Media Innovator Awards 2023

May21135 For retailers looking to draw in more customers, Old City Media has a plan. Its unwavering devotion to doing more than simply encouraging growth, the company guarantees the further education of consumers, free gift card incentives which can be used in store, bigger brand presence, and, essentially, more money invested back into retailers’ hands. Efficiently delivering innovative ways to develop brand presence, improve customer engagement, and help retailers to flourish further, this marketing company is able to unify all three entities and enrich the surrounding communities. Hosting over 35,000 pop-up activations in the last three years, across the US and Canada, Old City Media’s efforts continue to pay off. 2024 is set to be a magnificent year for the business and we’re pleased to share that Old City Media has been bestowed with the prestigious title of Most Innovative Experiential Marketing Company 2023, Pennsylvania, in the Media Innovator Awards 2023. Long may its success continue. Most Innovative Experiential Marketing Company 2023 – Pennsylvania Established in early 2013, Old City Media swiftly became a major player in the corporate world. With over two decades of experience creating world-class special events to bring excellence to empty spaces, Founder Ray Sheehan and his team knew exactly how to captivate people through marketing and event management. As event producers for a plethora of spectacular occasions such as largescale festivals, events within the food and drink industry, and much more, Old City Media found that the well dried up when the pandemic swept the globe. For many, this was a time to put their business to rest, but Ray took it as a sign to think on his feet and reinvent the company so that Old City Media could still help others to increase their revenue even during the difficult times they were facing. Old City Media’s story is a tale of resilience, flexibility, and pure transformation for the good of both retailers and brands around the US, Canada, and soon, beyond! Of course, with its reputation for threading excellence through all of its events, Old City Media is no stranger to helping brands to build strong relationships with their customers, but its recent work with retailers has truly driven the company to great heights. Throughout the pandemic, we all found ourselves looking for ways to stay busy whilst staying safe. Many businesses were closed, but there were many stores that remained open. This is where Old City Media saw a window for opportunity, so that brands and retailers could join forces in delivering popular products to people who wished for them. Addressing issues on both sides of the same coin, and unifying brands with retailers, Old City Media’s approach to growing business is creative, passionate, and backed by years of seasoned expertise. Doing what it does best, the company builds brands and helps them to promote their finest products. From telecoms to insurance, energy to home improvement, automotive, and so much more, Old City Media helps brands of all sizes and categories to connect with their existing and potential customers. Furthermore, creating the perfect match, Old City Media lovingly pairs retailers with brands so that they, too, can reap the benefits. Teaming up with a myriad of retailers from Wakefern Food Corp. to Ace Hardware, Gabe’s to H.E.B, Walmart to CINEMARK, and many more, Old City Media fills their empty spaces with popular branded goods which, ultimately, encourage consumers to flock to these locations. As natural-born problem solvers, the team at Old City Media is proud to be part of something bigger than themselves. They build each other up, support one another, and, as a result of this, both brands and retailers can construct deeper, more meaningful connections with their customers – both for now and the future to come. Old City Media’s marketing strategies and sponsorship solutions are always based on the intrinsic and unique needs of every brand or retailer it works with. Crafting bespoke solutions for both parties, with the end consumers also in mind, Old City Media conquers any challenges that may arise for any brand or store. As many people know, a large number of industries took a tremendous hit throughout the global pandemic. Coming to a grinding halt, many companies felt the burn – and Old City Media was no exception. But, like a phoenix that rose from the ashes, Old City Media was born again. Here we explore how the company recalibrated and rebuilt its star-studded reputation through sheer dedication to hard work and creating value for every community it touches. Contact: Ray Sheehan Company: Old City Media Web Address: Nov23249