Q2 2024

May21135 Innovation in Business- Q2 2024 | 19 exact as is possible at this stage. The release of this remarkable system is expected to totally transform the ways in which in-clinic laboratory samples are performed and viewed, resulting in the most accurate and top-tier diagnoses being made available to animals everywhere. Alpha Ion thus perfectly encapsulates the wider mission of MicroVet Diagnostics itself, mirroring its unwavering dedication to what a spokesperson recapitulates as the “development and implementation of practical and yet cutting-edge tools that are easy to use, affordable, and readily available for anyone operating in this space.” As a like-minded group of both laboratory and animal professionals, staff at the fantastic MicroVet Diagnostics are all aligned in their common mission of forever improving animal health and driving the innovation behind it, something that they do for the good of both people and their pets around the globe. True innovation takes place in this setting, making the company deserving of a spot on this highly competitive list. Contact: Chris Childers Company: MicroVet Diagnostics Web Address: https://www. microvetdiagnostics.com/ Revolutionising Diagnostic Veterinary Products Animal health care company MicroVet Diagnostics has been recognised as one of our Top 10 Innovators 2024 for the tremendous work that it does in advancing the health and wellbeing of animals in all settings, from pets through to research animals and even those reared for production purposes. With a keen area of focus spanning point-of-care equipment and testing kits, the team here feel it is their moral responsibility to develop and deliver advanced, affordable, and user-friendly products and technologies that can be used daily to make a real difference in the lives of animals. Comprised of experts in the field of diagnostic tool development, MicroVet Diagnostics excels in crafting innovative products that have been designed to promote animal welfare and improve the rate of patient care success stories in veterinary practices. Across its journey so far, this U.S. company has evolved from simply bringing point-of-care equipment to the market to today developing such technologies itself, as well educating others on these technologies and undertaking testing. MicroVet Diagnostics stands out in a crowded market as a result of it having chosen to focus on innovation that goes beyond streamlining the equipment that is already out there, and rather developing entirely new technologies that have been meticulously designed with both the end user and the patient in mind. As a spokesperson for the company explains, “we painstakingly focus on the pain points that the veterinary professional feels when adapting laboratory procedures and work to remove them from the process.” Of course, pioneering such cutting-edge technology is all well and good, but if it is not priced competitively and made accessible to the wider community, it will have little to no impact. It is for this reason that the team strike the balance between innovation and affordability, a duo of elements that are both cornerstones of MicroVet Diagnostics’ core values. An approach such as this makes the company the one-stop-solution for all pointof-care products for veterinary offices of all shapes and sizes, much like the animals that they serve. When it comes to what the company has been working on in recent months, there has been a particularly strong emphasis placed on advancing the technologies in the fields of both haematology and immunoassay functions. The team have been doing this by splitting their focus between cell recognition and using radio frequences, leveraging the winning combination of their advanced technologies and tried and tested modalities to both expand and simplify in the realm of care diagnostics. On the back of this, MicroVet Diagnostics unveiled one of its most game-changing innovations yet earlier this year, Alpha Ion. A company spokesperson breaks down this next-generation tool, telling us, “Alpha Ion is a comprehensive diagnostic platform that includes nine modalities: chemistry, coagulation, blood gas, haematology, immunology, urinalysis, urine microscopy, parasitology, and microbiology, all of this in a very small footprint using disposable cartridges and employing some of our proprietary technology.” Thanks to its multitude of capabilities all housed in one convenient location, Alpha Ion streamlines processes and eradicates any of the time-consuming maintenance, troubleshooting issues, or hands-on time that plagues the traditional systems that many vets use today. The endless possibilities unlocked by this machine resulted in the team providing it with the tagline, “more testing, higher profit, less work”, which aptly and succinctly describes this unique and multifunctional system. Excitingly, the team at MicroVet Diagnostics announce that Alpha Ion will be ready to go later this year, sometime in Q4 to be as Mar24062 Top 10 Innovators 2024