Innovation in Business Q2 2022

services. It has risen in popularity because researchers can easily access a lot of different tools within a second and most of these features are free. Over the last five years, more than 2 million public tasks have been developed, allowing them to interact directly with operating systems from any browser windows. The team also has its own signature analysis and shows you whether your submission has malicious or suspicious activity. With its clean and interactive approach, it’s easy to see why ANY. RUN stands out from the crowd. It allows researchers a deeper insight into what it’s like to use a machine that is under attack. Because the service tricks malware into executing as though it were on a real machine, it’s possible for users to influence and change the simulation at any time. This ability to rapidly explore the potential impact of malware leads to significantly less losses for their clients. ANY.RUN is the ideal solution for those who want to find fast, effective results. While much of what ANY.RUN had to offer is focused on the needs of cybersecurity experts, the platform is so intuitive that even the humblest beginner can find their way around this incredible resource. This sort of clever thinking is why the team’s products are so popular all around the world. As long as there is an internet connection and a laptop, it’s possible to learn and experiment with these new threats quickly and efficiently. Throughout the pandemic, this has been a major boon to tech workers everywhere. The industry has developed very quickly, competing with new malware authors who evolve rapidly. The success of ANY.RUN has come from its fast-growing community of developers and malware researchers, each committed to overcoming the challenges put forth by their rivals. Over the next year, the team intend to release many new features that will make this work easier than before, including services such as the Threat Intelligence service. Part of the team’s ambition is to extend the features offered on the firm’s community version so that there is a place where people can chat with each other and discuss the latest pieces of malware. When the team at ANY.RUN opened their doors in 2016, they couldn’t have known how invaluable a resource it would come. Their success in the technology sector is something to be celebrated, now and long into the future. Company: ANY.RUN Name: Anton Smagin Email: [email protected] Innovation Through Insight The world of cybersecurity operates at the cutting-edge of technology, keeping up with the threats and challenges that businesses are facing in their day-to-day operations. We take a look at ANY.RUN, the first interactive online service for cybersecurity specialists. Acting as a hub of information in this revolutionary industry, they are worthy winners in the Technology Innovator Awards 2021. May21135 Cybersecurity has been a vital part of the digital age, protecting users and businesses from threats to their data and processes. A cyberattack can have a devastating effect on organisations of all shapes and sizes. With these attacks coming in new and advanced forms every day, there is a clear need to adapt quickly to ensure the protection of society at large. When ANY.RUN was established in 2016, it was explicitly to provide a place where specialists could meet and discuss the latest threats that they had discovered. Through the pooling of resources, more than 200k analysts have been able to investigate, detect, and monitor malware on this platform. The main functionality of the service is free, so anyone can check a suspicious file or link. Malicious files can be dealt with directly, with these technological innovators able to examine and explore their behaviour in real time. Since 2019, ANY.RUN has become one of the most popular malware sandboxes in the world, with analysts from 195 countries using their