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Innovation in Business is devoted to offering insight and features from across the global business landscape. This quarterly magazine is committed to bringing you updates on the digital world and all that it encompasses in this age of sophisticated technology. Making our way through the first quarter of 2024, we have our eye on the biggest tech trends for businesses this year, with these set to include VoIP telephone systems, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity. VoIP looks to be one of the biggest changes, with traditional landlines that rely on a copper line being replaced by internet-based telephone systems in 2025 in the UK. For businesses, this will reshape communication, with cost and time savings, smooth calls, and mobility for calls between different devices. Delays are expected for moving telephone numbers in 2025, so it’s important that this is on the priority list. Meanwhile, AI and VR technology will play a key part in boosting productivity, allowing virtual collaboration, and enabling growth through data-lead predictions. Further, to secure all their digital assets, businesses will be bolstering their cybersecurity, utilising AI to detect new threats and access better data privacy solutions. With all this in mind, in this issue, we look to those businesses who are innovating within their spaces and welcoming technological advances with open arms. We explore businesses specialising in cloud technology, accounting software, projection technology, and even helicopter flight control systems. We hope you find this issue to be insightful and look forward to welcoming you back again soon for our Q2 issue. Rebecca Scotland, Editor | www.innovationinbusiness.com Welcome to the Q1 issue of Innovation in Business magazine AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility. Editors Sofi Parry, Senior Editor | Rebecca Scotland, Editor |Izzy Mifsud, Writer | Emily Godbold, Writer | Matthew Wright, Writer | Joshua Beardsmore, Writer Designers Ali Mohammed, Junior Graphic Designer | Lauren Baldwin, Graphic Designer

Contents 4. News - Procede Software Makes Strategic Platform Move with Release of Android- Compatible Version of Its Industry-Leading Excede Barcode Scanning Solution - Stannah Group selects IFS Cloud to support ambitious growth and build agility 6. ZettaScale: Best Cloud-to-Device Continuum Platform 2024 8. Software GBS: Best SME Accounting Software Firm 2023 - Colombia 9. Creating Dynamic Displays for Faith-Based Organizations with Epson Projection Technology 10. Garmin adds IFR and 4-axis capability to GFC 600H helicopter flight control system

NEWS of the solution, Excede Barcode Scanning v3.0, for customers that prefer to continue using their existing Windows-based devices. Larry Kettler, CEO said, “Extending Excede Barcode Scanning capabilities to Android-compatible devices is a long-term, strategic platform move that will enable us to accelerate the pace of innovation and develop new features and enhancements that will help our customers go farther, faster.” Kettler continued, “Parts inventory management is such a critical area of dealership operations, and advancing our barcode scanning offering reflects our commitment to listening to our customers and delivering in ways Procede Software Makes Strategic Platform Move with Release of Android-Compatible Version of Its Industry-Leading Excede Barcode Scanning Solution The move to the Android-based platform is designed to advance the pace of innovation and development while providing dealerships with greater flexibility to choose the hardware device type that works best for their business. Procede Software, a leading heavy-duty commercial vehicle dealer management system (DMS) and solutions provider, announced the release of Excede® Barcode Scanning v4.0, which is compatible with Android-based barcode scanning devices. The move is designed to speed innovation and provide customers with a broader choice in the type of hardware they use. Procede will continue to support its Windows®-compatible version that have a tangible impact on their businesses.” Android is a leading operating system in the barcode scanning space. As an open-source development platform, it enables developers to modify the code in ways that enhance application performance and deliver better user experiences. Eric Fortin, Senior Vice President of Product, explains, “By making this move, we are bringing one of the most powerful consumer mobile experiences to our dealership customers. Not only will we be able to bring new advancements to market faster, but our customers will also benefit from superior performance and ease of use.” Excede Barcode Scanning increases the efficiency and accuracy of managing parts inventory by minimizing manual data entry, saving time, and reducing the opportunity for error. Users can receive new parts or manage existing parts wirelessly and in real time. The solution also identifies patterns of incorrect characters in barcodes and returns parts numbers Excede can recognize, which significantly streamlines the scanning process and further minimizes the opportunity for errors. To immediately begin taking advantage of Excede Barcode Scanning v4.0, please contact customersuccess@ procedesoftware.com.

