Q2 2024

Innovation in Business- Q2 2024 | 11 Cultivating a Sustainable Future sense of responsibility to the planet and future generations. We align our goals through a shared commitment to creating technologies that enable our clients to not only succeed in business but also contribute to a more sustainable world. Regular engagement and transparent communication ensure that our team remains united in our mission.” Within its team, Ever.Ag has fostered a culture that is rooted in a shared passion for sustainability and a firm belief that technology can change the world for the better. This steadfast conviction not only drives innovation but also allows the company to attract and retain some of the industry’s top talent. It is this collective vision that propels Ever.Ag towards a promising and ambitious future. Moving forward, Ever.Ag is committed to helping customers turn today’s challenges into tomorrow’s opportunities. The future at Ever.Ag looks bright with plans to expand its R&D to explore how AI can further reduce greenhouse gas emissions across the supply chain. Furthermore, the company is planning initiatives to promote global access to its technology with a focus on developing regions where it can have the most impact on food security and sustainable development. With its sustainably driven innovations, Ever. Ag offers much more than tools for today, providing customers with investments in an equitable future. Ever.Ag’s indispensable software and services reflect the company’s ongoing commitment to innovate in nurturing ways. Named as one of the Top 10 Innovators of 2024, Ever.Ag develops empowering solutions designed to feed a growing world and preserve the plant for future generations. We cannot wait to see how Ever.Ag will continue to harness the power of AI and data science to revolutionise the global food supply chain and create a sustainable future. Contact Details Contact: Leslie Poston Company: Ever.Ag Data Labs Web Address: https://www.ever.ag/ Top 10 Innovators 2024