Q2 2024

Innovation in Business- Q2 2024 | 17 The Future of Education Based in Tokyo, Coolied is an innovative education IT developer dedicated to eliminating education and labour problems through the power of IT. By leveraging the latest cutting-edge technology, Coolied strives to combat disparity in education and turn the challenges of today into tomorrow’s opportunities. In recent years, Japan has experienced educational disparity as a result of various socioeconomic factors and a cycle of inequality. With the working population declining due to decreasing birthrate and an aging population, there is concern that these issues will continue to increase. Coolied was born out of a desire to eliminate the education gap and find solutions to labour problems through IT and education. Coolied provides a one-stop solution for problem solving with a range of innovative tools and services to help school staff support high school students’ learning. As an education IT developer, the company utilises AI technology to create e-learning and learning management systems (LMS) designed to improve efficiency in schools. From IT support services to education aids and content creation services, Coolied is dedicated to enhancing technical services for the next generation. Furthermore, Coolied is an innovator of multiple IT systems and content for some of Japan’s most renowned semiconductor manufacturers, office automation equipment manufacturers, and manufacturing companies. Coolied strives to stay one step ahead of the competition by adopting the latest technological advancements and providing unparalleled value to its customers. Yasuki Onozaki, CEO of Coolied, says, “The evolution of AI and the metaverse is truly rapid. However, at Coolied, we feel that we must keep up with this speed and constantly stay at the forefront of technology. To achieve this, we have collaborations with universities and actively participate in academic societies and seminars. We share the information we gather through chat tools with all our staff members immediately.” Before commencing a new project, the Coolied team begins by defining the problem it must solve before moving on to how to overcome it. The developer is dedicated to solving clients’ unique challenges with innovative technological solutions that can offer consumers exactly what they need. On a recent project, Coolied developed and implemented an in-house Generative AI system ‘Coolied-AI-5’ and Educational and School Affairs ICT system. The satisfied client shares, “By utilising Coolied-AI-5 for creating test questions, providing answer advice, and generating ideas for school events, we were able to shorten the time required by more than 50%. Through the adoption of the School Affairs ICT system that streamlines communication between school and home as well as document distribution, we achieved a cost reduction of over 30%.” In addition to implementing top-level technology, Coolied also strives to contribute towards a sustainable society. To achieve this goal, the company empowers its internal staff members to become speakers and conduct webinars on topics related to sustainability. This approach helps Coolied to align the team with its objectives and achieve continuous success. Looking to the future, Coolied has plans to develop an educational IT product that will maximise the benefits of AI and the metaverse. By leveraging the strengths of these two advanced technologies, the company will create a unique product to stand out in the competitive market. From constructing metaverse systems for education to using AI to minimise the burden on teachers, Coolied is a futureforward company on a mission to take its digital technologies worldwide. The pioneering company will continue to create and implement the latest innovations to meet the evolving needs of its clients and future generations. Recognised as a Top 10 Innovator of 2024, Coolied is dedicated to transforming the future of learning with leading-edge technologies that will revolutionise the educational landscape. Contact: Yasuki Onozaki (CEO) Company: Coolied, Inc. Web Address: https://coolied.co.jp/en/ Apr24105 Top 10 Innovators 2024