IFS ERP, FSM, PSO and EAM software solutions will be rolled out to 2,500 users across 13 countries IFS, the global cloud enterprise software company, announced that UK-based independent lift business and stairlift manufacturer, Stannah Group, has purchased the cloud-based enterprise software platform, IFS Cloud, to support its global growth plans. Stannah has selected the full suite of IFS Cloud, including functionality for enterprise resource planning (ERP), field service management (FSM), planning and scheduling optimisation (PSO) and enterprise asset management (EAM). The agility enabled by having all this capability easily accessible on a single platform was key to its decision to purchase the IFS solution and reflects Stannah’s commitment to investing in its customers and employees by leveraging cuttingedge technology to deliver bestin-class experiences. The implementation of IFS Cloud will enable Stannah to replace an existing legacy system and 67 edge systems with a modern, integrated enterprise software solution tailored to streamline the company’s business processes and provide real-time visibility across departments to ensure its enterprise assets and field service operations remain agile. When fully rolled out, it will encompass over 2,500 users across 13 countries fostering collaboration on a truly global scale. The adoption of IFS Cloud aligns seamlessly with Stannah’s vision for continuous improvement and innovation through digital technology. IFS’s dedicated AIdriven PSO engine will streamline Stannah’s Field Service Operations by helping it improve first-time fix rates, implement cost-saving route planning, solve complex scheduling issues efficiently, and enhance customer experience. Using EAM and PSO in tandem will ensure Stannah is able to optimise asset uptime and maintenance time, creating operational agility. Jon Stannah, Group Managing Director at Stannah, said: “We were attracted not only by the range and depth of the IFS solution but also by the culture of the company. IFS has a rare combination of deep industry expertise and a global perspective. Yet, its key differentiator is its ability to meet and efficiently deliver innovative capabilities to support us in our core markets of manufacturing and field service management. By choosing IFS, we are investing in a partner that not only understands our industry challenges, but also the opportunities for us to grow and deliver value to our business as we scale and develop with a newfound agility.” IFS Cloud will also drive enhanced efficiencies and productivity for Stannah by enabling it to run a wide range of operational functions on a single platform with a single data model. Initially, these will comprise CRM, sales, planning, supply chain, manufacturing, human capital management, finance, asset and field service management. André Robberts, President, Southern and Western Europe and LATAM at IFS, said: “We are thrilled to partner with Stannah, a company that exemplifies innovation and commitment to quality in the accessibility sector. Our objective is to empower them with a robust, integrated ERP solution that not only enhances operational efficiency but also aligns with their growth and sustainability goals. We are confident that the adaptability and comprehensive capabilities of IFS Cloud, together with our expertise in industrial manufacturing, will prove crucial in enabling them to achieve their aims.” Stannah will also benefit from IFS Success Services, an engagement framework designed to create value and support customers in their experience lifecycle with IFS – from adoption and engagement to software support. Additionally, Stannah has invested in IFS Implementation Services, offered by IFS to its clients to assist them in implementing its software solutions. Stannah Group selects IFS Cloud to support ambitious growth and build agility

Best Cloud-to-Device Continuum Platform 2024 Founded in 2022, ZettaScale was created to bring the unconstrained freedom to communicate, compute, and store to every person and device. ZettaScale is currently the only company that can communicate across the cloud-to-device continumm while unifying data in movement, data at rest, and distributed computations. CEO Angelo Corsaro is a renowned expert on the Cloud-to-Thing Continuum and has leveraged his expertise to transform the landscape of distributed computing. Angelo and the team work hard to develop innovative communication technologies and provide users with groundbreaking solutions. Recognised in this year’s Technology CEO of the Year Awards, Angelo Corsaro is dedicated to leading the ZettaScale team as it strives to revolutionise the future of communication. The journey began in 2008 with Connected Boulevard, a project in France to build one of the world’s first smart cities. The team collaborated with other partners to develop a comprehensive system and repeated their success with the Smart Nation Singapore project and the Fog Platform project in Barcelona. In every project, teams were assigned the task of connecting a wide range of dissimilar technologies to allow data to flow end-to-end. This process was difficult and sometimes required communication from the data centre down to the microcontroller to make multiple computers work together. Without a technology capable of spanning across several networks and systems, designing a solution proved intricately complex. ZettaScale was established in 2022 to develop innovative communications technologies and Jan24134 protocols to overcome these technological challenges. Since its first project, the team has remained steadfast in its mission