Q2 2024

May21135 Innovation in Business- Q2 2024 | 18 Jonathan Stringer is an award-winning freelance SEO consultant. His mission is to provide sustainable growth and help each business reach new audiences, acting strategically according to in-depth analysis. STRINGERSEO collaborates with business leaders, marketing, and product teams to deliver goal-oriented SEO that integrates seamlessly with brand identity. STRINGERSEO is driven by Jonathan’s passion for helping businesses thrive. He takes great satisfaction in providing highly effective, award-winning service, and the work speaks for itself. Numerous case studies prove the effectiveness of Jonathan’s campaigns and his consistent dedication to client satisfaction. eBay Sneaker Releases Platform STRINGERSEO launched the eBay sneaker releases platform in the USA as a proof of concept for future content development. From the end of May 2023, this drove a 5x increase in organic traffic. The client went on to call Jonathan a “talented SEO professional,” praising him for being “a great team player, reliable, and highly skilled in his craft.” This all culminated in a glowing recommendation, lauding Jonathan for being a “valuable addition to any SEO team.” SEO Consultancy for PHIN.org.uk Jonathan optimised content for audiences searching for private healthcare information, managing to grow organic traffic month-on-month by an average rate of 10% in 2022 alone. In 2023, Jonathan improved user experience metrics and grew traffic by 18% in the first quarter of the following year. According to the client, Jonathan “took a methodological and detailed approach and was always led by data.” STRINGERSEO’s transparency helped the business going forward, strengthening their understanding of SEO strategy. “Rather than leave us with a broad, woolly set of recommendations, he worked with us to develop clear, detailed, and actionable fixes.” Achieving Record Viewership for Dexerto.com Thanks to STRINGERSEO, online entertainment publication Dexerto increased Google search performance by 22%, leading to an unprecedented audience boost leading up to Black Friday. The client spoke highly of Jonathan’s “depth of understanding when it comes to SEO,” calling it “astonishing,” and appreciated that he “takes the time to explain why and how he’s doing things so that you can implement them in the future.” As technology evolves, the challenge of earning the right online exposure evolves in kind. Google’s focus on returning highquality content and user experiences from searches demands an ever-keener understanding of just what makes SEO work. At STRINGERSEO, Jonathan meets this challenge by analysing data, monitoring how algorithms change, and interpreting their impact on clients’ websites. By observing these trends, he stays well ahead of the curve. By employing technical audits, content gap analysis, and online reputation evaluation, Jonathan maintains a current, relevant, and effective strategy. He also regularly attends industry conferences and maintains contact with a network of SEO professionals, using every resource necessary to retain his market edge and meet clients’ rapidly changing needs. “This ensures I can deliver future-proof SEO solutions for my clients.” However, the company’s success is not solely down to technical expertise; Jonathan fosters an environment of collaboration, sharing ideas, and encouraging clients to provide their own. Jonathan understands that maintaining an open line of communication is key to client satisfaction and allows for SEO solutions tailored to their unique requirements. He places emphasis on setting measurable objectives, celebrating success as a team, and working towards collective success. In the years to come, Jonathan plans to expand STRINGERSEO by forming a team of talented SEO specialists. He is dedicated to creating a collaborative learning environment in which a team works towards cutting-edge solutions to build brands and improve traffic to their websites. Jonathan is just as committed to improving the broader SEO community as he is to his clients, and this shines through in the quality of his work. STRINGERSEO is all about growth, learning, and embracing challenge. To Jonathan, good business is about celebrating wins, however large or small, and enjoying the journey, not solely looking ahead to the destination. As STRINGERSEO grows, Jonathan intends to take whatever may come in stride, always striving for the best work possible, and looks forward to delivering excellent SEO solutions and growing his record of satisfied clients. Contact: Jonathan Stringer Company: STRINGERSEO Limited Web Address: https://stringerseo.co.uk Your Golden Ticket to Website Traffic Through bespoke SEO consulting, Jonathan Stringer provides businesses the recognition they strive for. By collaborating with teams across many brands, his company empowers businesses to take control of their online presence. For SEO development, and a transparent service aligned with your business goals, look no further than STRINGERSEO. Mar24247 Top 10 Innovators 2024