Q2 2024

Innovation in Business- Q2 2024 | 13 Revolutionizing Commercial Real Estate: The Power of Data Ownership and Digital Infrastructure Celebrated as one of our Top 10 Innovators 2024, OpticWise stands at the forefront of commercial real estate (CRE), with a sharp focus on multi-tenant office buildings and multi-family residential properties. By pioneering significant transformation in data and digital infrastructure ownership, OpticWise’s expertise lies in transforming these assets into strategic tools that streamline operations, enhance tenant satisfaction, and generate additional income for property owners. We catch up with veteran CEO Bill Douglas for more In today’s competitive real estate market, owning and controlling property data & digital infrastructure is crucial for success. OpticWise recognizes that disconnected technology and fragmented systems often leave property owners entangled in inefficient operational models, stripping them of control over their crucial data. This not only stifles progress and innovation but also erodes competitive advantage, leaving owners frustrated. OpticWise’s core mission is to empower CRE owners by ensuring they have full ownership and control over their property data and digital infrastructure. True data ownership paves the way for actionable insights that optimize operations, reduce costs, and enhances income. Data-driven insights facilitate informed decisions about amenities, services, operational efficiencies, and technology investments while elevating the tenant experience to unmatched levels. Property systems and data should empower CRE owners’ ambitions, not obstruct them. As CEO Bill Douglas explains, “Imagine a world where connectivity, systems, and data infrastructure are seamlessly integrated – where property owners harness vast amounts of data and have the potential to garner insights to optimize operations, forecast tends and maximize returns. In addition, tenants and property management personnel enjoy uninterrupted connectivity throughout the property, elevating the tenant experience while the property owner increases Net Operating Income (NOI). This is the reality that OpticWise is creating.” The cornerstone of our vision is providing CRE owners with complete ownership of their digital infrastructure and the collection, storage, security, and ownership of the data it generates. This means no more relinquishing their data rights to external vendors, platforms, and systems. As the industry evolves, the leaders will be those who effectively leverage digital infrastructure and data to their advantage. With OpticWise, property owners command every aspect of their property’s connectivity and data, shaping their digital environment to align seamlessly with strategic goals, and redefine what it means to be a data-driven and empowered property owner. It is the combination of many defining factors that results in OpticWise standing out from the competition. These elements all contribute to the company’s famed futureproof connectivity, underpinned by the power of the human touch. From a seamless onboarding process to customizing services to meet a property’s specific needs, OpticWise preserves the unique identity of a property while safeguarding client data, ensuring property operations staff, and tenants wholly trust the systems in place. Beyond its offerings to clients, OpticWise boasts an exemplary internal culture that contributes to its lasting success. Collaboration and teamwork foster a vibrant and inclusive work environment, attracting and retaining top-tier industry talent. CEO Bill Douglas notes, “Our company culture isn’t just a set of ideals – it’s a genuine reflection of our brand’s ethos and all that we hold dear.” Looking ahead, OpticWise is confident it will continue to carve out a niche in shaping the future of CRE, setting new standards in data & privacy as well as property technology and in-building connectivity. This vision extends beyond technological advancements, aiming to redefine management and connectivity, transforming properties into intelligent, efficient, and sustainable spaces. Through an ongoing dedication to research, development, and collaboration, OpticWise is pushing the boundaries of what is possible, transforming properties from simple structures into thriving entities that stand as beacons of endless possibility. Contact: Bill Douglas Company: OpticWise Web Address: https://www.OpticWise.com Top 10 Innovators 2024