to bring the freedom to communicate, compute, and store to every human and machine. With Zetta Platform, its Cloud-to-Device Continuum Platform, users can run any combination of public and private infrastructure. The platform is based on the Eclipse Zenoh protocol, a rapidly growing data management technology designed by the ZettaScale team. The Zetta Platform supports decentralised communication, geo-distributed storages, and geo-distributed computations. Unlike centralised entities, such as Facebook and Google who collect data, decentralised communication allows users to reclaim their privacy and autonomy by dispersing data and communication networks across various nodes or services. Its objective is to reduce users’ reliance on centralised servers and provide a robust system for information exchange. Zetta Platform also supports geo-distributed storage, so data can stay closer to where it is produced. With its support of geo-distributed computations, applications can execute and communicate from anywhere without needing to configure static IP addresses on the cloud. These functions enable the data service to be resilient to zone and region failures in the cloud, providing an enhanced user experience. The ZettaScale team is comprised of a highly skilled workforce of over 50 employees, with Angelo Corsaro serving as both the company’s CEO and CTO. Its key technical staff are globally renowned for their expertise in their respective fields. Over half of ZettaScale’s engineers have a PhD and its management team boasts employees with more than a decade of experience leading software companies and business units. With a strong understanding of the sector, Mr. Corsaro is able to make informed decisions about future development and the company’s overall direction. To maintain ZettaScale’s success, the team has embraced emerging technologies and work towards a shared vision and value structure. They have a strong corporate identity and nurture a learning culture in order to remain at the forefront of technological advancement. Mr. Corsaro says, “Before embarking on a new venture, I try to understand as much as I can about the client/project goal and challenges. Then, I focus on what we can provide today and what we can provide tomorrow to address the client’s challenges and future innovation opportunities. In all engagements, we put the customer’s interest first; it is only through its success that we can build a long-term relationship. Building trust and respect is essential in our business since once adopted, our technologies tend to be deployed for decades. Thus, we try to build all

Innovation in Business- Q1 2024 | 7 Best Cloud-to-Device Continuum Platform 2024 our engagement on mutual respect, honesty, and commitment.” Since its inception, ZettaScale has discovered an increasing number of companies that cannot operate with the device-to-cloud model either due to latency, throughput, or energy consumption constraints. Although the company is relatively new, ZettaScale has the potential to revolutionise the future of data processing, storage, and communication across many industries and domains by removing constraints posed by outdated computing systems. Distributed computing is set to transform modern technology and ZettaScale strives to leverage these opportunities to overcome clients’ technological challenges. In 2022, ZettaScale secured a strategic investment from TTTech Auto to expand its product offerings in the automotive market. Zetta Auto was born from this collaboration. It aims to set a new standard for communication protocols that address the evolving needs of modern vehicular technology. The team is also collaborating with General Motors and Eclipse SDV to accelerate the development of software-defined vehicles and address the challenges of future vehicle generations through Eclipse Zenoh. As the autonomous vehicle industry moves forward, the requirement for efficient and scalable data exchange between vehicle components and external systems is essential. Angelo Corsaro shares, “We have been seeing convergence across industries, including the Internet of Things, robotics, AI, and autonomous vehicles for some time, but developers need new tools to be able to integrate these technological advances into real-world systems. Our partners in the automotive space bring an intense focus on safety and security and are the ideal allies to bring ZettaScale’s middleware products to the automotive market.” The ZettaScale team is proud of the progress it has made in technological development and adoption. The Zenoh protocol is now widely employed in R2X (robot-to-anything) communication and continues to expand into new markets. Under Mr. Corsaro’s expert leadership, ZettaScale strives for excellence, developing innovative communication technologies to efficiently and securely connect humans and devices. For his outstanding contributions to the Cloud-to-Thing Continuum, Angelo Corsaro has been honoured at this year’s Technology CEO of the Year Awards. Contact: Angelo Corsaro Company: ZettaScale Web Address: https://www.zettascale.tech/

