Q2 2024

Innovation in Business- Q2 2024 | 12 The Beating Heart of Cardiac Device Development Specifically focused on developing disruptive, low-risk, and affordable implants for individuals suffering from resistant hypertension and heart failure, QHeart Medical has dedicated its efforts to serving a demographic of individuals who have no effective treatments. Their revolutionary approach to treating aortic stiffness are termed Aortic Recoil Repair implants, these devices essentially help to restore the expansion and contraction of the aorta, whose stiffness is primarily associated with hypertension and heart failure. These two conditions are major global health problems that are not effectively managed and left untreated cause a major reduction in quality of life, have a huge economic cost, and have an alarmingly high mortality rate. Founded by a selfless group of professionals who were determined to develop affordable cardiac implants, QHeart Medical is an innovative entity that promises to alleviate the strain placed on those with unserved heart conditions. Seeking to provide tangible treatments for resistant hypertension and heart failure, the group has developed two very innovative medical device implants to improve quality of life of millions of unserved patients worldwide. Join us as we explore how, in its pursuit of further brilliance, QHeart Medical has earned itself a place in Innovation in Business’s Top 10 feature. Thankfully, QHeart Medical has turned its attention to these major unserved patients. In QHeart Medical’s own words – “Resistant Hypertension (RH) and Hypertensive Heart Failure (HHF) are major global health problems with high incidence rates of 20%-33% and 2%-3.5% of the population respectively. HHF and RH have a huge global cost (Heart Failure >US$100b/y, Hypertension >US$200b/y).” To drastically reduce these staggering numbers, the company has set itself on a mission to provide treatment for these ailments, ultimately enhancing the quality of life across these patient populations in an effective and affordable manner. However, while most medical devices require external power or control systems to function as intended, QHeart Medical’s low risk products instead utilise a more passive dampening system to harvest energy with each pump of a patient’s heart. In doing so, they’re able to drastically reduce systolic blood pressure, before releasing the energy back into the aorta to elevate blood flow to many of the body’s major organs. Put simply, QHeart Medical has developed a line of medical devices that are able to greatly improve the lives of their users, while simultaneously reducing the need for emergency hospital admissions, minimising medication and treatment costs, and granting access to cost effective, low risk therapy solutions that boast a competitive edge in terms of performance. On the topic of QHeart Medical’s Surgical Aortic Recoil Repair device, the collective shared some fascinating statistics with us – “QHeart’s Surgical Aortic Recoil Repair (SARR) device is an ideal adjunct to around 700,000 scheduled open chest procedures per year in Europe and North America, and is indicated for use on 60% of these patients. Pilot first-in-man clinical testing of the SARR implant showed a Major Improvement in Blood Volume Pumped from the Heart: 25% to 29% improvement in cardiac output (CO), and a 21% to 41% increase in stroke volume (SV)”. Truly, QHeart Medical is on a path to having a significant impact on the world of cardiac medical devices, and it seems as though this is only the beginning. With exciting plans in place to develop a non-surgical device – otherwise known as the Transcatheter Aortic Recoil Repair (TARR) – that’s designed to be inserted via standard vascular access techniques, QHeart Medical certainly has a fascinating year ahead. QHeart Medical’s innovation clearly knows no bounds, and it’s leveraging its exceptional insights to create meaningful solutions that are sure to become a staple in medical practises in the near future. As such, Innovation in Business is proud to include QHeart Medical in our Top 10 feature, and we eagerly anticipate the next stage of this ambitious collective’s journey. Contact: Peter Walsh Company: QHeart Medical Web Address: https://qheartmedical.com/index.html Mar24063 Top 10 Innovators 2024