Q1 2024

Innovation in Business- Q1 2024 | 7 Best Cloud-to-Device Continuum Platform 2024 our engagement on mutual respect, honesty, and commitment.” Since its inception, ZettaScale has discovered an increasing number of companies that cannot operate with the device-to-cloud model either due to latency, throughput, or energy consumption constraints. Although the company is relatively new, ZettaScale has the potential to revolutionise the future of data processing, storage, and communication across many industries and domains by removing constraints posed by outdated computing systems. Distributed computing is set to transform modern technology and ZettaScale strives to leverage these opportunities to overcome clients’ technological challenges. In 2022, ZettaScale secured a strategic investment from TTTech Auto to expand its product offerings in the automotive market. Zetta Auto was born from this collaboration. It aims to set a new standard for communication protocols that address the evolving needs of modern vehicular technology. The team is also collaborating with General Motors and Eclipse SDV to accelerate the development of software-defined vehicles and address the challenges of future vehicle generations through Eclipse Zenoh. As the autonomous vehicle industry moves forward, the requirement for efficient and scalable data exchange between vehicle components and external systems is essential. Angelo Corsaro shares, “We have been seeing convergence across industries, including the Internet of Things, robotics, AI, and autonomous vehicles for some time, but developers need new tools to be able to integrate these technological advances into real-world systems. Our partners in the automotive space bring an intense focus on safety and security and are the ideal allies to bring ZettaScale’s middleware products to the automotive market.” The ZettaScale team is proud of the progress it has made in technological development and adoption. The Zenoh protocol is now widely employed in R2X (robot-to-anything) communication and continues to expand into new markets. Under Mr. Corsaro’s expert leadership, ZettaScale strives for excellence, developing innovative communication technologies to efficiently and securely connect humans and devices. For his outstanding contributions to the Cloud-to-Thing Continuum, Angelo Corsaro has been honoured at this year’s Technology CEO of the Year Awards. Contact: Angelo Corsaro Company: ZettaScale Web Address: https://www.zettascale.tech/