relationships with both its employees and its clients. For its endless commitment to innovation, development, and improvement, Jaid has been awarded Most Innovative AI-Powered Automation Platform in the Technology Innovator Awards 2023. On the future of the company, Dan comments, “We like to say we are spoiled for use cases. We are having great success in helping financial service organisations utilise AI technology to communicate with their customers better, and we hope to expand into other industries in the near future.” Contact: Dan Kramer Company: Jaid Web Address: Sep23320

May21135 Consumer Electronics Innovation Company of the Year 2023 Based in the UK, T4tec is an innovative technology company that specialises in creating affordable and high-quality products designed to enhance modern living. Whether a consumer is looking for a smart TV or a toaster, the company’s excellent products will fit seamlessly into their lifestyle. For its outstanding offerings, the company has recently been named Consumer Electronics Innovation Company of the Year in the Technology Innovator Awards 2023. Incorporated in 2015, T4tec believes that every person should be able to experience the lifeenhancing benefits of great electrical products without breaking the bank. To facilitate this, the company designs and manufactures consumer electronics for sale at budget-friendly prices. Its team of knowledgeable and experienced experts possess an in-depth understanding of the modern consumer’s needs and do everything they can to provide them with the best products. Whether they are buying directly from the company or through one of its retail stockists, customers can trust that they will receive quality products and services. Committed to both innovation and functionality as well as affordability, T4tec has introduced several groundbreaking products. Its flagship innovation is the Wristpods, which is a cuttingedge 2-in-1 smartwatch that features built-in earbuds. With this recent release, the company has revolutionised wearable technology. On top of this, T4tec has expanded its product line with a range of floor care and small domestic appliances, featuring a number of smart solutions designed to simplify everyday tasks. Furthermore, its newest TV range features integrated AI technology, enhancing the viewing experience and adding convenience to consumers’ lives. With T4tec, customers can trust that they will not be drawn in by gimmicks then hit with sky high prices. Instead, for a reasonable cost, they will receive a product that delivers the highest levels of quality, reliability, performance, and durability, mixing modern design with functionality. T4tec’s products and services positively impact the technology industry in many ways. Firstly, by offering a range of affordable smart TVs, gadgets, and other electronic products, the company caters to a broad consumer base, making the latest technology accessible to a wider audience. It also helps to bridge the digital divide, enabling more people to benefit from new advancements. With this, technological adoption is accelerated amongst demographics with limited resources, increasing digital inclusion. Secondly, T4tec’s commitment to providing customer-focused technology encourages competition and innovation within the industry, driving other companies to explore effective solutions and develop new technologies that cater to diverse consumer needs. Alongside this, the company’s success in offering highly affordable technology may inspire other companies to adopt similar business models, fostering a trend towards democratising access to technology. Lastly, T4tec empowers consumers by providing them with more product choices, enabling them to make informed decisions based on their preferences and budget. The company proves that quality products can be delivered at competitive prices, challenging the notion that higher price equals better quality. In this, it challenges the dominance of big brands; with the option to purchase a much cheaper product for the same level of quality, why would anyone opt for the more expensive option? Through this, T4tec encourages companies across the sector to reevaluate their pricing strategies, creating a sense of consumercentricity and healthy competition across the sector. This contributes towards ensuring that consumers get better value for their money. In the years to come, T4tec plans to contribute towards the advancement of the technology sector by investing in research and development. It will also collaborate with other technology companies, startups, and research institutions to foster knowledge-sharing, access new technologies, and co-develop innovative solutions. This will enable the company to expand its offerings to include new products that leverage the latest cutting-edge technologies, including artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), and smart home integration. Moreover, with the customer at the heart of everything it does, T4tec will focus on gathering feedback to improve its understanding of their pain points and desires. With this information, it will work to improve its existing products and develop new ones that precisely cater to its target audience. The company will also focus on enhancing its customer support and warranty services, aiming to build trust with consumers and foster their confidence in the longevity and reliability of its products. In order to achieve growth in the future, T4tec will explore opportunities to expand into new markets and regions, enabling people across the world to benefit from its offerings. It will also strengthen its presence through effective marketing campaigns that will emphasise its commitment to affordability, quality, and consumer empowerment. This will not only enhance its ability to grow but also foster customer loyalty. Lastly, T4tec will work to implement more sustainable practices in its product design, manufacturing, and packaging processes, aiming to reduce the environmental impact of its products. By emphasising its use of ecofriendly features and materials, it anticipates that its offerings will appeal to environmentally conscious consumers. The company is also keen to engage in more corporate social responsibility initiatives, striving to give back to society, support community development, and contribute positively to the overall growth and reputation of its industry. For its outstanding work, T4tec has been named Consumer Electronics Innovation Company of the Year in the Technology Innovator Awards 2023. Considering its ambitious plans for the years ahead, there is no doubt that the company looks towards a bright future. We look forward to seeing what it will go on to accomplish. Contact: Dipesh Majithia Company: T4tec Web Address:

