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Are you looking for an affordable and effortless solution to increase your digital marketing presence?

Advertising with Innovation in Business could not be a simpler! With a team of trained marketing professionals, designers and writers, Innovation in Business can help you to reach your target market and showcase your talent and industry knowledge.

Innovation in Business, launched by AI Global Media, a global publishing house, boasts a quarterly digital magazine distributed to a global readership across the business and technology landscape. Alongside this sits the Innovation in Business website offering news and insight from around the world, with our content diving deeper into the conversation surrounding business innovation.

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Our Circulation

By Region

  • EUROPE - 47%
  • ASIA - 19%
  • OCEANIA - 7%
  • AFRICA - 3%

By Sector

  • Sector Total Electronics & Technology - 17.94%
  • Marketing & Sales - 12.57%
  • Computing & Software - 10.23%
  • Industry & Manufacturing - 7.18%
  • Computer Services - 4.91%
  • Media & Communications - 3.31%
  • Internet Services - 2.64%
  • Automation - 2.21%
  • Business & Professional Services - 1.94%
  • News & Blogs - 1.68%
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Forward Features

We invite our readers to put forward a piece for our forward features, using this list as a guide. Where possible, our editorial and marketing teams can assist and guide participants through the process. This can of course be subject to change as business trends evolve through the year.

How to improve Cybersecurity

Deadline - 29th August 2022
Published - September 2022
Tech Innovations for 2023
HR Software to Help Your Business Grow

Deadline - 28th November 2022
Published - December 2022
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