Innovation in Business- Q1 2024 | 8 Best SME Accounting Software Firm 2023 - Colombia Software GBS is a global software house, with a presence in Colombia, Central America, and the southern states of the USA. It provides its customers with the education, technology, and consultation they need to plan and manage their business. According to the DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION IN LATIN AMERICA Report from the United States-based Atlantic Capital Fund, 80% of small businesses and state entities in Latin America still continue to manage their finances with spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel, instead of use ERP software in accordance with international financial information management standards (IFRS standards). This is the great challenge that the Latin American region has to compete for the future: make intensive and intelligent use of new information and communications technologies to improve the competitiveness of people, companies, and state entities. That is the purpose of GBS Software, says Pedro Sandoval, co-founder of the firm. Cristina Sandoval Cuadros, Commercial Manager of the firm, says, “In 2024, more than 1,100 municipalities in Colombia will appoint new local government leaders. 95% of government entities belong to the category of small businesses, are located in remote regions of the country, and do not have access to modern technologies to efficiently manage State resources.” Software GBS offers them the means to manage their businesses and the public financial resources that the state provides for the benefit of communities. Appropriate technology and education are essential for the survival of new companies and for transparent management of state resources. That is the purpose of GBS Software: to help entrepreneurs and administrators of Latin American public entities to succeed and contribute to the digital transformation of small government entities. Armando Angarita Arias, Customer Service Manager of the firm, states, “This is the reality that we want to change: contribute to the digital transformation in Colombia and Latin America, facilitating access to technologies such as high-quality ERP Software accessible to everyone. In fact, we have started a DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION PROGRAM with the National Government in Colombia that has been very successful reaching remote regions with our Software GBS technology.” Software GBS’s main product is an accounting and managerial software that has obtained global quality certifications by Microsoft. Software GBS has been acclaimed by the Presidency of Colombia as an innovator of software, and it has been recognised by the Colombian Institute of Sciences (COLCIENCIAS), the IT Ministry of Colombia, and the Chamber of Commerce. When working with companies and integrating their software, it is key that education comes first for the technology house. Software GBS clients receive thorough education in the management of their small businesses Software GBS is a software house that has made it its mission since 2001 to help organise, control, and grow small businesses and small government entities in remote regions of the country, including municipal mayors, schools, public water supply companies, and hospitals in Hispanic America. The firm provides management and technology training, information systems, and consultation to help get new ventures off the ground and become successful. in order to understand the importance of strategy. They are shown how to craft and implement a strategic plan, measure the results, and make more informed decisions based on information gathered by the management system. With this education, clients are able to make full use of Software GBS’s technology solutions. The software gives them the tools they need to keep their business organised, manage information, make critical decisions, and automate daily tasks. Often, the clients do not have access to good internet connections or modern computers, and their budget investing in technology is limited. Software GBS is able to work around this and make their solutions as available as possible, ensuring that it works for each and every client. At all stages of adoption, Software GBS augments its technology with its team acting as consultants. Simply handing over state-of-the-art technology will not help enhance a company’s growth. Software GBS makes sure its clients know how to best implement the technology to grow their business. Software GBS’s mission is comprised of these three pillars: Education, Technology, and Consultancy. It’s a mission it plans to extend to more and more companies. Digital transformation Software GBS has designed a strategy that consists of delivering a technological package that includes accounting software, training, and technical assistance for a period of six months, free of charge, in order to help in the modernization of small businesses and state entities in Colombia. The campaign has reached 250 of the 1,120 municipalities in the country and the goal in three years is to reach 100%, benefiting small businesses and small government entities in remote regions of the country, including municipal mayoralties, schools, public water supply companies, and hospitals. Software GBS’s niche of aiding small businesses and supplying them with the tools and education needed to thrive is admirable and effective. Over its 22 years since inception, it has managed to help many family businesses across Central America who may otherwise have struggled in the economy. Contact: Pedro Sandoval Company: Software GBS Website: www.softwaregbs.co Jan24600 Software GBS: Leading the digital transformation in Colombia

