Technology is an integral component to any business. Regardless of the sector, companies across the world are utilising advancements in smart technologies that continue to push the boundaries and drive change. So how is this possible?

To understand how smart tech is improving business operations, this article will explore three companies that are creating innovative solutions. These programmes have optimised working methods within various sectors, from manufacturing to healthcare.


Tracking attendance

Zoho People is using smart technology to improve employee culture in the professional sphere. The company, which provides cloud-based HR software, introduced an attendance tracking software integrated with biometric devices. This enables management to track all billable and non-billable hours in a busy workplace without any hassle. 

Its attendance tracker also helps with payroll calculations, as well as using data to create logical decisions to daily challenges in the office. The latter creates detailed reports, analysing trends within the wider company to identify how and when employees work at their best. 


Structural innovation

Oasys – a company that creates structural, geotechnical, and pedestrian simulation and visualisation solutions – is leading the way for smart engineering. Its software expertly unites concrete design and structural analysis. This includes multiple suite applications and modules, such as vibration and seismic analysis (measuring the input of excitations due to footfall and earthquakes) and ADC (analysing concrete, steel, and FRP sections).

The software has been instrumental in a number of smart engineering projects, including the architectural transformation of the Design Museum in London. Oasys’ Structural analysis software enabled professionals to reimagine the Grade II-listed Commonwealth Institute, while also protecting the charismatic copper-covered concrete roof in the process.

The project team were also recognised for their work in 2017, receiving the prestigious RIBA London Award and The Institute of Structural Engineers Award for Structural Transformation. This exemplifies the positive contribution of such software, especially for heritage projects valuable to cultural preservation.

Sebastian Kaminski, the senior structural engineer on the Design Museum project, commented on the benefits of using Oasys’ sophisticated structural analysis software: “It is very easy to learn and use, makes it easy to double-check other people’s work, and is quick to run. It had all the key tools required to effectively analyse this complex project.

“We used the Analysis layer within GSA, modelling in both 1-dimensional and 2-dimensional finite elements, and analysing using both the first order (static) and second order (non-linear) analyses tools. The team also used Oasys AdSec to quickly, reliably and effectively check the loads on the many different and unusual concrete sections.”


Machine learning

SoluLab is also leading the way for smart tech solutions. The company provides a number of services – such as blockchain, metaverse, augmented reality (AI), machine learning (ML), mobility solutions, and the internet of things (IoT) – to all manner of companies, from start-ups to Fortune 500 businesses, including Walt Disney.

Its machine learning technology, for example, optimises business operations and improves applications. This service includes, but is not limited to, big data analytics (finding and decrypting composite and raw data) and computer vision (a pattern recognition and identification software).

The impact of SoluLab’s machine learning technology can be seen by its ongoing contributions to various sectors. Its DNS platform analyses ML algorithms and data science-based research. This has gone on to be used within the healthcare sector to analyse medical services and improve patient satisfaction.

There’s no doubt that smart technologies are improving business operations. From company culture within the office to engineering projects and optimising healthcare services, there are countless innovations in technology being used around the world. The future is filled with endless possibilities, the question is how your sector utilises these feats.


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