Technology Innovator Awards 2022

May21135 nimbly adapted to any and every requirement that they might have. Axia Computer Systems has acted both as the client’s entire IT department, and as a supplementary organisation for specific projects that the client might be undertaking. The services offered by the team include flexible IT support, professional IT project delivery and expert technical advice. No matter what the organisation, the Axia Computer Systems team are able to adapt and ensure that the IT infrastructure in place is not only up to the task, but leveraged for the benefit of everyone. Clients who have engaged Axia Computer Systems have discovered major improvements in both organisational and individual performances. The services offered by this talented team range enormously, but are crucial to ensuring that a comprehensive service can be offered at all times. This means that the Axia Computer team supports hardware and software sales, networking and installations, maintenance as well as internet services and support. The quality of the team’s work can be seen in the accreditations they’ve earned frommanufacturers such as Cisco, APC, HP, IBM, Dell, Eaton, Citrix, VMWare, Microsoft, Juniper & Fortinet to name a few. The primary aim of the service that the team at Axia Computer Systems offers, therefore, is as the link between the needs of customers and the solutions offered by manufacturers. The Axia Computer Systems team stay on top of the various shifts and changes seen by the industry, focusing on business and networking solutions in order to give their customers the reliability, consistency and benefits that they expect. Since opening their doors in 1994, the world of IT solutions has changed enormously, and the present success of Axia Computer Systems is a credit to the team’s adaptability. More recent responsibilities for the team have included assisting with the implementation of remote working during the pandemic with the migration of on premise IT to the cloud and office365 as well cloud voip solutions. The shifting importance of IT solutions to many companies has driven the growth of Axia Computer Systems over the last five years, with the team seeing 20% growth each year. When looking at the astonishing growth of Axia Computer Systems, it’s a credit to their adaptability in a constantly changing world. We celebrate their major achievements over the last few years in particular, and look forward to how they continue to ensure that companies match the rapid pace of the dawning digital transformation. Company: Axia Computer Systems Ltd Name: Asgher Ali Email: [email protected] Web Address: Best IT Support & Managed Helpdesk Services Provider - South East England IT services have become ever more important as businesses have embraced the potential of the digital revolution. FewknowthisbetterthantheteamatAxiaComputerSystemsLtd,withtheiruniqueskill toprovide turnkey IT solutions for their clients. In the Technology Innovator Awards from Innovation in Business, the teamwere recognised for their sterling efforts. We dig a little deeper to uncover more. Oct2 326 The role of IT has increased dramatically over the last two decades, with very few businesses anywhere in the world able to function without this essential technology. Small and medium-sized businesses, however, can struggle to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to these amazing developments. For those who are looking to improve their systems, Axia Computer Systems is the answer. Since being founded in 1994, Axia Computer Systems has become an incredibly fast-growing IT solutions organisation. Their clients have come to sing the praises of their amazing flexibility, as the team has