Innovation in Business- Q1 2024 | 9 Creating Dynamic Displays for Faith-Based Organizations with Epson Projection Technology The demand for immersive and engaging experiences is on the rise in faith-based settings as it is across today’s live events, schools and consumer attractions. The good news – these experiences are more attainable today than ever with recent technology advancements and cost-efficient solutions. Oftentimes faith-based organizations are working within limited budgets and projectors are an affordable display solution for bringing big, bright, vivid images to churches, lecture halls, temples, and other places of worship. To help faith-based organizations get started, Epson has launched a new webpage that includes resources dedicated to assisting the faith-based community in selecting the right projector solutions for their space and provide support long after installation. Providing end-users with access to special pricing, Epson also introduced the Faith-Based Organization Projector Pricing Program to help make the most out of their technology budget. Additionally, the program offers assistance in connecting faith-based organizations to dealers and distributors in their area and online training and resources. Visit the new webpage to view available resources and download a copy of the special program pricing. “Projectors are powerful visual tools with the flexibility to enhance almost any space across worship facilities and illuminate services with captivating visuals,” said Gavin Downey, group product manager, large venue projectors, Epson America, Inc. “Whether displaying song lyrics and sermon outlines, videos and stills with important information, or movies during Sunday school, projectors offer versatile imagery at an affordable cost to help breathe new life into gathering places. There is power that comes with being fully present during worship and Epson is committed to providing immersive experiences that make that kind of presence possible.” With an extensive range of projectors available, from portable to interchangeable lens options with up to 30,000 lumens1 and various key features, the following are a few things to consider when looking for the right solutions to fit your faith-based display needs. • Consider the Room: Using the industrystandard brightness measurement of lumens, today’s projectors offer an extensive range of options. When determining the number of lumens needed, three key factors come into play – the size of the room, the size of the display and how much light is present while projectors are in use. You also don’t want to go too bright in a smaller space, as this might impact the experience for attendees if the brightness is too overwhelming. Epson’s projector lineup offers an extensive range of lumen levels with 3-chip, 3LCD technology to deliver crisp image quality and outstanding color brightness in virtually any lighting environment. Epson’s throw distance calculator has a brightness and contrast guide to pick the best projector for the space and its lighting conditions. • Content Matters: The type of content that will be displayed is also an important element when deciding the best projector solution for your space. In rooms with higher ambient lighting conditions or larger screens, depending on where the audience is viewing content from, higher resolution and color light output will play an important role. If projectors are going to be used for more simple presentations, perhaps in worship center classrooms, choosing a lower resolution and lower lumen option would be appropriate. The ease of content design and management is also an important factor to consider. Some projectors today offer built-in creative tools and easy-to-use apps for seamless content swapping and to help empower creativity – even for the less tech savvy. Plus, free software tools allow for control and management of multiple projectors and today’s edge blending and image stacking can be automated with built-in advanced features and optional accessories such as the attachable PixAlign™ camera. • Aesthetics and Ambiance: In today’s diverse and varied faith-based settings where a smaller church structure may play an important role in the overall tranquility of services, or a larger warehouse provides a gathering space with louder, upbeat services, it’s important for display technology to be adaptable and flexible across different environments. Projectors can easily blend into virtually any room and project onto a wall, screen or 3D object. And unlike bulky flat panels and LED walls that are most often permanently installed or inconvenient to move, projectors allow users to regain space when not in use. From portable powerhouses to stateof-the-art models capable of ultra-large, experiential displays, projectors offer a simple display solution with the capability to easily customize and configure display aspect ratio and display size settings to accommodate different worship venues and content. • Low Maintenance and Adaptability: Keeping budget in mind, the ability to adapt and withstand various space conditions over time with less maintenance is important for display technology. Projection provides an affordable portable solution that can be moved and used within different rooms or spaces, rather than being bound by a frame. In recent years, the shift to laser technology and more compact solutions, along with easier installation and swappable lens options, have impacted the projector market. Projectors today are designed to be more adaptable across different spaces and built with professional-grade reliability to provide peace of mind knowing the projector won’t disrupt services or leave anyone in the dark. Engineered for seamless integration into various infrastructures to function exactly how – and when – needed, Epson’s extensive lineup of affordable and reliable projectors are designed to help communicate congregations and elevate services in today’s faith-based settings. Powered by state-of-the-art 3-chip, 3LCD technology, Epson projectors deliver crisp image quality and amazing color brightness to engage everyone in the room. Built-in user-friendly tools, free software and an extensive lineup of optional lenses and accessories also make installation and setup much easier and manageable, and users never have to change a bulb again with the Epson laser projectors’ 20,000 hour, virtually maintenancefree laser light source.2 Offering peace-of-mind ownership with top-quality customer service, learn more about Epson solutions for churches at https://epson.com/church-projectors. Dec22426

