Innovation in Business Q4 2023

Apr21843 Most Innovative AI-Powered Automation Platform 2023 Jaid is a software development company that offers an AI-powered platform for intelligent customer experience automation, designed to interpret and organise communications and send them to the right place for resolution. Here, we speak to CEO Dan Kramer to find out more about the company and its platform in the wake of its success in the Technology Innovator Awards 2023. Currently, customer service centres in all industries are experiencing record high volumes of incoming queries, including emails, messages, and phone calls. This can be attributed to the increasing availability of digital technology as well as the lingering effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. On top of this, people want to speak to their service providers in a natural, convenient, and efficient way and are more willing than ever to take their business elsewhere if they feel that they are not receiving the optimal customer experience. Primarily working with clients in the financial services industry, Jaid aims to help businesses respond to and deal with queries from their customers more effectively, accurately, and quickly. The company’s mission is to transform communication management, empowering its clients to become market leaders and employers of choice. To this end, Jaid offers an innovative AI as a Service (AIaaS) platform that seamlessly integrates into clients’ existing workflows to automate and enhance customer communications. It transforms customer engagement across multiple channels, including email, chat, voice, or via custom APIs. Dan explains, “The platform intelligently cross-references each customer interaction with internal systems such as CRM or case management tools and provides an airtight audit trail of all customer interaction. This allows Jaid to accurately predict and automate the most effective response for each individual query.” When clients leverage Jaid’s revolutionary technology, a significant number of their customer interactions will be resolved autonomously in a quick and efficient manner. However, the company understands that, in certain situations, a human touch is necessary to ensure the best standard of customer service. In such cases, the platform will route the interaction to the most suitable agent based on the specifics of the customer’s enquiry. Blending AI-driven automation and human expertise, Jaid greatly enhances the customer experience, reducing response times and increasing customer satisfaction. Additionally, by automating clients’ customer service workflows, Jaid’s innovative platform improves their operational efficiency, increases the engagement of their employees, and provides them with real-time business insights. Recently, Jaid has made several exciting product developments that have significantly improved its AI model training. “We have released Jaid Gym which is an application that allows us to take in data (much less than previously) and use it to train models much faster with extremely high accuracy,” Dan shares. “The benchmark in the industry is around 3 weeks of training to achieve 85% accuracy and we can now train models in a matter of hours with over 95% accuracy. This allows Jaid’s clients to see value in implementing AI much faster.” Internally, Jaid’s employees operate within a highly customer-centric environment, created by a rare combination of proven business leadership and technology innovation skills. Its team are fearless, inquisitive, intrigued by new ideas, and unfazed by challenges. Their innovations ensure that Jaid’s world-class, AIpowered communications automation platform is always ahead of the game and constantly pushing the boundaries of possibility. Furthermore, Jaid believes that people are its greatest asset. The company is committed to creating a diverse, inclusive, collaborative, and secure workplace that inspires employees to be the very best version of themselves. This creates happy, fully engaged employees, which in turn fosters the satisfaction of its clients. Through this, Jaid has developed meaningful, long-term relationships with both its employees and its clients. For its endless commitment to innovation, development, and improvement, Jaid has been awarded Most Innovative AI-Powered Automation Platform in the Technology Innovator Awards 2023. On the future of the company, Dan comments, “We like to say we are spoiled for use cases. We are having great success in helping financial service organisations utilise AI technology to communicate with their customers better, and we hope to expand into other industries in the near future.” Contact: Dan Kramer Company: Jaid Web Address: Sep23320