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Biggest Tech Trends for Businesses in 2024

21 February 2024

The biggest UK tech trends for businesses in 2024 have been revealed, including VoIP telephone systems, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity solutions.

Technology experts at TelephoneSystems.Cloud are urging businesses to get tech ready over the New Year else risk falling behind from their competitors.

One of the biggest trends for next year is the introduction of internet based VoIP telephone systems – before the deadline for change hits in 2025.

The use of sustainable technologies are also expected to increase, as businesses further recognise the issues and environmental responsibilities they have.

Artificial intelligence and VR technology will be used more in businesses to improve efficiencies and implement virtual collaborations.

Juliet Moran, founder of TelephoneSystems.Cloud said: “It’s important for businesses up and down the country to get on board as soon as they can with some of the biggest technology changes 2024 is expected to bring.

“This way they can learn and adapt the new tech in a way that suits their business needs, as well as those of clients and employees, without falling behind from competitors.

“VoIP is expected to be one of the biggest changes in 2024 – before the deadline of installing internet based telephone systems hits the UK the year after.

“Whilst some businesses may be scared of using AI in their practices, the new year should be about learning how artificial intelligence can be a great benefit by boosting productivity and helping to grow your business by making data-lead predictions.

“Another tech change 2024 will bring is the advancements of cybersecurity solutions, particularly with a focus on helping those employees who work remotely.”

Here are some of the biggest tech changes expected for 2024:


One of the biggest changes expected in 2024 is the introduction of VoIP to businesses and homes across the UK. The government says by 2025, all traditional landlines that rely on a copper line will be replaced by VoIP – which allows calls to be made via an internet connection. For businesses, this means cost and time savings, smooth communication between remote teams and more mobility with calls between different devices. Huge backlogs for porting (moving your telephone number) are expected in 2025, so migrating in 2024 should be top of every businesses priority list.


Artificial Intelligence is quickly becoming a tool used by many businesses to improve efficiencies between teams, boost productivity by creating ideas and saving on time. By proactively measuring outputs with specific metrics, and making suggested changes based on data lead predictions, AI technology can help grow your business throughout the new year.

Cybersecurity innovations

The coming year is expected to bring advancements in cybersecurity solutions for clients and employees. By incorporating AI, technology will be able to detect new threats to systems and suggest better data privacy solutions. This will likely be adopted for remote employees too who are using their own internet connection on company devices.


Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are expected to be used more in businesses to build immersive experiences and streamline workflows. AR and VR can be used for tasks such as enhancing employee training and visualising products as well as improving virtual collaborations between teams and clients.

Sustainable technologies

In 2024, we’ll likely see an increased focus on sustainable technologies due to a wider awareness about environmental issues from the business world and the responsibility corporations have. For businesses, this could include complete digitalisation, cloud computing, and setting carbon neutrality targets.

To find out more about tech trends for 2024, head over to https://telephonesystems.cloud/.