May21135 Innovation in Business- Q1 2024 | 10 Garmin (NYSE: GRMN) today announced the GFC™ 600H Helicopter Flight Control System is now available in an IFR configuration with a Stability Augmentation System (SAS). This configuration includes collective control, bringing 4-axis capability to the GFC 600H system for the first time. Leonardo Helicopters’ AW109 Trekker is the first platform to incorporate the GFC 600H with IFR and collective axis capabilities, providing operators with an advanced flight control solution that reduces pilot workload and improves mission effectiveness. “We are very excited to now offer a 4-axis, IFR flight control system for the helicopter market. This technology will provide IFR operators with advanced automated flight capabilities and bring added protections to one of the most challenging flight categories in aviation. We’re confident AW109 Trekker operators will be impressed with the performance of GFC 600H.” –Carl Wolf, Garmin Vice President of Aviation Sales and Marketing The GFC 600H features a console-mounted mode controller with push-button controls and a night vision goggle (NVG) compatible display. Digitally controlled, high-performance servos and new Garmin developed linear actuators allow for faster, crisper, more powerful responses – enabling the GFC 600H to perform with smooth handling throughout the flight envelope. Autopilot modes supported include altitude acquire, altitude hold, approach auto-level, radar height hold, as well as vertical speed, indicated airspeed, heading select, attitude hold, and more. Using navigation system inputs, GFC 600H can also fly various approach types. IFR capable with Stability Augmentation The IFR configuration of the GFC 600H consists of a GMC 605H mode controller, GFS 83 smart servos in each of the four axes, and three GLA 85 smart linear actuators (pitch/roll/yaw) resulting in a reliable digital system that is lightweight, yet rich in features. Unlike traditional IFR helicopter flight control systems, the GFC 600H uniquely leverages its smart servos to eliminate the need for dual linear actuators in each axis along with flight control computers – resulting in a digital system that is lightweight and cost-effective while still the providing redundancy required for IFR flight. The GFC 600H SAS functionality improves the helicopter’s basic flying characteristics throughout the flight envelope, as well as enhancing pilot handling and precision. Using the smart linear actuators, the GFC 600H provides rate damping without moving the cyclic, providing a highly capable SAS solution for operators. Collective control In addition to pitch, roll and yaw axis control, the GFC 600H can now control the collective. Power management enables additional functions that can enhance safety and reduce pilot workload. For example, GFC 600H can allow a pilot to cruise, transition to hover, and hover, all completely hands-off. New safety features available with 4th axis include low height protection and power limiting. Low height protection can help prevent controlled descent into terrain by automatically raising the collective to reduce descending vertical speed. Power limiting can keep engine parameters below maximum limits by lowering the collective, in order to prevent engine exceedances. Proven, robust capabilities The new capabilities in the IFR configuration of GFC 600H expand a portfolio of previously certified features in the VFR configuration of GFC 600H available for AS350 and Bell 505 helicopters1. Safety tools such as Garmin’s Helicopter Electronic Stability and Protection (H-ESP™) to help the pilot remain within a safe flight envelope when hand-flying the helicopter. A dedicated LVL button can be engaged by the pilot to return to straight-and-level flight, helping to avoid potential disorientation in degraded visual environments (DVE) or inadvertent entry into instrument meteorological conditions (IMC). The IFR configuration of the GFC 600H flight control system has received European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) approval on the AW109 Trekker helicopter. FAA approval is expected later. To learn more, visit garmin.com/GFC600H. Garmin products and services have revolutionized flight and become essential to the lives of pilots and aircraft owners and operators around the world. A leading provider of solutions to general aviation, business aviation, rotorcraft, advanced air mobility, government and defense, and commercial air carrier customers, Garmin believes every day is an opportunity to innovate. Recipient of the prestigious Robert J. Collier Trophy for Garmin Autoland, Garmin developed the world’s first certified autonomous system that activates during an emergency to control and land an aircraft without human intervention. Visit the Garmin Newsroom, email our media team, connect with @ garminaviation on social, or follow our blog. Garmin adds IFR and 4-axis capability to GFC 600H helicopter flight control system Modern flight control system supports IFR flying with Stability Augmentation System Nov22652

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