Innovation in Business Q2 2022

Collaborative Project Management Founded in 2013, DigiDumpling Ltd is a Hong Kong-based IT consulting company specialising in UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) design, website and mobile app design, and tailor-made system development. DigiDumpling is experienced in collaborating with different industries such as banking & finance, retail, fashion and beauty, construction, by offering well-rounded services and customised solutions, including advanced features such as ecommerce functionalities, Chatbot, AR, digitalised events, etc. Through collaborative project management, DigiDumpling aims to help clients excel in their field through effective digital transformation services, and it has developed long-term relationships with companies as a result. It has provided integrated total solutions for clients from different industries such as Club Monaco, Brooks Brothers, HKSAR Environmental Protection Department, Miniso Co., Ping An OneConnect Bank, Festival Walk, Wing Fung Financial Group, Hung Hing Printing Co., Aveda, King Prestige Club, and more. The company’s mission is to provide integrated technical solutions and consultancy services that could really help its clients to achieve digital transformation, increase operational efficiency through technologies and enhance better user experience. It has such a mission because founder, Cherry Huang found during her previous careers within the IT industry that there is a gap in the market as traditional technology companies are more focused on technical ways of thinking without actually understanding the client’s needs and the increased demand for user-friendly experience, while the digital marketing agencies are more on the creative side without solid technical ability which can lead to unrealistic planning and failure in project management. Many clients come to DigiDumpling because of its good sense of UX/UI consideration, as well as its support and consultancy on the ecommerce planning and functional strategies, which makes it realise the importance and market needs of these two aspects. It strives to enhance better user experience of its digital solutions and guide its team to have a UX-first/ design thinking mindset instead of simply just a technical/logical way of thinking. The main requirement of websites/apps a user-friendly design. As digital experts, DigiDumpling cares about the development process with a focus on technical matters, and it distils the development process into four stages. First is the consulting stage, where before kickstarting the project, DigiDumpling conducts user requirement analysis and technical specs to thoroughly understand the client’s needs. Second is the UX/UI stage where besides designing UI, it starts to build up wireframes and information architecture. Third is the development stage; connecting the backend, CMS and database with the frontend development is the main task. Lastly is the testing and launching stage, and the aim is to provide a top-notch aftersales service May21135