Consumer Electronics Innovation Company of the Year 2023

May21135 “AI is developing at an accelerated pace and industries, such as the creative industry, must now collaborate to understand and maximise its potential for brands. Automation within marketing, through platforms such as Storyteq’s BrandCore, offers creative teams the ability to deliver global campaigns quicker, streamline processes and increase efficiencies, working side by side humans to offer new and improved approaches to content creation and delivery. This emerging piece of tech has the potential to act as a powerful creative tool and the industry must now work together to unlock its power to deliver more impactful campaigns.” Lucy Frazer, Culture Secretary, commented: “The UK’s strengths and accomplishments in art and entertainment mean we are well placed to take advantage of developing technologies in this field. But creatives rightly have concerns - and proposals - about how their work is used by artificial intelligence now and in the future, and I want to hear them.” “As Culture Secretary I want to maximise the potential of our creative industries and grow them by £50 billion by 2030, creating one million new jobs. I believe that AI can help delivering these goals, but only if opportunities are developed responsibly and in lock-step with industry, which is the ambition behind today’s meeting.” Government brings together creative industries to discuss AI future May23398 The future of Artificial Intelligence in the creative industry will be discussed on a roundtable bringing together industry leaders from within the sector to discuss its potential impact, hosted by Culture Secretary, Lucy Frazer, Music, film and publishing bosses will discuss risks that AI poses to artists’ intellectual property while exploring how it can help to promote growth within the sector, as well as supporting the development of jobs and improving talent. The roundtable will be made up of leaders from within the creative industry including senior bosses from Warner Music, Getty Images and the Publishers’ Association and will join representatives from Intellectual Property Office and Creators’ Rights Alliance to explore potential opportunities or risks associated with AI. Conversations will focus on how AI can be used to achieve goals set out in the Government’s Creative Industries Sector Vision as well as discussing concerns around copyrighted material being used without permission to train AI models such as ChatGPT, potentially infringing creative’s intellectual property. John Kirk, Deputy CEO for Inspired Thinking Group commented:

