Technology Innovator Awards 2022

May21135 Best ARArt & Entertainment Mobile App 2022 Dazlus was founded in 2019 by Felix Barber and Henry Hyde-Thomson, to exploit a powerful trend in art and entertainment to create new products based on new technologies such as AI and AR. The team have embraced emerging technologies in both AI and AR to develop a range of exciting products. Currently, the team is working on a pilot AR project, Hightime (www. with a test mobile app currently offering tours of Zurich and Munich. In many ways, this project showcases the way in which Dazlus has pushed the boundaries of how technology is used. For seeing the world in a slightly different way, Dazlus is clearly leading the way. In the palm of your hand, there is enough technological power to generate entire characters and creations in AR. These creations, viewed through your screen, provide “artainment” in public spaces. No longer limited to expensive and bespoke stage shows or events, Dazlus has made this technology open to all. The impact has been to promote destinations, offering a unique perspective that could never have been seen before. Few understand how to leverage technology so effectively as the Dazlus team. Clearly then, for the team at Dazlus, innovation is not just about novelty, but about offering marketable user value as well. Technology has opened the door to many new opportunities, and those who secure a position at the front of this market are the ones who will stay ahead of any developments. To find those resources which make the most impact, however, depends on companies like Dazlus who are committed to finding these new ideas and experimenting with which make value. Such an eye for harnessing new technologies has only been possible thanks to constant monitoring of the industry and a global network of suppliers. The teamworks with teams in Switzerland, the USA, the UK, India, the Philippines and Ukraine to build new products. Developing their pilot app, Hightime, required harnessing a host of different skills. With city destination knowledge, storyline creation, animation, app development, test and marketing, it has been more akin to a film production than anything else. Orchestrating a global network to bring together different skills is complex but makes Dazlus highly flexible in adapting to capture new opportunities in the market. Whilst AR creates amazing opportunities for developing innovative new products, one of the major challenges for AR companies is making people more familiar with the potential of AR art and entertainment products. There is no Netflix or Spotify or Steam for marketing AR apps yet, which makes creating awareness within this space more challenging. Paradoxically, it often still takes a real physical presence, such as a billboard or a poster, to draw attention to a quintessentially digital geolocated AR artwork Destination management companies and others owning and managing high traffic locations have an advantage in drawing attention to geolocated AR on their “territory”. Looking ahead, the Dazlus team are exploring the Augmented Reality is an incredibly versatile tool, one which changes the world about us in ways that inform, visually enhance, entertain and provide a platform for play. Dazlus has earned its stripes through an approach which packs all these varied features of AR into a mobile app for city tours. But are people ready to use new AR technology to get more from a new city or other tourist destination? The team at Dazlus certainly think so, and so do their app users. We take a closer look to find out more. potential of collaborating more strongly with noted B2B players in the arena. The team are also excited to see interesting new B2C opportunities and are thrilled by the opportunity to develop solutions in this area too. When we look at Dazlus, we look at a team emboldened by new ideas and smart thinking. Their approach is one which is revolutionary in every respect. We celebrate the team’s approach and look forward to what they do next! Company: Dazlus Name: Felix Barber Email: [email protected] Web Address: Oct2 55