Q2 2024

Innovation in Business- Q2 2024 | 16 Save a Life from Your Pocket For far too long, the fear and panic surrounding using a defibrillator has deterred the general populace from stepping in whenever someone has gone into cardiac arrest in a public space. After all, they don’t have the training, and there’s a very real possibility that they could make everything even worse. As a result, less than 1% of heart attack victims who have collapsed in a public space have survived – a gut wrenching statistic that opened the eyes of none other than CardioThrive. Responding to this heartbreaking truth, CardioThrive took it upon itself to generate a solution, and has now positioned itself as a manufacturer of the world’s first ultra-portable, single use, pocket sized, and fully automatic defibrillator. Dubbed the ‘PocketDefib’, this ingenious little piece of tech is an automated emergency defibrillator that’s far easier to use than any of its rivals. Able to deliver a therapeutic shock to any victim of cardiac arrest in less than twenty seconds, the device allows users to act quickly and without concern. Not only does it not demand any assembly whatsoever, but the PocketDefib requires no additional button inputs, meaning that individuals need only unwrap it, pull the paddles apart, and press it onto the victim’s chest. From there, the PocketDefib will do all the work – something that no other AED on the market can achieve to such a seamless extent. However, to explain just how the PocketDefib manages such a feat, we believe it best to let CardioThrive map out the statistics – “Our patented design and Multi-phasic waveform technology will allow our PocketDefib to deliver a therapeutic shock at only 23 joules of energy. All other AEDs use a standard bi-phasic waveform that delivers approximately 140 joules of energy. This is a significant difference. This means that our PocketDefib will be the first external defibrillator that can be used interchangeably on adults, children, or small pets without any required adjustment to the energy output.” This, in itself, demonstrates just how revolutionary the PocketDefib promises to be, with CardioThrive’s exceptional eye for innovation driving the ambitious trialling of what could potentially become a staple across various public settings. Though still under development – and awaiting regulatory approval for commercialisation – the PocketDefib is an inventive, accessible solution to a pressing issue that has yet to be addressed to such a detailed extent. No longer will individuals have to fret about not being able to help in dire circumstances; thanks to CardioThrive, using a defibrillator will be far easier than ever before. And with such universal application potential, it’s little wonder that the medical sphere is eagerly anticipating the approval of this pocket-sized lifesaver. CardioThrive is truly frontrunning the charge toward the future of cardiac arrest care, and the PocketDefib marks just one of the ways in which it’s influencing such a dramatic shift. Let us set the scene – You’re out spending a delightful evening with your friends, enjoying a round of drinks and a selection of snacks. Then, suddenly, somebody from the table behind you collapses, and it doesn’t take you long to recognise the signs of cardiac arrest. You need to act – to find a defibrillator, figure out how to operate it, and use it to try and save this person’s life – only to discover that the establishment doesn’t even own a defibrillator. Situations such as these are all too common, but there are those who are hoping to bring an end to them once and for all. CardioThrive is one such collective, whose innovative ideas hold the potential to save lives on a massive scale. Innovation in Business is deeply passionate about uplifting those who are leveraging their vision for the future to create revolutionary solutions to age old problems. CardioThrive is no different, with the manufacturing and highly anticipated approval of the PocketDefib standing as one of the industry’s greatest achievements to date. It’s for this very reason that we’re beyond proud to include CardioThrive in our Top 10 feature, and we wish it all the best in the PocketDefib’s regulatory approval process. Contact: Shelley Savage Company: CardioThrive, Inc. Web Address: https://cardiothrive.com/ Mar24005 Top 10 Innovators 2024