Q2 2024

May21135 Innovation in Business- Q2 2024 | 14 Market Demand Ever-rising healthcare costs are driven by the increasing prevalence of chronic diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer, which require ongoing treatment. There are two key problems which lead to deteriorating health outcomes and increased strain on hospital resources: Firstly, there is a lack of adherence to treatment plans, largely due to patients’ anxieties, legitimate concerns, and lack of understanding. Physicians should allay patients’ fears and concerns and help them make fully informed decisions about their own treatment, but they struggle to do this due to limited personnel. Secondly, outpatients are vulnerable to decline after discharge, but healthcare teams lack the information and systems needed to intervene in a timely manner. Inavya has developed Avatr Agentic AI to meet this growing market demand. Agentic AI refers to software systems that perform tasks, make decisions, and interact with their environment. Agentic AI for outpatients The Avatr patient conversation agent can converse with patients to help them with their healthcare tasks and improve health literacy. This builds patient confidence and increases adherence. The conversation agent provides illustrated and video answers based on the outpatient’s immediate concerns, current health status and care protocol set by the hospital. An agentic approach means that different specialist modules can support the conversation agent, with tools such as database query and tasks such as retrieving information, ensuring that all outpatient interactions are aligned with hospital best-practice and clinical data safety standards. With support from the British government and Microsoft, Inavya has developed AI services to support healthcare providers. Agentic AI for clinicians and researchers Healthcare providers and pharmaceutical R&D companies can streamline their operations with Avatr multidisciplinary teams of AI agents. Saving time and money, these teams automate workflows and enable improved decision-making. Innovation-led Impact Benefiting from early investment by Deepbridge Capital, Inavya has a North Star focus on transforming healthcare through innovation excellence and strategic partnerships. “Inavya’s strategic alliance with HealthSum scales personalised healthcare globally. HealthSum’s AIdriven edge computing and distributed cloud platform delivers a micro cloud architecture, optimising Inavya application tools at the edge.” - Nigel Green, COO of HealthSum AS, Oslo. Celebrating these achievements, Inavya is recognised as one of our Top 10 Innovators of 2024. Contact Details Company: Inavya Ventures Ltd Web Address: https://www.avatr.ai/ Avatr - Revolutionising Healthcare Inavya is a global AI healthcare innovator based in London. Inavya’s pioneering Avatr Agentic AI system is designed to transform healthcare and pharmaceutical research. Recognised as a Top 10 Innovator of 2024, Inavya has a mission to deliver health impacts globally. Feb24678 Top 10 Innovators 2024