May21135 automate the execution of tasks. This process can be used in many different industries such as financial services, healthcare, and IT services. According to LinkedIn: “The global Robotic Process Automation market size is already valued at $1.40 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach $11 billion by 2027, expanding at a CAGR of 34% from 2020 to 2027.” RPA provides a way to reduce costs and errors by using software robots to do tasks that are repetitive. The use of this process has grown significantly in the last few years due to the rise of technology and has highly impacted the way businesses are run. To end… Technology is constantly changing and evolving. This means that we need to be on the lookout for new trends and innovations in order to develop our businesses. Technology is important for businesses because it provides a competitive edge. It helps you stay on top of the latest trends and innovations so you can be ahead of the curve when it comes to adapting to new technologies. The Most Popular Tech Trends That Will Benefit Your Business As technology continues to evolve, new and exciting trends are emerging. Tech trends are the latest advancements, tools, products, services, and platforms that are changing the way businesses operate. It also changes the way customers interact with technology. In this article, you will be looking at some trends that are good for your business. Read on! 1. Edge computing Edge computing is a method of storing data and running calculations close to the source of data, instead of in a central data centre. It’s a way to make sure that the company or business can have faster access to their data and do not have to wait for it to be sent back and forth from the central location. The idea behind edge computing is that it allows companies or businesses to store as much information as they want on their own servers, instead of relying on centralised cloud storage services like Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure. 2. Symmetrical internet A symmetrical internet connection is a type of broadband that provides equal upload and download speeds. It is important for businesses to have a symmetrical internet connection because it will allow you to upload your files quickly and access data from the cloud in an efficient way. Your business can enjoy a better high-quality video streaming experience with this type of connection. With a symmetrical internet plan, companies can upload large files to sites like YouTube or Dropbox, without having to wait long buffering times. 3. Cloud services Cloud services are an extension of the internet that allow business owners to store and access data remotely. It is a type of network computing that provides shared resources, software, and information to computers and other devices on demand. Cloud services can be either public or private depending on who has access to it. Cloud services help companies with their back-end operations including storing customer data and providing online storage for files. Cloud services also offer a cost effective way for businesses to invest in IT infrastructure without having to spend money on buying expensive hardware like servers which can take up a lot of space in your office building or warehouse. As a business owner, you can customise your cloud services and choose who can access certain information. 4. 5G 5G is a new wireless technology that will be able to transmit data at much faster speeds than 4G and 3G. This means that the internet will be able to load faster, apps and softwares will be able to download more quickly, and video streaming will not have any pauses. According to The Digital Speaker: “5G is much better at handling thousands of devices simultaneously, meaning that a single network can handle mobile phones and equipment sensors - among many other forms of hardware - without slowing down.” 5G is also known as the “internet of things” because it can provide connectivity for a variety of devices. It can connect smart cars, smart homes, wearables, and other devices in order to make them more efficient. As a business owner, you might want to check out investing in 5G to make your lines of communication smoother. 5. Robotic process automation (RPA) RPA is a process that is designed to

