Q2 2024

Innovation in Business- Q2 2024 | 20 Digital Masterminds Boosting Business Performance Zaibr Innovations is an AI consulting firm that specialises in providing advanced digital solutions to increase the audiences of its clients. The company has streamlined its performance marketing strategy to help businesses increase their audience. As one of our Top 10 Innovators 2024, we delve into the groundbreaking techniques guaranteed to boost your business into success. Through innovative marketing techniques, Zaibr Innovations promises to take businesses to the next level and expand their reach of the market. The company provides clients with tailored marketing plans that target specific areas of improvement and directly reflect the needs of each business. From social media management and email marketing, to search engine advertising and optimization, Zaibr Innovations provides an all-encompassing service that addresses every element of successful marketing. The company ingeniously implements artificial intelligence programs to effectively create, plan, and distribute content so that the team can focus on developing marketing strategies for its clients. The company has broken down its winning methodology into three sections – innovation, strategy, and growth. Clients can work alongside the Innovation Studio, the Strategy Lab, or the Growth Hub, depending on their business requirements. The teams are comprised of industry experts dedicated to helping businesses boost their performance through developed marketing strategies. One of Zaibr Innovations’ more unique services is the SEO Sprint. The company has developed the ideal combination of strategy and technology to take search engine optimisation to the next level. The SEO Sprint can take between 4-12 weeks and can be performed multiple times per year to ensure that the strategy remains current with the ever-changing landscape of search engines. The SEO Sprint brings higher sales, improved visibility, and more relevant traffic being directed to the website. Not only does Zaibr Innovations provide excellent marketing strategies, but the agency also offers web development assistance for clients looking to improve their digital reach. The company notes that the internet is becoming increasingly prominent in consumer behaviour and company websites must be developed to account for this shift. It handles both the frontend and backend of websites for its clients, though the company’s main strength lies in the development of the frontend. It provides support across a range of web development techniques such as cross-platform and e-commerce development, UI and UX design assistance, and the development and programming of web applications. Every business has its own unique requirements regarding the management of their websites due to having their own methods of operation and target audience. Zaibr Innovations has developed its services to offer custom content management systems that are tailored to suit each of its client’s website needs. The systems have been designed so that they are userfriendly, offering clients an efficient and secure method in which they can manage their website. The company supports many programming languages, frameworks, and libraries in the field of web development that help Zaibr Innovations provide top-notch solutions to its client. Frameworks assist in building web applications more efficiently by providing templates of pre-written codes that developers can build upon to form their own applications. Zaibr Innovations utilises frameworks such as Django, Laravel, Node.js, Vue.js, Symfony, and AngularJS. Additionally, Zaibr Innovations offers clients its own AI products that have been designed to transform any business into one of success. The company has developed MivozOPT, a tool to enhance audio and remove background noises; MivozTTS, a text-to-speech tool that generates a synthetic voice to bring life to your content; MivozSTT, a speech-to-text tool that accurately transcribes audio data and provides timestamped subtitles that synchronize text and audio; and MivozNEWS, a custom news dashboard that tailors its content to match the interests of the user. What’s more, the company has also implemented a multi-language chatbot tool entitled MivosTALK that has been designed to display a personality and adapt to the stylings of each company. These innovative AI tools will be paramount in bridging the gap between company and client and will allow businesses to focus their time on expansion and development. Ultimately, Zaibr Innovations has cracked the code in helping businesses reach their full potential through a combination of marketing prowess and AI specialism. The company has demonstrated exactly why Zaibr Innovations is a leader when it comes to digital marketing. We eagerly anticipate the upcoming year of digital advancement for Zaibr Innovations. If you would like to boost the digital performance of your business or want to keep up with the latest developments in AI marketing, visit Zaibr Innovations’ website now. Company: Zaibr Innovations GmbH Web Address: www.zaibr.com Mar24231 Top 10 Innovators 2024