Innovation in Business Q4 2023

May21135 Best Medical Marketing Specialists of the Year 2023 – South America Medical marketing consultant agency Health Marketing is committed to providing a simple, yet effective approach with its services, allowing the companies it advises to achieve their objectives swiftly. This is chiefly carried out by the agency’s application of its own methodology, the Comprehensive Health Marketing System. Through this, the company is able to analyse all of the variables in such fields as productivity, macro environment, competition, patient behaviour, market segments, and communication forms, enabling the garnering of incredibly effective, personalised results. Bolstering this approach is Health Marketing’s unwavering commitment to the values and ethics that govern the wider health science industry. To this end, the company specialises in marketing and advertising that is impactful, clean, and transparent. Further lending to this is the agency’s 22 years of continuous experience across a variety of Peruvian and international organisations, allowing it to fully understand these operations. Thanks to the mastering of these processes coupled with an innate understanding of the wider market and patient needs, robust and optimal marketing strategies are implemented every time. For Daniel, this starts with the agency’s unique ability to, “apply a specialised and differentiated approach to medical marketing, adapted to the needs and objectives of each health organization.” The company thus aims to be at For more than 20 years, specialist marketing, management, and advertising agency Health Marketing has been offering its comprehensive range of bespoke services to those in the private health sector, with these award-winning solutions being afforded to companies on both a national and international scale. Bolstered by an innovative vision contributing to improving the quality of life of populations across the planet, a responsible and ethical transformation process has been implemented that also succeeds in generating profit for health organisations as a result of the quality of service provided by the company. We speak with Health Services Marketing Strategist Daniel Figueroa Linares, who provides further insight into the business’ services and methods that have been instrumental in its success. the forefront of trends in the sector, using cutting-edge tools to continuously improve its offerings and be recognised globally for its effectiveness and quality. At the source of this success is its team, which is comprised of marketers, administrators, statisticians, doctors, dentists, designers, photographers, and copywriters. It is these staff members that provide the foundation for the company’s drive to innovate and achieve its key goals. Its expert teams are thus the company’s most valued asset, and in return for their hard work and dedication to the cause, Health Marketing has fostered a vibrant internal culture based on the pillars of ethics, excellence, respect, trust, and collaboration. As Daniel explains, “these values allow us to create a harmonious, motivating, and productive work environment, where everyone contributes their talent and experience to achieve the best results.” When the time comes for the team to expand, it favours candidates who possess an unbridled passion for medical marketing and health, have up-to-date knowledge of the field, are creative, committed, and boast excellent teamwork and communication skills. As well as its array of service offerings for medical institutions, Health Marketing has also been developing a book written by Daniel, Effective Marketing for Health Services. This book has been developed with the underpinning of a solid theoretical framework, based on the excellent strategies that Daniel has developed and executed throughout his career. Resulting from this effort is a highly useful breakdown of the relevant procedures that will provide maximise efficiency for any sort of health organisation. Looking ahead to the future, Health Marketing remains steadfast in its development of actions that will consolidate its position as industry leaders, reinforcing its individualised strategies that are aimed at large companies, and cover ground such as marketing planning, research, and digital health advertising campaigns. Plans are also in place to strengthen its offerings for SMEs, combining all of the necessary components in the field to achieve beneficial short-term results. All of this is in addition to continuing to expand the line through technology and innovation, as well as teaching postgraduate courses and generating interest through online articles and videos. Regardless of what the future holds for Health Marketing, its dedication to its craft, hard-working team of passionate experts, and commitment to constantly providing the best and freshest medical marketing solutions stand it in excellent stead for the future and make it more than worthy of this award celebrating its distinction in the field. Contact: Daniel Figueroa Linares Company: Health Marketing Web Address: Oct23702