Q1 2024

Best Cloud-to-Device Continuum Platform 2024 Founded in 2022, ZettaScale was created to bring the unconstrained freedom to communicate, compute, and store to every person and device. ZettaScale is currently the only company that can communicate across the cloud-to-device continumm while unifying data in movement, data at rest, and distributed computations. CEO Angelo Corsaro is a renowned expert on the Cloud-to-Thing Continuum and has leveraged his expertise to transform the landscape of distributed computing. Angelo and the team work hard to develop innovative communication technologies and provide users with groundbreaking solutions. Recognised in this year’s Technology CEO of the Year Awards, Angelo Corsaro is dedicated to leading the ZettaScale team as it strives to revolutionise the future of communication. The journey began in 2008 with Connected Boulevard, a project in France to build one of the world’s first smart cities. The team collaborated with other partners to develop a comprehensive system and repeated their success with the Smart Nation Singapore project and the Fog Platform project in Barcelona. In every project, teams were assigned the task of connecting a wide range of dissimilar technologies to allow data to flow end-to-end. This process was difficult and sometimes required communication from the data centre down to the microcontroller to make multiple computers work together. Without a technology capable of spanning across several networks and systems, designing a solution proved intricately complex. ZettaScale was established in 2022 to develop innovative communications technologies and Jan24134 protocols to overcome these technological challenges. Since its first project, the team has remained steadfast in its mission to bring the freedom to communicate, compute, and store to every human and machine. With Zetta Platform, its Cloud-to-Device Continuum Platform, users can run any combination of public and private infrastructure. The platform is based on the Eclipse Zenoh protocol, a rapidly growing data management technology designed by the ZettaScale team. The Zetta Platform supports decentralised communication, geo-distributed storages, and geo-distributed computations. Unlike centralised entities, such as Facebook and Google who collect data, decentralised communication allows users to reclaim their privacy and autonomy by dispersing data and communication networks across various nodes or services. Its objective is to reduce users’ reliance on centralised servers and provide a robust system for information exchange. Zetta Platform also supports geo-distributed storage, so data can stay closer to where it is produced. With its support of geo-distributed computations, applications can execute and communicate from anywhere without needing to configure static IP addresses on the cloud. These functions enable the data service to be resilient to zone and region failures in the cloud, providing an enhanced user experience. The ZettaScale team is comprised of a highly skilled workforce of over 50 employees, with Angelo Corsaro serving as both the company’s CEO and CTO. Its key technical staff are globally renowned for their expertise in their respective fields. Over half of ZettaScale’s engineers have a PhD and its management team boasts employees with more than a decade of experience leading software companies and business units. With a strong understanding of the sector, Mr. Corsaro is able to make informed decisions about future development and the company’s overall direction. To maintain ZettaScale’s success, the team has embraced emerging technologies and work towards a shared vision and value structure. They have a strong corporate identity and nurture a learning culture in order to remain at the forefront of technological advancement. Mr. Corsaro says, “Before embarking on a new venture, I try to understand as much as I can about the client/project goal and challenges. Then, I focus on what we can provide today and what we can provide tomorrow to address the client’s challenges and future innovation opportunities. In all engagements, we put the customer’s interest first; it is only through its success that we can build a long-term relationship. Building trust and respect is essential in our business since once adopted, our technologies tend to be deployed for decades. Thus, we try to build all