More and more businesses are purchasing lanyards for their employees and visitors; but why? What are the benefits of lanyards? And can lanyards be used to improve the culture within a workplace?

That’s what we’ll be exploring in this blog post. Read on to learn more about the benefits of lanyards and how they can be used to cultivate a workplace culture.

Lanyards Improve Security

First and foremost, lanyards can improve security levels across the workplace. Lanyards for staff can hold and clearly display access cards, ID cards and badges, making it easier to determine who has access to the building

Likewise, with lanyards, visitors and guests can also be quickly recognized, ensuring a secure environment. Ultimately, lanyards reduce the risk of misplacing or losing important credentials, providing a reliable means of displaying identification at all times.

All employers should take steps to ensure employees feel safe, and implementing an ID card system with lanyards is a great way to do so.

Lanyards are Convenient

Lanyards can be convenient – they can hold essential items such as keys, USB drives, or small tools, meaning they are always within easy reach.

By attaching these items to lanyards, employees can avoid the hassle of rummaging through pockets or bags. This can save time and ultimately improve productivity.

Lanyards Can Boost Collaboration

Lanyards are a great way to boost collaboration across different teams and roles. Lanyards can be colour-coded so it’s easier to determine who is in which department. For example, senior management may be issued with blue lanyards, whereas other departments may be given red or green lanyards.

A range of colours and designs can be used to represent different groups, which in turn, makes it much easier for employees to determine what team other employees are in.

It also makes it easier to connect with colleagues from other teams, promoting cross-departmental collaboration. Ultimately, lanyards can create a sense of unity across the business.

Lanyards Can Be a Form of Self Expression

It’s important that employees have the means to express themselves. Lanyards can be personalised to reflect a person’s individual preferences – for example, they may wear lanyards in the favourite colours, or you could purchase branded lanyards.

It’s possible to customise lanyards with symbols too, serving as a visual reminder of the company’s values and goals. This reinforces the workplace culture you’re striving to achieve.

Staff lanyards can reflect your brand identity. By purchasing lanyards in your brand colours, or featuring your brand logo or messaging, you are encouraging a sense of identity.

Branded lanyards ultimately provide a sense of shared purpose; employees will feel a part of something better. This can encourage a sense of belonging among employees, cultivating a positive workplace culture.

Cultivating Office Culture With Lanyards

The benefits of lanyards extend far beyond their functional use as strap holders. They provide a wide range of benefits for businesses, from improving identification and security to brand promotion and boosting organisation.

Moreover, lanyards can contribute to safety, emergency preparedness, and self-expression, making them a must-have in the workplace. With their simplicity, practicality, and endless possibilities for personalisation, lanyards are a great choice.

Lanyards can be an effective way to improve your company’s culture. From brand recognition to personalisation, lanyards can encourage a positive working environment. Likewise, branded lanyards can have a positive impact on the brand in terms of branding and marketing.

To answer the question of the blog, yes – lanyards can be key to cultivating a workplace culture. With endless benefits, we recommend you implement lanyards into your workplace today. Lanyards are much more than identification tools; they can strengthen the overall fabric of an organisation.


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