Technology Innovator Awards 2022

Apr21843 Best Independent 3rd Party DOOHVerification Company 2022 OOH advertising is incredibly important, but it is also an industry which is constantly evolving. The digitalisation of screens meant there was a requirement for advertisers to understand whether what they had booked had actually happened. The team from thorndyke take on this role, using their knowledge of the industry to ensure trust and transparency. Following success in the Technology Innovator Awards from Innovation in Business, we caught up with Jason Cooper to uncover more. Founded by a group of AdTech innovators, all of whom met at what was the world’s biggest ad verification company, thorndyke stands at the forefront of a rapidly growing industry. For many, advertising is a dark art, but it is actually where campaign performance and delivery can, and should, be as transparent as possible. No matter how sophisticated the technology gets, the thorndyke team are ideally equipped to ensure that this is the case. As an independent verifier, the team are in constant demand for monitoring services. Thorndyke has worked hard to become preferred vendor for Dentsu and Publicis, two of the “big six” advertising agency holding groups, as well as a deal with Cartology who are part of Woolworths. Big brands and major OOH advertisers such as Polestar, PayPal and Rickett Benckiser trust the team to ensure that what they pay for is precisely what they get. This trust has been earned over many years, and the teamare constantly investing in new products to help advertisers to understand the impact of their investment into OOH. The independent performance data that the thorndyke team collate is an invaluable part ofmaking an accurate determination. With over $1billion invested into DOOH in Australia alone, it’s important that this investment can be tracked and verified so that this immense sum of money is held accountable. Since opening their doors, thorndyke has seen their data become more and more important. It is considered the statement of record by many, and used as the basis for reconciling any discrepancies that might arise. As such, innovation is essential to keep this information accurate. The thorndyke team’s systems and technologies are held to the highest standards and used for benchmarking. The COVID-19 pandemic made life difficult for everyone within the OOH industry, with lockdowns causing advertising in the outdoor sections to essentially stop.With confidence that thingswould eventually return to normal, the thorndyke team refocused their efforts on building, experimenting and innovating their technology. This continued development of ideas is essential to the success of anybusiness in this sector,with newapproaches demanding a sophisticated response. Up ahead, it’s clear that automated OOH trading, known as Programmatic Trading, is going to become an enormous part of the work that the thorndyke team undertake. This will open up the potential for inventory and screens from a centralised trading desk, accelerating investment in media dollars through this channel. Companies such as thorndyke will play a major role in this, as independent verification will be needed to ensure the investment is thoroughly understood. Looking ahead, it’s clear that thorndyke offers clear value to clients, with their long experience and expertise making them a leader in the DOOH measurement market. For them, they see the opportunity not purely to deliver verification, however, but a holistic measurement solution for the DOOH industry. Every campaign deserves to have independent measurement and tracking, and thorndyke is determined to deliver. Their growth over the years, and plans to expand into the USA and the UK prove the viability of the team’s incredible vision. We can’t wait to see what they do next! Company: thorndyke Name: Jason Cooper Email: [email protected] Web Address: Oct 2490 Subscribe to our newsletter