May21135 75% of Software Engineers Faced Retaliation Last Time They Reported Wrongdoing • Retaliation: 53% of software engineers have suspected wrongdoing at work. For those who didn’t report unethical behaviour, fear of retaliation from management was reported as the top reason (59%). • Gagging Clauses: Investigation finds settlement agreement between Worldpay and current BT CEO, Philip Jansen, contains a gagging clause banned by the Financial Conduct Authority. The investigation also sheds new light on settlement agreement clauses used by the Post Office in the wake of the Horizon IT scandal. • Flawed Oversight: Despite software delivery metrics prioritising speed, the British public and software engineers agree it’s the least important factor. Instead, the public cares most about data security, data accuracy and preventing serious bugs. As AI continued to bring public concerns about computer systems to the forefront, earlier this year FTX’s former Director of Engineering plead guilty to his role in wrongdoing at the now-defunct cryptocurrency exchange. Meanwhile, the Horizon IT Inquiry continues to investigate how faulty accounting software has been blamed for multiple suicides and what has been described as “the most widespread miscarriage of justice in UK history”, with those wrongly imprisoned including a pregnant woman. An investigation1 conducted by Dr Junade Ali CEng FIET2 has uncovered systematic ongoing failures affecting software engineers and therefore computer systems used by broader society. 53% of software engineers surveyed by the polling firm Survation say they’ve suspected wrongdoing at work. Of those who speak up, 75% report facing retaliation the last time they reported wrongdoing to their employers. In instances where software engineers stayed silent, the top two reasons cited were potential retaliation from management (59%) and potential retaliation from colleagues (44%). Some companies have also sought to bypass public interest disclosure laws by getting employees to agree to warranty clauses during severance stipulating they know of no grounds to make protected disclosures. Such protected disclosures can include matters related to criminality, failure to comply with legal obligations, miscarriages of justice, health and safety dangers, or environmental damage. Despite these workaround clauses being banned by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in 2016, the investigation has found that they continued to be used in a financial institution - as evidenced by a settlement agreement between Worldpay and current BT CEO, Philip Jansen. The agreement lists automatic unfair dismissal for making a protected disclosure as a “particular claim” settled under the agreement and in exchange for signing the agreement Mr Jansen was paid £251,282 as a severance payment, the first £30,000 of which was tax-free, in addition to a £20,000 plus VAT contribution to legal fees, £3,700 plus VAT in outplacement counselling services and £100 for agreeing to post-termination restrictions. Commenting on the settlement agreement between Worldpay and Philip Jansen, Professor Richard Moorhead, Professor of Law and Professional Ethics at the University of Exeter, said: “If the clause is in breach of the FCA rules then this is a serious matter that I would expect them to look into, identify the senior people responsible, and take appropriate action. Any lawyers on top of their brief and involved in drafting such a clause would, I think, be expected to advise their clients that such clauses were inappropriate under FCA rules.” With engineers feeling unsafe to speak up, the investigation has also found the “industry standard” metrics frameworks used to assess software teams are flawed. Whilst Google’s DORA team has continued to use metrics that prioritise speed (and volume) to measure the delivery performance of software teams, a nationally representative poll of British adults ranked “getting the latest features as quickly as possible” least important to them when using computer systems (22%). Of the 10 different dimensions measured, the public was most likely to agree “to a great extent” that data security (62%), data accuracy (55%) and ensuring there are no serious bugs (55%) mattered to them. Of 8 dimensions, software engineers were least likely to agree “to a great extent” that “delivering work quickly” was most important to their jobs (33%); instead being able to provide for their families (52%), delivering work that is highly reliable (51%) and ensuring their work kept data secure (47%) came top. Additionally, whilst newer frameworks have focussed on the use of surveys within team settings; the investigation found, alongside the risk of retaliation for speaking up, 1 in 6 software engineers feel unable to express ideas or concerns, speak up with questions, or admit to mistakes, without fear of negative consequences. Nearly 1 in 4 software engineers said they were unable to take calculated risks without fear of negative consequences. Prior research identified in the investigation has also shown that “those with the lowest programming skill” are most likely to be most over-optimistic at evaluating software delivery performance in large projects. With 44% of those who didn’t report wrongdoing attributing fear of retaliation from colleagues as a reason, the study highlights the need to ensure subjective employee feedback mechanisms are not used as a tool for retaliation. Commenting on the entire investigation, Dr Junade Ali CEng FIET, the Principal Investigator of the study, said: “Recent developments demonstrate the fundamental importance of software engineers being free to raise the alarm when they become aware of potential wrongdoing; unfortunately our research has highlighted that software engineers are not sufficiently protected when they need to do so. From software engineers facing mass retaliation for speaking up and banned gagging clauses still being used, to ‘industrystandard’ software development metrics not considering the public’s risk appetite; this investigation has highlighted systematic and profound issues with society-wide impact, given how integral computers are to all our lives. Our investigation has shown a tendency for problems to be swept below the rug until they reach boiling point rather than addressed, this is neither compassionate nor honest for those involved.” In relation to the Worldpay settlement agreement, the Solicitors Regulation Authority said: “It’s not clear that any solicitors were involved in this matter. The FCA as Worldpay’s regulator will investigate this matter and if they felt that any solicitors were involved in drafting agreements that breach our rules, they would refer them to

75% of Software Engineers Faced Retaliation Last Time They Reported Wrongdoing us through our agreed channels.” … “We were made aware in 2018 that solicitors potentially could be forgetting their legal obligations when drawing up settlement agreements and were including NDAs that were not compliant with the law. That led to us putting out a warning notice in 2018 that we updated in 2020 to make sure the profession did not breach its obligations. Solicitors should uphold the rule of law and proper administration of justice, after all.” FIS who own Worldpay, Phillip Jansen, the Post Office and the Financial Conduct Authority did not respond to requests for comment. BT Group declined to comment. Detailed responses from Professor Richard Moorhead, the Solicitors Regulation Authority and the Post Office can be found in the report.

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